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LELO SILA Cruise sonic review, is this clit sucker worth the price tag?

With an extra-wide mouth, this clit sucking toy from LELO helps you to slowly build up to climax. But does that mean it’s the right toy for you? Mumsnet editor, Rebecca, puts one to the test.

By Rebecca Roberts | Last updated Feb 9, 2024

LELO SILA Cruise sonic clitoral massager

In the realm of sex toys, LELO is somewhat of a pioneer and the brand consistently delivers innovative, luxurious products that are designed to enhance your sexual experiences and satisfaction overall. 

The LELO SILA Cruise is one of these toys, a sonic clitoral massager inspired by the brand’s popular toy, the LELO SONA, which uses clever technology and pulsations to help you slowly build up to an intense orgasm. Not only does this LELO offering revolutionise how you engage with clit sucking toys, it also tackles the common problem of too much, too quickly. Instead, what this vibrator aims to deliver is a pleasurable journey that expands beyond your clitoral nub, stimulating your vulva and beyond to help you achieve more powerful orgasms during each use. 

Its price tag, admittedly, is higher than other clit sucking toys on the market. But, for a sex toy aficionado who wants a new addition to their collection, the LELO SILA Cruise is certainly a great contender. With that said, if you’re a newbie to sex toys, don’t shy away - it might be exactly the toy you need. Personally, as someone who has been testing some of the top rated vibrators that Mumsnet users love over the last year or so, I made sure to test the LELO SILA Cruise thoroughly. So, in this review, you’ll find everything there is to know about this clitoral sucking toy - including how easy it is to use, how it looks, how it feels, and who it’s most suitable for. 

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What we like
  • Sonic wave intensities for maximum pleasure

  • Rechargeable and fully waterproof

  • Easy to use and place

  • Comfortable and ergonomic design

  • Handy for use during PIV

What we don't like
  • Higher price tag compared to other clit suckers

Key specs

Type: Clitoral sonic massager | Waterproof? Yes | Material: Extra soft silicone | Vibration modes: Eight sonic wave intensities | Battery type: Rechargeable battery | Colours: Available in pink, aqua and lilac | Dimensions: 80 x 75 x 35mm | Weight: 105g | Switch off: Automatically turns off after 60 minutes | User time: Up to two hours | Warranty: One year included

Our verdict

While the price of the LELO SILA Cruise sonic clitoral vibrator might make your eye water - investing in this sex toy means your eyes will be watering for another, even better reason. 

Known for their high-tech toys that are designed specifically with women in mind, LELO is a great brand to start with if you’re new to sex toys. Moreover, if you're someone who enjoys - and needs - clitoral stimulation to help them climax, then LELO’s SILA vibrator is a perfect place to start. Not only is it ergonomic and comfortable to use, it’s packed with eight settings all nicely packaged up in a palm-sized vibrator that is the perfect size for yours and your DP’s hand. It’s also waterproof for bathtime or shower fun, and you can lower and raise the intensity of the vibrations during use with the help of just three control buttons. 

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Unlike the Womanizer Pro40 and Satisfyer’s popular Pro 2, the LELO SILA has an extra-wide mouth that fully fits over your clitoris and the toy’s patented SenSonic technology provides a deep vibration not just to your clit, but also through the entire vulva. As a result, the toy has been purposely designed to help you build up slowly to more powerful orgasms. So, if you do happen to stray away from your clitoris, you don’t lose all of that momentum you’ve built up - which I found happens with other clitoral stimulation toys.

LELO SILA Cruise sonic clitoral vibrator

Like all toys, though, I’d advise starting off low and slow during warm up as you discover the right positioning for you. Once your clit is covered, it can get really intense - like the best oral sex you’ll ever have. Because sure, your DP’s tongue has its advantages but the consistency of the LELO SILA, and the fact you can be in total control, definitely feels incredible. 

During PIV, the shape of the LELO SILA is handy and can be easily put in place all while providing extra stimulation during intercourse. 

Final thoughts: While its price tag is one of the highest we’ve seen for clit sucker vibrators (compared to the more affordable Satisfyer Pro 2), it’s certainly worth the money if you’re in need of a clit stim toy that targets not just your clitoris, but your vulva area, too. And, unlike other LELO clit stims and competitor devices from Womanizer and Satisfyer, the SILA Cruise is designed to help you build up slowly to a more intense, more effective orgasm overall. 

How we tested the LELO SILA Cruise sonic clitoral vibrator

  • Tested over two months

  • At home in bed solo and with DH 

  • Used in the shower a couple of times

In my endeavours to find the best sex toys that our Mumsnet users rate, I always follow the same testing process to fully evaluate a device's features, performance and functionality. 

For the LELO SILA sonic clitoral vibrator, I first considered its physical design and build. Unlike your typical clitoral vibrator - like the LELO Smart Wand 2 - the SILA Cruise uses sonic pulses to stimulate your clit, and not direct contact. And so, the extra wide mouth is most definitely effective as you target your clit and vulva during use. 

Plus, it’s size means it’s very easy to handle during solo play and PIV with your partner, and it doesn’t take up too much room or get in the way. There are eight intensities to choose from in total, and to fully test whether it is in fact a quiet vibrator, I made sure it was tested both above and under the covers in bed.

LELO SILA: what’s in the box? 

  • LELO SILA Cruise sonic clitoral massager

  • USB charging cable

  • Storage bag

  • Very basic instructions

  • Personal moisturiser sample

Like the LELO Smart Wand 2 that we also tested, the LELO SILA Cruise sonic clitoral massager also came with a sample of some LELO personal lubrication that was definitely appreciated and a nice touch. No other sex toy brand I’ve tested does this. 

How easy is it to set-up the LELO SILA Cruise sonic vibrator? 

The LELO SILA clit sucker is pretty straightforward to set up and is basically an out-of-the-box vibrator. After removing the SILA Cruise from its packaging and making sure all components are present, like the charging cable, it’s best to fully charge your toy before first use. 

Charging takes around two hours, which was fine as I charged it during the afternoon ready to be used later in the evening. Charging it fully before first use helps the battery last longer, as is the case with most sex toys, and also ensures that the eight sonic intensities stay powerful. The USB rechargeable cable needs to be plugged into the device, but don’t worry - the LELO SILA Cruise is waterproof despite this. All you need is a plug head for the charging cable as well as access to a USB port, device or plug socket. 

I will say, though, that the lack of a detailed instruction manual is slightly disappointing. And would be a hindrance if you’re a complete newbie to sex toys. Unlike every other sex toy company, LELO only shares a tiny safety booklet with their SILA Cruise, which basically warns against shoving things inside yourself that haven’t been designed for that. 

So, if you’re a beginner, I’d recommend checking out LELO’s official site for more information before first use just to help you familiarise yourself with the device’s controls. 

How does the LELO SILA Cruise look?


Out of all the sex toys I’ve tested lately, the LELO SILA Cruise is arguably the most feminine. The toy itself is available in three pastel colours - aqua, lilac and pink. Mine is lilac. 

Like most LELO toys, the SILA Cruise is modern, sleek, and made of super soft silicone. It’s small enough that it fits in the palm of your hand, but just because it’s smaller than, say, the Womanizer Pro40, doesn’t mean it’s any less powerful. If anything, it’s easier to hold during use and doesn’t get in the way during PIV intercourse. Thanks to the materials used, the SILA Cruise is soft and feels luxurious, and the branded, rose gold disc on the side only increases its luxe feel. 

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What is the LELO SILA Cruise like to use? 

The clue’s in the name, really. Unlike LELO’s SILA, the LELO SILA Cruise has inbuilt and patented Cruise Control™ technology that makes pulsations constant during use. So, when it’s pressed hard against your clit, the power ramps up. 

Thanks to the toy's extra-wide mouth, the LELO SILA Cruise doesn’t just pinpoint your clitoral nub like the Satisfyer Pro 2. With sonic pulses, the SILA Cruise uses its big mouth, flattened rim and overall curved body to help you target beyond your clit to help you slowly build up more intense, more powerful orgasms when you climax. 


During testing, I found it very easy to hold and navigate during masturbation and during intercourse, it’s easy enough to place in certain positions that it doesn’t get in the way. Plus, thanks to the inbuilt cruise control feature, it was very easy to increase the intensity of the sucking pulsations throughout. 

Of course, everyone’s anatomy is different - and what works for me may not work for you. If you do require more precision to your clitoris for climax, then the LELO SILA Cruise may not be the toy for you. 

Who does the LELO SILA Cruise suit best?

Anyone who prefers clitoral stimulation. 

If you can ignore the lack of detailed instructions as a beginner - and have the opportunity to read LELO’s official site before your first use - then it is a good, non-intimidating choice of toy to try as a sex toy newbie. Unlike rabbits and wands that are large and rigorous, the SILA Cruise is a great toy to explore your nerve endings with, and isn’t so intense that it’s too much. 

Saying that, though, the price tag might put you off unless you’re a sex toy aficionado who’s happy to add the LELO SILA Cruise to their sex toy arsenal. 

LELO SILA Cruise: how easy is it to clean? 

Relatively easy, although not as easy as LELO’s Smart Wand 2. Despite the extra-wide mouth, I was a little paranoid that I’d not cleaned the inside of the mouth thoroughly but thanks to the toy’s material and its waterproof design, it is easy enough to wash with sex toy cleaner or mild soap and warm water. 

It’s worth mentioning however, that the nice decorative plate on the side of the device does show every fingerprint. So you can imagine how that looks after using it…

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What’s the difference between the LELO SILA Cruise and the LELO SILA? 

Not much, to be honest. Except the former has cruise control that delivers constant pulsations during use and can be increased/decreased with how firmly you press it against you. Both toys, however, are super quiet, are made of soft, body-safe silicone, and both are equally as effective - it just means less handling effort with the Cruise. 

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