10 surprisingly tasty things you can do with tinned potatoes

When Mumsnetters discussed their favourite supermarket value items, tinned potatoes emerged as unlikely dinner heroes. Here are some ideas on what to make with them


1. Salad Nicoise
salad nicoise

"I like to slice a few up with some olives, tuna, (frozen) green beans and boiled eggs for a Ni├žoise salad."

See also: Salmon Nicoise

2. Breakfast fry-up
breakfast fry

"Great for camping. I make a hash out of them, onion, tinned ham and egg."

See also: Eggs Essen


3. Quesadillas

"I use tinned potatoes fried with garlic and chorizo as a filling for quesadilla."

See also: Breakfast quesadillas


4. Instant roast potatoes
deep fried potatoes

"Drop into the fryer (or in my case Actifry) for super quick roasties"

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5. Soup enhancer

"Use them to bulk out soups which have turned a bit watery."

See also: Leftover potato soup with ham


6. One pot bake
chicken bake

"Tin of potatoes, chicken breasts, few courgettes - lobbed in roasting tin, smothered in harissa (wedge or two of lemon if lying around) and chucked in oven... All cooked to perfection in 30 mins.

See also: Chicken and potato bake


7. Veggie curry
veggie curry

"Cut them in half and add some onions, tomatoes, sweetcorn, spinach, in fact any leftover veggies you have lurking in the fridge. Add some coconut milk and spices and you have an amazing curry."

See also: Potato and chickpea curry


8. Bacon hash
bacon hash

"Slice them up and fry with onions and bacon, buttered cabbage on the side. Simple but delicious."

See also: Corned beef hash


9. Pesto stir-fry

"Very nice too with some chopped onions, garlic, mushroom, mange tout, baby sweet corn, chopped baby tomatoes all fried up dry then mixed with Pesto."

See also: Pesto jackets


10. Frittata

"Tinned spuds are great sliced up in a frittata with whatever meat/veg you have for a really filling, cheap meal."

See also: Family frittata




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Last updated: 10 months ago