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Chef's Path Cereal Storage Containers review: can they take the stress out of family breakfasts?

This set of three robust storage containers claims to keep your cereal fresher for longer, but do they live up to expectations? MNHQ writer Lucy put them to the test to find out.

By Lucy Cotterill | Last updated Mar 20, 2024

Chef's Path Cereal Storage Containers
Our rating:

Price on writing: £19 for three | Buy now from Amazon

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but the madness of hectic mornings before work and school can leave a countertop scattered with open cereal boxes, resulting in soggy cornflakes that have been left exposed to the air for too long.

If you like the perfect combination of snap, crackle and pop from your cereal, storing them correctly is key, with many Mumsnet users opting to ditch the cardboard boxes and store their breakfast of choice in airtight food storage containers instead.

With over 6,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, this set of three Chef’s Path Cereal Storage Containers are praised for their overall appearance and quality, providing a practical way to store (and serve) your cereal. Will they make our mornings easier, however? I put them to the test with my family to find out.

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What we like
  • High-quality, robust containers

  • Secure, airtight four-side locking lid

  • Available in a choice of pack sizes (three, four or eight containers)

  • Four-litre capacity easily accommodates a whole box of cereal

  • Can pour directly from the container without opening the entire lid

  • Includes chalkboard marker, reusable stickers and a measuring spoon set 

  • Transparent design shows when it's time to restock

What we don't like
  • Due to the slanted sides they don’t fit compactly side by side inside cupboards

  • The location of the spout means some cereal gets stuck during the pouring

  • Each sticker is a different shape

  • Measuring spoons may be unnecessary unless monitoring portions

Key specs

No. of containers in set: Three (although four and eight packs are also available) | Capacity: Four litres per container | Freezer safe: Unspecified | Microwave safe: Unspecified | Dishwasher safe: Yes | Other sizes available: Yes 

Our verdict

  • Design: 4/5 

  • Quality of seal: 4/5 

  • Versatility: 3/5 

  • Ease of cleaning: 4/5 

  • Ease of storing: 3.5/5

  • Value for money: 4/5 

If your kids are forever failing to close the cereal box and you’re sick of being left with soggy Corn Flakes and the like, this set of three four-litre cereal containers from Chef's Path makes a great storage alternative. Made from high-quality, durable plastic, the secure clip-lock lids keep the contents airtight and fresh, while allowing you to pour the contents via the spout without removing the lid.

I loved being able to personalise each container using the included chalkboard stickers and marker, but due to the slanted sides of the design, they aren’t necessarily a space-saving solution.  

Chef's Path Cereal Storage Containers: design and style

Chef's Path Cereal Storage Containers

I was really impressed with the overall quality of the Chef's Path Containers. The three-piece set came stacked inside a sealed box, also including a set of six reusable chalkboard stickers, a white chalk marker pen and a measuring spoon set (ideal for those who are concerned about portion control).

The plastic feels thick and durable, and unlike some storage containers, it was clear that these would be more hardwearing as they were built to last. 

Each container is big enough to fit a standard-sized box of cereal, however, they could also easily be used for other kitchen essentials such as pasta, rice, flour or nuts. 

I would never trust my seven-year-old to pour cereal out of a regular cereal box (unless I wanted to be finding Cheerios on my kitchen floor for days), so the pouring spout on the lid was a great addition. Due to the location of the spout, some cereal does need a bit of ‘encouraging’ or a slight shake of the container to keep a continuous flow, especially when the box is at a low capacity. Overall it worked well though, and the ergonomic-shaped grip made them easy to hold, even for small hands. 

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Leak test: how well does the Chef's Path Cereal Container's seal perform? 

Chef's Path Cereal Container's pouring spout

I found the four-sided clip-on lid on these containers really easy to use; I simply snapped down the four tabs around the edge to create an airtight seal. 

Once the lid was secured in place, I was able to hold the container upside down without dispelling any of the contents until I chose to prop open the spout when I wanted to pour out a serving.  

There is a rubber seal around the edge of the pouring spout – however, this doesn’t feel quite as robust or airtight as the overall lid. As such, I wouldn’t want to be too heavy-handed or shake too vigorously for risk of releasing some of the contents. 

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What were the Chef's Path Cereal Storage Containers like to store?

Chef's Path Cereal Containers in use

The sides on the Chef’s Path Containers are a little more slanted than I expected from the product write-up and imagery. As such, I was a little disappointed that they didn’t work as a space-saving solution in my cupboards.

In my (albeit relatively narrow) kitchen cupboard I could originally fit three standard cereal boxes side by side, but could only accommodate two of the Chef’s Path Containers in the same space due to their wide tops. With that in mind, I feel they are better suited for having out on display in your kitchen or storing inside larger cupboards where you have a little more space to play with. 

With a transparent design, I could clearly see how much cereal was left inside (serving as a visual reminder when it was time for me to buy more), and the chalkboard marker and stickers were a fun way to personalise each container with a written description of the contents. The stickers, however, are all different shapes, which annoyed me far more than it should have. While this probably won’t matter to the vast majority of people, I’d have much preferred to create a consistent, uniform look across all three containers. 

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How easy were the Chef's Path Cereal Containers to clean?

Chef's Path Cereal Storage Containers with the measuring spoon

We get through a lot of cereal in this house, so whilst in many cases these containers will be used as long-term storage, ours needed washing a little more frequently, particularly as my daughters like to change cereal types and ‘mix up’ breakfast a little.

I found the containers easy to clean between refreshes, in most cases opting to wash by hand in the sink. Whilst it doesn’t specifically state that the containers are dishwasher safe, they also came out fine from an eco cycle in my slimline dishwasher without any warping or marks. 

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Price: are the Chef's Path Cereal Storage Containers worth it?

At the time of writing, a set of three containers costs just over £19, working out at around £6 per box. As an airtight solution to ensure your cereal remains fresh for longer, I would say this is reasonably good value for money. However, if you’re seeking a space-saving option, there are other containers, such as the OXO Good Grips Pop range which may stack more compactly inside your kitchen cupboards.

How we tested

I used the Chef's Path Cereal Storage Containers in my own home over the period of a fortnight, using them daily for storing and serving cereal for myself, my partner and my two young children.

During testing, I carefully reviewed each container’s overall quality and versatility, the effectiveness of the airtight seal, ease of cleaning and storage, and the overall value for money.

  • Tested across a fortnight storing cereal in my kitchen  

  • Tested the ease of use by serving from the containers during busy before-school breakfasts 

  • Emptied, washed and refilled to test the ease of cleaning 

  • Cross-compared with other Tupperware, lunch box, and general food storage containers I've tested

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Lucy loves spending time in the kitchen, whether that’s trying out the best cake pans for baking or the most efficient ways to prep a Sunday roast. This year, we commissioned Lucy to thoroughly test out the top food storage containers, and she’s been on a mission to assess which ones are best for family life. On top of her work reviewing products for Mumsnet, she’s also written a number of Mumsnet kitchen round ups, including the best integrated dishwasher and the sturdiest kettles for hard water areas. 

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