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10 best mandoline slicers for easy, precise food cuts

Kitchen knife skills not up to scratch? From creating thinly sliced cucumber for your salads to serving up delicious dauphinoise potatoes, mandoline slicers are a great tool to add to your kitchen. Here's our pick of the best.

By Lucy Cotterill | Last updated Jul 28, 2022

Best Mandoline Slicers

If you’ve ever tried to prepare thinly sliced potatoes or vegetables by hand, you’ll know that it’s quite a fine art – achieving the precision and accuracy of wafer-thin slices by hand is a skill mostly reserved for chefs and culinary experts. 

Mandoline slicers are a great kitchen gadget that allow you to prepare consistently sized slices at speed, creating thinner and more uniform cuts than can often be achieved by hand. With a variety of blades and options to choose from, not only can mandoline slicers make your dishes look and taste great, but they save huge amounts of preparation time in your kitchen too. 

It’s worth remembering that mandoline slicers are potentially very dangerous if not used correctly. The blades are extremely sharp and have the potential to slice your finger just as efficiently as a potato - so use with caution. You should make use of hand guards and food holders and store your mandolines wisely, keeping them safely out of reach from kids.

Whether you’re after an easy-to-use mandoline slicer for beginners, a safer option that protects your fingers, a slicer for chipping potatoes or a versatile one with switchable blades, we’ve done all the research so that you don't have to! 

Here are the best mandoline slicers you can buy in 2022.

1. Best overall mandoline slicer: OXO Good Grips Chef Mandoline 2.0

OXO Good Grips Chef Mandoline 2.0

Price: £59.99 | Buy now from Amazon

“I've had a few duds, but the OXO one is doing well so far.” (Recommended by Mumsnet user greenybluey)

A high-quality mandoline and a great all-round option which is ideal for beginners, the OXO Good Grips Chef Mandoline 2.0 is a versatile tool for creating professional-looking, consistently sized cuts at home. 

Using its interchangeable V-shaped Japanese stainless steel blades, the OXO Good Grips Mandoline can create up to 21 different cut types within 0.5mm intervals. The thickness can be adjusted quickly and easily using a turnable dial, with a clear indicator on the side to display your current settings. 

From a safety perspective, the soft non-slip handle ensures a safe and comfortable grip, whilst the spring-loaded food holder acts as a guard to protect your fingers, keeping them safely away from the razor-sharp blades as you slice.

The OXO mandoline has a textured runway that ensures food doesn't get stuck whilst the rubberised feet keep it steady and secure on your work surface as you slice.

It also features an easy-to-set-up leg that folds up from under the base. For easy storage, the leg folds back in under the base and the food holder is placed in a way that protects you from the blades when not in use. 


  • Folds down flat when not in use for easy storage 
  • Hand guard for safety and peace of mind 


  • Some users found switching the blades over can be a bit tricky
  • Some reviewers found the safety food holder too small 

Key specs

  • Blade style: Japanese stainless steel blades
  • Thickness settings: 21
  • Blades included: Four - julienne, french fry, crinkle and straight blades

2. Best budget mandoline slicer: IKEA 365+ Mandoline

IKEA 365+ Mandoline

Price: £6 | Buy now from IKEA

If you’ve never used a mandoline before and want a budget-friendly option that will allow you to test one out before you commit to a higher price tag, you can’t get much more affordable than the IKEA 365+ Mandoline - a handheld mandoline with three different thickness settings.

With one fixed blade it may not offer the versatility or longevity of some other designs, however, its super sharp blade cuts consistently, with a food holder included to protect your fingers. 

The lack of a stand may put you off using it frequently, but as a beginner or for ad hoc use, it still has a lot to offer. 


  • Affordable price 
  • Simple and easy to use 
  • Sharp blade


  • Single straight cut blade 
  • No stand 
  • Limited to three thickness settings

Key specs

  • Blade style: Japanese single stainless steel blade 
  • Thickness settings: Three
  • Blades included: One

3. Best handheld mandoline slicer: OXO Good Grips Handheld Mandoline Slicer

OXO Good Grips Handheld Mandoline Slicer

Price: £16 | Buy now from Amazon

“I have this - it's amazing. Easy to use and easy to clean (dishwasher) and takes up hardly any kitchen space. I don't think I would use one that required setting up and stuff.” (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user whois)

If you’re comfortable using a handheld device and are looking for a more basic mandoline that takes up less space, the OXO Good Grips Handheld Mandoline Slicer is an affordable option at just £16. With no set up required, it’s good to go straight from the kitchen drawer.

This OXO slicer offers three thickness settings and has a clear window showing the cuts below as you slice directly into a bowl or onto a chopping board.

For peace of mind, the safety food holder also doubles up as a blade cover to hide and protect the blade when not in use.


  • Takes up very little storage space
  • Simple to use 


  • No stand or support 
  • Limited to three thickness settings

Key specs

  • Blade style: Japanese 
  • Thickness settings: Three
  • Blades included: One fixed blade

4. Best mandoline slicer for potatoes: Once for All Mandoline Vegetable Slicer

Once for All Mandoline Vegetable Slicer

Price: £35.99 | Buy now from Amazon

If you’re wanting to make your own chips at home, the Once for All Mandoline Vegetable Slicer can produce a bowl full of uniform potato chips (along with healthy carrot and sweet potato batons for crudities) in minutes.

This safe-to-use, upright mandoline does require some basic assembly before use but includes a container to catch your slices - an option not included with all models. 

With 40 different preset cuts with adjustable thickness settings from 0.1mm to 8mm, the Once for All is ideal for versatility. To use, you simply add the food into the chute and push down the spring-loaded handle to slice. 

The blade is fully concealed, making it a much safer option for your fingers. Using some basic dials to adjust the settings, it's also easy to switch between slices, strips, dicing and julienne cuts, without needing to remove any blades.

It's relatively easy to clean (with a small brush to help dislodge any food residue) and folds flat for simple storage. 


  • Concealed blade
  • 40 different preset cuts
  • Easy to use 


  • Some reviewers found the instructions and adjustments difficult initially

Key specs

  • Blade style: Japanese single blade 
  • Thickness settings: 40
  • Blades included: One (adjustable) blade 

5. Best safe mandoline slicer: Börner V Blade Mandoline Slicer V3 Starter Set

Borner V Blade Mandoline Slicer V3 Starter Set

Price: £38.30 | Buy now from Amazon

“I have a mandoline, BUT, it has an extra device that protects your hand and holds the food whilst it slices. Mine has wide and thin julienne options, along with just a slice for potato rounds. I've had it 15+ years and it's still going strong!” (Rated by Mumsnet user Elouera

Börner is known for their high-quality and durable kitchen gadgets and, whilst the original Börner slicer was sold without a hand guard, the V Blade Mandoline Slicer V3 kit comes with a food safety holder included, protecting your fingers from the sharp stainless steel blades whilst in use. 

Using a variety of different inserts, you can slice a wide range of fruit and vegetables in two different thicknesses, as well as two different sized dice and strips. 

Whilst it doesn’t self-stand, the sturdy rubberised feet ensure this mandoline holds still and is secure while in use. After cleaning, the mandoline slicer can be easily packed away with the blades protected and comes with the handy addition of a storage box - ideal for housing the spare blades.


  • Food safety holder protects fingers 
  • Storage box for spare blades
  • High-quality and reliable brand 


  • Fewer thickness settings than other products at a similar price point 

Key specs

  • Blade style: V-shaped Japanese blade 
  • Thickness settings: Six
  • Blades included: Three

6. Best electric mandoline slicer: Phillips Slicer and Chopper

Phillips Slicer and Chopper

Price: £92.65 | Buy now from Amazon

For those who have more limited mobility or may struggle with a traditional mandoline, the Phillips Slicer and Chopper is a great all-round electric food prep machine with a powerful 200W motor that can make slicing, chopping and dicing an absolute breeze.

Placing a bowl directly underneath the spout, the six changeable disks can be used to create cuts in two different thicknesses in both slices, julienne cuts and baton fries.

Relatively compact in size and with an attractive design for displaying on your countertop, all parts except the base are suitable for the dishwasher, making it simple and easy to clean too. 


  • Ideal for those who struggle with a traditional mandoline
  • Cuts directly into a bowl
  • Speedy and efficient


  • Significant price tag
  • Mains charged so may be limited by the location of your nearest socket

Key specs

  • Blade style: Disc blades
  • Thickness settings: Six
  • Blades included: Six

7. Best professional mandoline slicer: Progressive PL8 Professional Mandoline

Progressive PL8 Professional Mandoline

Price £64.99 | Buy now from Lakeland

Whilst it comes with a fairly significant price tag, the Progressive PL8 Professional Mandoline lives up to its name as a sturdy freestanding slicer that can produce high-quality, consistent cuts in seconds. 

With a robust support leg and rubberised feet that won't slip and make sure it stays put on your countertop, it has an attractive and sleek design, which won’t look out of place in even the most modern of kitchens.

With four different thickness settings and a choice of slices, julienne or waffle cuts, there’s no need to touch the blades to adjust the settings. 

The integrated hand guard also means you can be confident that your fingers are protected from the razor-sharp blades, which will cut through vegetables and potatoes with ease.


  • Solid and sturdy countertop design
  • No need to touch blades to change settings
  • Integrated (attached) hand guard 


  • Costly 

Key specs

  • Blade style: Japanese
  • Thickness settings: Four
  • Blades included: One adjustable blade

8. Best adjustable mandoline slicer: Benriner BN-64 BN 64W Mandolin Vegetable Slicer

Benrinier BN-64 BN 64W

Price: £34.50 | Buy now from Amazon

“I have a Benriner mandoline. I use it a lot - much easier to clean and less faff than getting the food processor out. Touch wood, I’ve never injured myself on the mandoline, but I do treat it with respect!” (Reviewed by Mumsnet user Lunaballoon)

Thanks to its super sharp, heat-treated and hand-finished stainless steel blades, the Benriner mandoline is often the first choice for chefs in the food industry, but as it doesn't have a support leg, it’s best suited to those more experienced and confident using a mandoline.

With three interchangeable blades, you can switch between thin slices as well as fine medium or coarse julienne, offering thicknesses between paper thin 0.5 and 0.8mm.

Whilst it can be used without, it is recommended to make use of the food holder with a finger guard as you’ll certainly know about it if you get too close to the blade! 


  • Super high-quality and sharp heat-treated blades 
  • Easy to adjust 


  • No support leg
  • Need to touch the blades to change them 

Key specs

  • Blade style: Japanese
  • Thickness settings: Adjustable dial from 0.5 - 0.8mm
  • Blades included: Three

9. Best versatile mandoline slicer: Mueller V-Pro Multi Blade Adjustable Mandoline

Mueller V-Pro Multi Blade Adjustable Mandoline

Price: £19.99 | Buy now from Amazon

For its versatility and its ability to slice, julienne and grate with unlimited thickness settings, the Mueller V-Pro Multi Blade Adjustable Mandoline is a popular choice with over 14,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. 

With fully adjustable five ultra-sharp 420-grade hardened surgical stainless steel blades, the thickness settings can be changed using a simple dial control and with a grooved runway, food won’t get stuck or caught during swift and efficient slicing.

It has a strong and sturdy support leg that holds securely on your countertop and a substantial-sized food guard that will hold the majority of food options, so it’s a safe option when used correctly, but use with caution - these blades are sharp! 

We love the addition of the storage case with a lid, which can be used to safely house the spare blades when not in use. 


  • Solid and sturdy design
  • Variety of blades 
  • Easy to clean


  • Whilst a good size, the food holder isn't the most comfortable after prolonged use
  • Extremely sharp - many reviewers have reported cuts if not used with extreme care 

Key specs

  • Blade style: V-style Japanese blades 
  • Thickness settings: Unlimited dial adjustment
  • Blades included: Five

10. Best easy-to-use mandoline slicer: Zyliss Easy Control Handheld Mandoline

Zyliss Easy Control handheld mandoline

Price: £20.75 | Buy now from Amazon

For beginners, the prospect of a food holder that could slip or fall off the mandoline mid-slice can be a little daunting, particularly with a sharp exposed blade.

The Zyliss Easy Control Handheld Mandoline is super easy to use, offering the comfort and reassurance of a tracked food holder, which slides down predetermined groves in the mandoline as you slice. As a result, it cannot slip or lose position, offering an additional level of safety for peace of mind.

The SmoothGlide food holder, whilst not the largest in capacity, can create even and uniform slices at speed without damaging or misshaping the food and can be switched between julienne and straight cutting at the flick of a switch. 

With rubberised feet, it can be held securely in place whilst you slice directly into a bowl or onto your chopping board. 


  • Grooves ensure food won't slip during slicing 
  • Safe and easy to use 


  • Less variety of cuts than some other designs
  • Quite costly for a handheld product

Key specs

  • Blade style: Japanese stainless steel blade 
  • Thickness settings: Adjustable between​​ 2 and 5mm
  • Blades included: One

What is a mandoline slicer?

Mandoline slicers usually consist of a large flat or ridged surface with a sharp stainless steel blade (straight, diagonal or V-shaped) that can be used to create wafer-thin slices of fruit and vegetables.

To use a mandoline slicer, you simply slide food back and forwards across the blade, ideally using a food holder or hand guard to keep your fingers protected during use.

Mandolines normally come with a variety of thickness settings and the ability to create slices, whilst many can also dice, chip and create julienne cuts too. 

Are mandolines safe?

Used correctly and with appropriate levels of caution, mandoline slicers are safe to use. However, it’s important to remember that the stainless steel blades are extremely sharp, and therefore have the potential to be very dangerous.

Most mandolines come with a food holder or safety guard which keeps fingers a safe distance away from the blade. When not in use, you should ensure that the blade isn't exposed and many mandolines also use the guard to cover the blade during storage. 

Do you need a mandoline?

Mandoline slicers, whilst by no means essential, are a versatile and practical tool that can improve both the speed and quality of your chopping and slicing, creating copious amounts of uniform, thinly sliced food in minutes. 

Whilst you can pick up a basic mandoline relatively cheaply, the most adjustable options come with higher price tags, so are more suited to those who are regularly cooking at home. 

What type of mandoline is best?

French mandolines are robust and hardwearing making them ideal for regular use. That said, they can be larger in size and more challenging to store. Often reviewers report that they are harder to set up and switch between thickness settings or swap over blades. French mandolines are therefore better suited to those who are confident with mandoline slicers and want a more sturdy and solid design. They tend to have one horizontal blade. 

Japanese mandolines are usually slimmer and more lightweight in design and tend to be quicker and easier to set up and produce cuts quickly and efficiently. They don’t always have precise or preset settings so once you’ve packed it away it can be hard to achieve the exact same thickness the second time around. The blade tends to be at a diagonal angle too, which is deemed to be more effective for beginners. 

Japanese mandolines with V-shaped blades are the most popular option for non-professionals looking to achieve quality cuts at home. The V-shaped blades tend to snag or catch less than a single blade. 

What to look for when buying a mandoline 

  • The number of blades - How many cutting options does your mandoline provide? Does it simply slice in a range of thicknesses, or can the blades be changed to create julienne, chips, dice or waffle cuts too? Think about what you want to create with your mandoline and whether the blades provided will meet your needs.
  • Range of thickness levels - How many thickness options are there? Some mandolines come with a fixed number of preset thicknesses to choose from, usually including a paper-thin setting as well as thicker options for battens or coarse juliennes. Others come with a fully adjustable dial so you can select the thickness best suited to your requirements. 
  • Size - How big is the mandoline and do you have space to store it? Some handheld mandolines are ideal if you are limited on storage space, however, they can be harder to use without a countertop support leg. More robust mandolines stick more securely to your surfaces and are often easier to use for beginners, but they tend to take up more space, both on your counter and in your cupboards. If you opt for a larger mandoline, look out for fold-away options or storage boxes for a more compact choice. 
  • Safety features - Does the mandoline come with a hand guard or food holder? For extra safety, you may want to consider concealed blades, as well as considering whether you need to touch the blades when changing between the settings. 
  • Cost - How much do you want to spend? You can pick up a basic mandoline with limited settings at a very budget-friendly price, however, if you're looking to take your cutting and slicing to the next level, you may want to spend a little more to get more variety in thickness and cut styles. 

How to use a mandoline

Whilst the process will vary slightly for handheld mandolines, most mandolines should be used as follows:

  1. Set up your mandoline on a chopping board or tray and ensure that any support leg is pulled out and held securely in place. 
  2. Face the mandoline with the raised end nearest to you so that you are cutting away from your body as you slice.
  3. Cut the vegetable or potato in half to create a flat surface and then using the food holder, push into the rounded end of the vegetable until it holds it securely.
  4. Hold the mandoline securely with one hand and place the food guard with the flat surface of your food against the runway.
  5. Push the food guard down the mandoline so that it glides across the blade, capturing the slices that are produced on the board below.

How we chose the best mandoline slicers

Products tried and tested by real Mumsnet users

First, we sought out the trusted opinions of our users, many of whom love cooking and preparing home-cooked meals from scratch. We gathered their feedback on the mandoline slicers that they have tried, including the products they rate, recommend and use in their own homes. We also looked out for Mumsnetters’ thoughts about products that they felt were poor quality, inefficient or, in some cases, were just plain dangerous for beginners. 

Expert opinions

Next up, we considered reviews and feedback from trusted industry experts. We want to be confident that the products we recommend are fit for purpose, so we looked out for award-winning products or those that were well regarded in the marketplace, including those used and recommended by professional chefs and food experts. 

Authentic consumer reviews

Finally, to bring you our definitive list of the best mandoline slicers you can buy, we thoroughly investigated genuine, in-depth customer reviews on retailer sites such as Amazon, Lakeland, and John Lewis to get wider consumer experiences regarding the products on our shortlist. We took into account the pros and cons in online reviews, looking for common themes to identify any potential shortfalls of the slicers. 

Why you should trust us 

We work hard to provide honest and independent advice you can trust and we spend hours scouring the Mumsnet forums and online bestseller lists to find products that real parents rate.

Transparency is really important to us and that's why we're always upfront about where we find our recommendations. We write about products that we feel offer the best value to most parents – the ones that our users would recommend to their own friends and family.