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15 everyday luxury Christmas gifts for the whole family

Whether you’re treating yourself or looking for the perfect gift for someone you love, we’ve found the best gifts for adding a touch of luxury to the festive season and beyond.

By Gemma Wilcock | Last updated Jul 20, 2023

family in UNIQLO outfits

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When it comes to choosing a Christmas gift, it can be tricky to know what someone will really want - and love. There are plenty of gifts out there, but if you want to give something extra special, a luxury item is the ideal choice.

After all, how often do we take the time to treat ourselves? Especially if we’ve been up all night with a baby or have been rushing from the school run to work. Although clothes need to be comfortable and pampering can take a back seat, we believe mums can still look and feel their best.

Little everyday luxuries can make a big difference. From surprise flower deliveries to elegant cashmere for keeping warm, we’ve compiled a list of luxury items to gift the whole family this Christmas.

1. UNIQLO Women’s 100% Cashmere Crew Neck Jumper

woman in green crew neck jumper

"I really rate UNIQLO cashmere, though I find I have to size up."


Women’s 100% Cashmere Crew Neck Jumper


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Price: £79.90  

“What I've always loved about cashmere items is that they're warm when you need to be warm, but don't seem to encourage overheating.” SpaceOp

We believe mums can look both comfortable AND fashionable, and this Cashmere Crew Neck Jumper by UNIQLO is a classic wardrobe staple. Soft, cosy and super versatile, it’s the ultimate in everyday luxury and can be paired with jeans, a floaty dress or leggings.

Made from 100% cashmere, the jumper feels luxurious and chic, with ribbing detail on the collar, hem and cuffs. There’s a choice of 14 colours with sizes ranging from XXS to XXL.

Even better, the jumper can be handwashed, so there should be no regular trips to the dry cleaners needed.

For men, we recommend: Men’s 100% Cashmere Crew Neck Jumper

2. Textured Ceramic Electronic Diffuser

ceramic diffuser

Price: £75

“The White Company electronic diffuser.” BeaLola

An electric diffuser will not only make your home smell lovely, but it can help you relax and sleep better too – a real luxury for many mums! The White Company’s Textured Ceramic Electronic Diffuser will make a lovely gift as it’ll look stylish on their coffee table or next to their bed, and can deliver scent for up to 16 hours.

The diffuser can be used with The White Company scents like Seychelles, Spa Restore and Geranium Leaf, and has three timer settings: two, eight or 16 hours. It’s very easy to use - simply fill with water, add a couple of drops of fragrance oil and press the ‘mist’ button, and it will deliver the right amount of scent in minutes. It only stops when the timer ends or the water runs out.

3. Kids’ Bear Print Fleece Set

kids' bear print fleece set

Price: £19.90

Is there anything cuter than this anti-static fleece set for kids? With bear print detailing for the top and extra furry fleece for the bottoms, children aged three to 13 will be kept cosy and snug all winter long.

And parents rejoice! This set can be machine-washed up to 40 degrees when those inevitable hot chocolate spills occur. Available in two colours.

4. Neom Organics Scent To De-Stress Scented Candle

neom scented candle

Price: £32

“A big squirt of Penhaligon's Halfeti, Neom candles, and cashmere wrist warmers.” NurseNancyandDoctorDavid

“Neom candles.” MysweetAudrina

After a busy day of school runs, work and toddler tantrums, running a bath and lighting a candle can provide some much-needed pampering for parents. Made from organic ingredients, the Neom Organics Scent To De-Stress Scented Candle has aromatherapeutic qualities.

Made up of 24 pure essential oils, including lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood, lighting the candle can help that someone special in your life feel relaxed and calm, as well as making them feel happier and more energised - which is a gift in itself when you have children!


HEATTECH pile socks

Price: £9.90

“I also have HEATTECH leggings and socks! Honestly I think I would have [...] frozen without them.” Alez

There’s socks, and then there’s UNIQLO’s HEATTECH Socks. Soft and cosy, these beauties will provide luxurious comfort for your loved one whether they’re on cold walks to the park or relaxing at home.

HEATTECH is Uniqlo’s range of thermal clothes and accessories designed for layering up to keep you warm without the discomfort of bulky clothing.

You get two pairs of socks in a choice of two neutral colourways. The socks don’t just look nice - they’re bio-warming, insulating, deodorising, anti-microbial and moisturising, and are designed to keep feet toasty and healthy too.

6. Bloom & Wild Flower Subscription

Bloom & Wild flowers

Price: From £20

“A Bloom & Wild subscription or similar. We have a fortnightly flower delivery so we nearly always have fresh flowers in the house - it feels like a real indulgence.” BookShark

We all know that feeling you get when you receive a beautiful bunch of flowers in the post. It doesn’t just brighten up your home, but it can really lift your mood too. Buy a subscription to Bloom & Wild and you can surprise that special someone every month.

Either opt for an ongoing subscription - where you pay each time to get fresh flowers delivered every week, fortnight or month - or pay for three, six or 12 months of bouquets in advance. The subscriptions are flexible and you can pick what day you want them to be delivered.

Choose between classic (featuring everyday flowers) or seasonal blooms with the likes of chrysanthemums and peonies when they’re at their best. Pick which ones to deliver or keep it as a surprise.

7. UNIQLO Men’s Flannel Pyjamas

men's flannel pyjamas

Price: £29.90

“The Uniqlo ones are brilliant. I’ve got some that are four years old and are in great condition still. They’re thick and warm.” Soggychip

“Flannel pyjamas are very popular here, and I know quite a few kids wear thermals underneath them. DS1 does this when it’s really cold.” dontevenblink

When it comes to everyday luxury, nothing beats changing into a cosy pair of pyjamas at the end of the day. Made from 100% cotton, UNIQLO’s Men’s Flannel Pyjamas are soft, fluffy, look great, and will appeal to both dads and teens.

We love the classic style of the buttoned shirt and check print, which can be bought in red/blue or blue/green colourways and delivered in gift-ready packaging. The comfortable fit makes these pyjamas perfect for cold nights on the sofa and for keeping warm in bed at night.

For women, we recommend: UNIQLO Women’s Flannel Pyjamas


HEATTECH leggings and top

Price: £14.90 each

“I really like the Uniqlo HEATTECH range.” timtam23

“Uniqlo HEATTECH leggings trousers. I live in them. Warm and comfy.” justawoman

Give someone the gift of warmth this Christmas with UNIQLO’s HEATTECH range, featuring clothes and accessories that help you stay cosy and fashionable.

The range is all about layering up, and Mumsnetters swear by it for keeping warm and comfortable. It’s also available in three different grades to suit your needs: HEATTECH Jersey, HEATTECH Extra Warm and HEATTECH Ultra Warm.

The HEATTECH Leggings can be worn on their own or under clothes on particularly cold days. Designed to provide a perfect fit, they keep everything from your stomach to your ankles toasty, and can be bought in neutral black or grey up to size XXL.

Complete the gift by buying the HEATTECH Scoop Neck Long-Sleeved Top too. Warm, stretchy and great as an inner layer, it’s available in six bright and neutral colours, and even has bio-warming and moisture-wicking features.

9. UNIQLO Windproof Fluffy Fleece Hoodie

UNIQLO fleece hoodie

Price: £34.90

“Love UNIQLO for loungewear. Super soft and washes well.” AllTheCakes

If you’re looking for a present they can wear again and again, UNIQLO’s Windproof Fluffy Fleece Hoodie is cosy, fashionable and versatile. As a wardrobe staple, it can be paired with jeans, leggings or a dress.

The hoodie has been designed to give better protection against wind so they’ll feel nice and toasty even when they’re standing in a blustery playground. Made from 100% polyester, it can be easily washed and comes in four colours.

10. Kids’ HEATTECH accessories

HEATTECH beret, beanie, gloves and scarf

Price: £9.90 each

“I’m a huge fan of UNIQLO. Their stuff lasts really well, is great for mix and matching, and washes well too.” Nitflux

Mumsnetters love the adult HEATTECH range so it stands to reason that the children’s HEATTECH offering is just as popular.

If you want to kit your child out with some cosy accessories for the winter months, then we’re big fans of the Kids’ HEATTECH Knitted Beanie and gorgeous Kids’ HEATTECH Knitted Beret Cap. Pair with a HEATTECH Fleece Tippet and some soft Kids’ HEATTECH Knitted Gloves to complete the wintry look.

11. The White Company Hooded Velour Robe

woman wearing white velour robe

Price: £70

“A good quality dressing gown and PJs.” Sasuma

 “Something lovely like a nice dressing gown which DH got me a few years ago.” Sooverthemill

Whether you’re getting out of the bath or waking up early with your little one, wrapping yourself in The White Company Hooded Velour Robe will provide instant cosiness.

The 100% cotton velour material is super soft, with cotton towelling on the inside for keeping dry after a shower or a bath. The regular fit of the robe gives it a flattering cut, though some reviewers do advise sizing up for a cosier fit.

It comes in three lovely colours - white, storm grey and ash rose - with handy pockets and a generous hood for keeping warm.

12. Men’s 100% Cashmere Turtleneck Jumper

man in turtleneck jumper

Price: £89.90

“For men, I find [UNIQLO] to be pretty solid all year round. A lot of my DH's work stuff is from there.” RacheyCat

Cashmere is the staple of luxury and this 100% cashmere turtleneck is a gift most men will appreciate.

With ribbed detailing, a redesigned collar and a nicely finished hem and cuffs, this jumper is the ultimate in style and comfort. It’s available in no less than nine different colours, although should be handwashed to retain its softness.

13. Kids’ Fluffy Fleece Zipped Jacket

kids in fluffy fleece jacket

Price: £14.90

Brave the park on a chilly day with this fluffy fleece zipped jacket for kids aged three to 13. Featuring a handy chin guard to keep little necks warm, this extra-soft outer layer will go down a storm with children big and small.

There are seven bright colours available to suit different tastes and we especially like that the jacket is made from recycled polyester.

14. Molton Brown Hand Wash

Molton Brown handwash

Price: £20

“Molton Brown Hand Wash here too. It lives in my bathroom away from little hands, though my seven-year-old often washes his hands in there now because he loves the smelly soap.” Jellycatspyjamas

These days, we’re all washing our hands more so why not treat someone you love to a luxury hand wash like this one from Molton Brown, which will leave their hands smelling and feeling lovely?

With a fragrance of rhubarb mixed with rose and grapefruit, with hints of mandarin and vanilla, their hands will smell delicious for a long time after. You can buy matching products too, including shower gel, hand lotion and body lotion.

Be warned though, they may end up dreaming about rhubarb crumble after using this.

15. Cashmere gloves, hat and scarf

cashmere gloves, scarf and hat

Price: Gloves and hat both £24.90; scarf £39.90

“A cashmere scarf and hat or gloves is a truly luxurious gift, especially if she doesn’t buy things for herself.” HollyandIvyandallthingsYule

For a truly luxurious gift, UNIQLO’s cashmere accessories are proof that you can look both practical and chic.

Made from 100% cashmere, the Knitted Gloves are cosy yet stylish with ribbing on the cuffs to ensure they fit securely. For the ultimate gift, you can pair them with a matching Cashmere Knitted Beanie Hat, which has a folded-over ribbed brim and comes in nine different colours (20 from November to celebrate UNIQLO’s 20th anniversary).

UNIQLO also has a range of gorgeous scarfs. The checked neutral pattern on this 100% cashmere Cashmere Scarf will complement any outfit, with a wider design for keeping you warm on cold winter mornings.

What is the best everyday luxury gift to give this Christmas?

For a real feeling of indulgence, we think the UNIQLO 100% Cashmere Crew Neck Jumper is the best everyday luxury gift to give this Christmas. Soft and super versatile, it will quickly become a wardrobe favourite.

We love that the modern design of this classic comes in 14 colours and a range of sizes from XXS to XXL and that it can be handwashed too.


UNIQLO is a clothing retailer from Japan with a philosophy of lifewear. Lifewear is clothing designed to make everyone’s life better. It’s simple, high-quality, everyday clothing with a practical sense of beauty. It’s ingenious in detail, designed with life’s needs in mind and is always evolving.