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10 stylish ways to stay warm and on trend this winter

Outfits to make you look stylish and lift your mood when it’s arctic outside? Yes, they do exist. Here’s how to find them.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Dec 21, 2022

woman walking in winter clothing

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Temperatures are dropping and the nights are drawing in. There’s lots to be excited about as the seasons shift - hello cosy evenings, roast dinners and roaring fires.

But there are certain downsides to cooler months. Shivering in the playpark in freezing conditions as your toddler begs for “five more minutes” is standard, right? Then there’s that universal parenting experience - being drenched by torrential rain at the school gates. If any of these sound familiar, join our (frostbitten and soggy) club.

So how to stay warm in winter? Well, it may feel like colder weather plus parenting can never truly equal chic and fashionable. But we reckon it’s a misconception that mums can’t dress practically AND stylishly.

UNIQLO is a clothing name beloved by the fashion mavens on our Style and Beauty forums, who rate the lifewear brand’s comfortable yet fashionable clothes. Top picks include figure-fixing jeans and wear-with-anything down jackets.

Fun fact: UNIQLO HEATTECH thermal inner layers were actually created by a mum who needed something comfy and warm for the school run. Clothing to help mums feel AND look our best when the elements and our kids are conspiring against us? It’s the holy grail of parenting life!

So we’ve compiled seasonal fashion tips to help you know how to stay warm and be stylish in winter even when you’re coping with sleepless nights, limited ‘me time’ and the occasional tantrum.

1. Layer like a pro

camisole top, down vest and long-sleeved top

“UNIQLO HEATTECH thermal base layers are amazing. They come in lots of styles and colours - I wear them under everything!” VodkaSlimline

“I like their coatigans, their merino wool sweaters, their HEATTECH  base layers, their extra-long ribbed, footless HEATTECH tights, and their socks in general.” RacheyCat

When it comes to keeping warm in freezing conditions, it’s all about the layers. By wearing several layers of thinner fabrics, you create spaces of warm air between each layer while also wicking moisture away from your body to keep you dry and comfortable.

UNIQLO’s HEATTECH range is designed for expert layering. For your base layer, choose a HEATTECH camisole vest and pop a HEATTECH top or fleece over it. For the outer layers, take a look at UNIQLO’s Ultra Light down body warmers and coats - beloved by Mumsnetters because they bring warmth to winter layers without adding bulk. HEATTECH thermal tights work well under trousers too.

It’s also worth mentioning that some Mumsnetters recommend wearing thermal leggings under absolutely everything to avoid the winter chills.

We recommend: HEATTECH Lace Camisole Top, HEATTECH Fleece Stretch Crew Neck Long-Sleeved Top, Ultra Light Down Vest

2. Find your hero winter coat

three uniqlo winter coats

“We own various puffer coats (very lightweight and very warm) and wool coats.” EdithHope

It’s one of the biggest investment pieces you can buy and the most visible item of winter clothing you’ll wear for months. So it really makes sense to choose a winter coat you really love.

The main criteria aside from keeping you cosy in arctic wind and rain? It should make you feel utterly fabulous whether you’ve slung it on over your jeans or to complement a party dress.

Not sure where to start? A classic wool blend coat or seamless down coat should see you through a fair few winters. Or if you’re feeling brave, choose a statement coat such as a hip parka in a bold colour to lift your mood when skies are grey.

We recommend: Ines de la Fressange Tweed Coat, Seamless Down Short Coat, U Double Breasted Trench Coat

For kids: Light Warm Padded Parka, Kids’ Fluffy Fleece Zipped Jacket

3. Assemble your winter capsule wardrobe

capsule wardrobe items

“I'm sitting here in top to toe UNIQLO today - Ines de la Fressange viscose blouse, high-waisted cigarette jeans and a merino wool jumper. Love that when I find something that works I can buy it in a few colours without breaking the bank.” Xiaoxiong

“UNIQLO… I got some fantastic heavier cotton T-shirts earlier this year. They are cut nicely as well - not figure hugging but also not just a loose bag. Good range of colours and really reasonably priced.” TTCAbroad

Just like putting together a holiday capsule wardrobe - a concise collection of pieces that coordinate in multiple ways - you can apply the same principle to your winter wardrobe.

Shop for a handful of hard-working items, starting with quality basics such as T-shirts which work well under winter knits. Versatile shirt dresses can be dressed up or down. For jumpers and coatigans, opt for quality over quantity and choose slouchier fits to allow for layering.

As one Mumsnetter advises: “Try and get into the mindset of thinking about outfits, particularly when shopping, so you don’t end up with a lot of pieces that don’t actually go with other things. If you look through your wardrobe thinking about outfits, you might spot that you’re missing some key pieces that would let you wear more of your clothes.”

We recommend: Soft Soufflé Yarn Smooth Knitted Coat, Flannel Long Sleeve Shirt Dress, U Crew Neck T-Shirt, Smart Comfort Ankle Length Trousers, Viscose Classic Collar Long-Sleeved Blouse

4. Show off your best bits

leggings, jeans and v-neck jumper

“The UNIQLO U high-waisted jeans hide mum tums like no other jeans I’ve ever owned. I carried twins. Have lost a lot of weight, am slim but have a lot of excess skin around the belly. Stretch jeans hide nothing, but you’d never know it was there in these, and they’re not at all uncomfortable!” justilou1

“I am hourglass shape and trousers are usually a no no for me but in UNIQLO I have had a few successes.” jewel1968

If your figure’s changed since having kids, it’s understandable (and perfectly normal) to feel less than self-confident about your new shape. But rather than dwelling on the bits you’re not so happy with, focus on your assets and consider the type of clothes that make the most of them.

If you’re blessed with big boobs, swerve high neck jumpers, which can appear matronly, and opt for cleavage flattering V-neck tops instead. Take a look at high-waisted jeans and trousers that show off curves while concealing less-than-washboard tums. And tuck in your tops to show off your waist! Whatever your shape, leg-shaping leggings are a useful winter wardrobe addition.

We recommend: 100% Extra Fine Merino Wool V-Neck Jumper, UNIQLO U High Rise Straight Leg Jeans, AIRism Seamless High Rise Support Leggings

5. Choose feel good clothes

corduroy trousers, cashmere manteau and trousers

“UNIQLO merino wool garments are fabulous. They last really well and never, ever bobble.” NoTheresa

“UNIQLO cashmere is very good value.” AsCoolAsKimDeal

Parenting can leave you so drained, it’s tempting to pull on the nearest jeans and ratty old jumper. Instead, be kind to yourself and choose tactile fabrics which are a treat for both your skin and your eyes. It’s like giving yourself a reassuring hug, which can only make your day go more smoothly, right?

Corduroy is ideal for both autumn and winter as it’s warm and strokable while also channelling on-trend 1970s vibes. A veritable comfort blanket for your legs, brushed jersey trousers are smarter than joggers but still ideal for hanging out at the park on wintry days. And it goes without saying that baby-soft merino wool or cashmere knitwear are always winners, especially when they come in the form of a throw-over-anything cape.

We recommend: Corduroy Straight Leg Trousers, Brushed Jersey Straight Leg Trousers, 3D Knit Seamless Cashmere Blend Manteau, Women's 100% Premium Lambswool Crew Neck Jumper

6. Use your head and accessorise for success

hat, gloves, bag and scarf

“The cashmere woolly hats are perfect.” Thinkle

“Scarves! If your neck/chest area is warm, the rest of you feels warm.” RockingMyFiftiesNot

With up to 10% of our body heat escaping from the top of our bodies, it’s worth remembering to cover up your noggin. A cashmere beanie is the ideal head warmer and will complement any wintry outfit. Go matchy matchy with a pair of cashmere gloves too.

If you’d prefer a retro vibe, a statement corduroy bucket hat could be just what you’re after. When it comes to the ultimate winter accessory hero, let’s hear it for oversized scarves. Not only do they keep your neck toasty, they finish off any outfit and also double up as snuggly pushchair blankets for snoozing toddlers - as long as you don’t mind sharing, of course.

We recommend: 100% Cashmere Scarf, 100% Cashmere Knitted Gloves, Corduroy Bucket Hat, Corduroy Mini Shoulder Bag

7. Don’t forget your tootsies

boots and socks

“For winter, black boots - lace-ups or chunky Chelsea boots are the current favourites.” Zinnia

“HEATTECH socks are brilliant.” Skippety

There’s nothing more miserable than cold, wet feet. Let’s be honest - canvas pumps just won’t cut it in the depths of December. Choose waterproof, substantial boots for stomping through unexpected muddy puddles and make sure they’ve got a grippy sole to keep you upright on ice.

It’s surely not winter without a pair of new socks either. Keep your toes toasty with classic wool blend fair isle thermal socks - whether you’re out and about in the great outdoors or relaxing at home in front of the telly.

We recommend: Comfeel Touch Side Gore Ankle Boots, HEATTECH Fair Isle Socks

8. Be brave

printed leggings, blocktech raincoat and hoodie

“Life’s too short to wear boring clothes is my mantra.” Notarealmum

Just because we’re moving into the colder months, doesn’t mean you should automatically opt for dull styles or sludgy shades. Refresh your look and try something different this year. How about a pair of print leggings or an orange BLOCKTECH raincoat to liven things up, for instance?

Another way to add new life to your look is to try some unexpected combos. Layering a tailored jacket over your hoodie and joggers gives you an on trend, smart casual vibe while also being practical and warm for nursery and school drop-offs.

We recommend: Ultra Stretch High Rise Printed Leggings, BLOCKTECH Raincoat, Unisex Sweat Hoodie

9. Break the rules

two jumpers and a belt

“Hoodies - I've taken to buying the men's ones as they cover my daughter in a sling/carrier.” ColaFreezePop

Rules? Pah. We laugh in the face of rules, especially when it comes to fashion. Don’t be a style sheep - think outside the box and try some Mumsnet-approved style hacks. Firstly, don’t limit yourself to clothes designed solely for women. Men’s jumpers can look pleasingly slouchy on women, especially those of us blessed with longer limbs.

Accentuate your curves by cinching in a loose jumper dress with a leather belt. And, if in doubt, turn it around! As one Mumsnetter advises: “Try wearing your tops, dresses and knitwear back to front.” It sounds mad but, by wearing a V-neck jumper backwards, you’ll reveal a sexy little flash of your upper back whilst keeping your chest warm. Genius. Probably best to carry on wearing your trousers the right way though...

We recommend: Men’s Ultra Stretch Dry Sweatshirt, Seamless Lambswool Blend Balloon Sleeved Dress, Vintage Leather Belt

10. Invest in some luxe loungewear

winter loungewear

“Cashmere jumpers - dark colours or brights, loose fitting. I do wear joggers but with a cashmere jumper and they still feel luxe. I have other jumpers but they just don't get worn compared to the cashmere.” Tropicalsunshine

“Thick jeggings and nice merino jumpers are my mainstay. Jeggings come from UNIQLO and my jumpers come from John Lewis, UNIQLO and Jaeger.” jcurve

As we’ve all discovered lately, loungewear is an essential part of any wardrobe. But say no to stained and saggy sweats! You may spend more time indoors in the colder months, but that doesn’t mean that you have to drop your standards.

Pair pristine joggers with stretch hoodies and cashmere jumpers for the ultimate in cosy style and you’ll have no qualms about answering the door to unexpected visitors. Loungewear sets you can wear for jigsaws with your DC before snuggling on the sofa with vino and Netflix once they’re in bed? We’ll take them in every shade, please.

We recommend: Women’s Joggers, 100% Cashmere Crew Neck Jumper

How our influencers and their kids have styled UNIQLO's autumn/winter range

Skye Jennifer

two children in padded parka coats

"Making sure our little ones are wearing comfortable and practical clothing is important for our everyday adventures. Elle and Cece love their UNIQLO padded parka coats. They are super warm and soft but also lightweight and stylish."

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The Frenchie Mummy

Frenchie Mummy and son in UNIQLO fleeces

"Stanley and I have very different fashion styles but for the occasion, we decided to team up in our beautiful UNIQLO fleeces. The fleeces are so soft and cosy, perfect for an autumnal walk in the country or even to relax at home. I am literally wearing mine to keep warm at home with a good ☕ Or even to go to the playground after school for a quick run before homework and bath time! ?? "

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mother and son in the playground in UNIQLO jackets

"Stanley has a beautiful, padded coat in blue. Machine-washable, it keeps him warm, and he looks so cool with it! The brand has a beautiful collection of unisex styles for your little ones to be comfy. Made to last! ??

And for me, a feather-light in beige. It's such a classic from the brand and it is perfect to enjoy our outdoor adventures. Water-repellent and anti-static, I love its chic colour! Who said you can't have fun and look elegant?"

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Frenchie Mummy in UNIQLO wool jumper

"I am totally in love with my new 100% wool jumper from UNIQLO. It is so soft! Thanks to its extra-fine yarn, I feel super stylish while keeping warm! With some jeans and my classic hairband, all done without having to think too much about it. And this colour is a no-brainer. New playground outfit sorted!"

Nikki and the Littles

children in UNIQLO jackets at a pumpkin patch

"Who else is loving this time of year where we can wrap up and get cosy? These Ultra Light Down jackets from UNIQLO are our go-to at the moment. Feather-light yet incredibly warm, water-repellent and anti static - perfect for the entire family. Cassie and Rio have matching and so do Mummy and Daddy. I also love the storage pouch that they can fit into - mine fits in my workbag!"

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two children in UNIQLO loungewear

"Who else gets changed as soon as you get in from school/work? Cassie and Rio are in their comfy wear from UNIQLO? I love the ultra-stretch in their kids' denim, leggings and loungewear to give them that extra bit of freedom and Cassie's knitwear is just so cosy!"

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Everything Mummy

mum and daughter in UNIQLO fleeces

"Twinning with my girl in our gorgeous fluffy fleeces from UNIQLO swipe for a look at some more amazing colours theres 20 available! They’ve also made with recycled polyester fibre! Perfect for family walks this A/W." ?❤️

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