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Cashmere jumpers - differences between brands?

47 replies

ElizabethinherGermanGarden · 03/10/2021 09:43

I want a black crew neck cashmere jumper for the winter. I had one last year from John Lewis and went straight through the elbows. I've saved that one to harvest the yarn for repairs in years to come but it isn't really salvageable as a smart jumper for work.

Are there any major differences between, say, M&S and Uniqlo and Woolovers in terms of quality? They all look the same online and just interested in whether anyone has tried several brands and found one type better than another. JL have already sold out of the style in my size.

OP posts:
byvirtue · 03/10/2021 09:52

I’m interested in this too, I bought several from La reroute last year to see how I got on. I felt the designs were more modern than the “classic” designs we seem to get in the uk. They were much cheaper than the UK high street (on offer). They are still in good condition a little bobbling, but I did worry they were a Iittle thin however they haven’t worn through. I’ve just seen they have a ruffle neck this year so will definitely get that!

ChiefInspectorParker · 03/10/2021 09:59

This reply has been withdrawn

Message from MNHQ: This post has been withdrawn

mintbiscuit · 03/10/2021 09:59

M&S, Uniqlo and woolovers all bobble a lot for me.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong? Or is the answer to spend a lot on cashmere? I’d pay the £££ if I was guaranteed no bobbling!

Mercurial123 · 03/10/2021 10:17

All cashmere pills. I love Ryan Roche it's super expensive but her sale is good and you can get that second hand on EBay, Vestaire etc. Even that pills but problem solved by combing it. I've had my jumpers for years and they look great.

All cashmere will pill no matter what you do - but low-quality cashmere may pill immediately if you rub a layer of it between your fingers. This happens due to the grade's shorter, thicker fibers.

HotSteppa · 03/10/2021 10:38

I have bought from British brand Marmalade a few times and found they last beautifully, well worth the extra ££s in my opinion

HotSteppa · 03/10/2021 10:44
MarleneDietrichsSmile · 03/10/2021 11:01

I got some cashmere jumpers from My Pashmina and Brora about 20yrs ago and they are still going strong

Best quality, by far, is Brora

It’s £££ but lasts decades

MsDastardley · 03/10/2021 11:16

Pure Cashmere is nice quality, but some of their designs and colours are old fashioned. My old boyfriend cardigan is lovely and soft, I go over it with a comb thing when I was it.

I do like Brora, I am planning on treating myself to a cardigan soon.

LoveLabradors · 03/10/2021 11:31

In general their knitwear quality is terrible - but I do recommend hush cashmere. I have jumpers that are several years old from them that still are perfect. It’s very soft too. When I’ve felt other high street cashmere it feels much cheaper and rougher in comparison.

BikeRunSki · 03/10/2021 11:40

You might want to see what the Nearly New Cashmere Company has.

BungleandGeorge · 03/10/2021 12:04

I’ve returned the items I’ve bought from pure over the last couple of years as the quality has nose dived. Boden and Uniqlo cashmere used to be good but haven’t had anything from there recently. Brora is good but in a different price category to many of the others listed!

viewsoftheshard · 03/10/2021 12:12

I have had some great cashmere from Cos. Bought a few years ago and in excellent condition still.

Purplewithred · 03/10/2021 12:17

nearly new cashmere did a fab mend of my favourite cashmere dress too for an astonishingly small sum of money. Highly recommended.

TooWicked · 03/10/2021 12:21

I’ve got a few jumpers from M&S that are several years old now and have worn well. Yes they bobble but I use a cashmere comb on them.

Someone on here a while ago recommended Loop Cashmere but I found their stuff really itchy.

Brora gets the best reviews but it’s so expensive, I might have to treat myself though as their reviews are consistently good.

AlphabetAerobics · 03/10/2021 12:23

If they sell the brand in house of bruar - it’s quality.

slipperyeel · 03/10/2021 12:26

Brora is by far the best but not cheap. Their sales are decent but you’re unlikely to get anything in black.
Uniqlo is probably your best bet. I did get a John Lewis one last year but the quality was appalling, I sent it back and its replacement.

OakPine · 03/10/2021 12:46

I've had several, maybe 6 Brora cardigans over the years.
Definitely a case of fool me once, fool me twice!

Each one has developed random holes in both the seams, and in the body of the wool, so middle of the back for example.
I take care of them well. I wear them baggy so they are not overstretched, and I hand wash them infrequently.

So disappointed. The last one cost a lot of money and a year later is full of holes.

They are not moth holes btw. Other cashmere and woollens stored in the same place don't seem to have developed these.

I don't know what the answer is.

BIoodyStupidJohnson · 03/10/2021 12:56

Uniqlo is alright for the price, certainly better than M&S or Next etc. M&S cashmere used to be better than it is now IMO.

I tend to get mine from either Reiss or Johnstons of Elgin. JoE isn't cheap but they do last and the quality is excellent.

nordica · 03/10/2021 13:05

I prefer the cashmere and merino blend from Woolovers. Perhaps not as soft but feels more durable and bobbles less.

Journeynotdestination · 03/10/2021 13:10

Arket & HM do decent cashmere.

dangerrabbit · 03/10/2021 13:15

Pringle cashmere is very good

WowIlikereallyhateyou · 03/10/2021 13:18

Yes, generally the more you pay the better the quality with cashmere.
High st and supermarket stuff is generally at best avg quality. Pay more £££’s and it tends to last for sure.


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IAmQuitePutOut · 03/10/2021 13:24

I swear by H&M cashmere. I bought a jumper in January that I have worn almost every day since (cheers, British summer) and it hasn’t bobbled even slightly and still looks as good as new.

Mercurial123 · 03/10/2021 13:33

When I lived in London I would buy vintage Ballantyne cashmere from Portobello Road.

BikeRunSki · 03/10/2021 14:17

Lands End have 40% off cashmere today. I’ve never had any of their cashmere, but everything else I’ve ever had from them has been excellent quality.

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