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Where can I buy nice but reasonably priced loungewear ?

24 replies

Toffeefee23 · 10/01/2021 08:36


OP posts:
lotusbell · 10/01/2021 10:02

Lots of loungewear threads on here, Op. Not being mean, just wasn't sure if you'd considered running a site search!
Google "loungewear Mumsnet" also works.

LongIslandIcedT · 10/01/2021 10:03

Supermarkets? Tu and George.

cricketmum84 · 10/01/2021 10:14

I've just got some gorgeous and extremely comfy knitted loungewear from peacocks. It's like laying on a cloud 🥰

SummaLuvin · 10/01/2021 10:52

'Reasonably priced' is very vague criteria.

I would consider a set that came to £40-£50 reasonable. Some people would want to spend £20, others would consider it reasonable to spend £90...

Blessex · 10/01/2021 10:54

I am obsessed with Boden Grin. Stupidly obsessed. Always use a discount code I get from mumsnet though.

hollyangel · 10/01/2021 10:58

What do you mean by reasonably priced? It's all relative.

At the beginning of March, figuring that I would be at home a lot more, I bought a pair of the most expensive slippers I've ever bought, the UGG Scuffettes in Leopard. They are so comfortable and stylish that they make me happy every time I put them on.

I also got a pair of cashmere blend lounge pants from Biba at House of Fraser with the matching hoody for a bargain price and I love them. They're very comfortable, warm but also I can throw a coat on and trainers and go outside in them too!

Amira19 · 10/01/2021 11:27

Primark but they are closed, pep co (poundland)have they own range 16 pounds for a set.

Brieminewine · 10/01/2021 11:28

I got some nice bits from miss Selfridge and Zara, body suits and joggers

StrawberryLipstickStateOfMind · 10/01/2021 12:31

I got a loungewear set from
Boux avenue that's quite nice. It always looks quite glam with loads of choice on the website and was fine but doesn't wash amazingly well and went bobbly quite quick.

Also got similar from M&S, probably a bit cheaper and has washed better.

SoupnSalads · 10/01/2021 14:51

I found some amazing cord leggings in M and Co. By comparison I bought the M&S ones and they are bloody coated with something to make them FEEL nice but as soon as you wash them that comes off and they look like a plucked chicken, it does brush back up after a few hours but not the same. I can't believe a retailer can get away with it tbh, but anyway very happy with my M and Co ones.

BlueSussex · 10/01/2021 15:33

Agree with PP depends on budget

I love Monki loungewear. Warm but soft.

I got some great Boden leggings with coloured ankle cuffs in my last StitchFix box - I wouldn't have thought of looking at Boden for loungewear.

M&S loungewear is pretty good (maybe not the cord!!)

itchyfinger · 10/01/2021 15:35


Burnthurst187 · 10/01/2021 15:41

Bedroom Athletics has nice stuff, not the cheapest but there's a sale on right now

huuuuunnnndderrricks · 10/01/2021 18:33

Tesco!! They have some amazing sets !

OxanaVorontsova · 10/01/2021 19:02


homeedder1979 · 10/01/2021 19:08

Asquith. Gorgeous and sustainable clothing too. And big sale on.
Steer clear of cheap high street clothes if you are able.

thisislovelyme · 10/01/2021 19:40

Thanks so much for Asquith tip @homeedder1979 - I just got some bargains!

lovelemoncurd · 10/01/2021 19:52

What's reasonably priced. I think Hush has great loungewear but it might not be the price range you're after.

Toffeefee23 · 10/01/2021 21:31

Thanks all
Like the Boden joggers with coloured cuffs, but are they great quality? Happy to pay Boden price if good quality, but not if the same as supermarkets stuff....

OP posts:
TerrifiedOfTrying4No2 · 10/01/2021 21:32

The wrap front lounge jumpsuit from Asda is incredible. So comfy! I just can’t get out of it 😂 and it doesn’t look like pyjamas either so I’m happy to answer the door and stick the bins out in it and sleep innit too 😂

Nitflux · 11/01/2021 03:37

ASOS have some really soft lounge wear and I’m a huge fan of Uniqlo. Their stuff lasts really well, is great for mix and matching, and washes well too.

peachypetite · 11/01/2021 03:45

River island and george


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