Girl pushed under train.

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Thelnebriati Mon 10-May-21 22:50:33

The girls all have to run past the boys to board the train.
One girl is kicked in the face, spat on, shoved, tripped up, and ends up falling on to the tracks.
The guard in they hi vis yellow jacket just watches.

I'm at the end of my tether with male violence and entitlement.

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Thelnebriati Mon 10-May-21 22:52:04

This still (if it will post) is taken from the video and shows one of the boys kicking the girl in the face.

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WhatyoutalkingaboutWillis Mon 10-May-21 22:54:04

The bloke who kicks the girl in the face has been identified as Jason Delaney an aspiring footballer who plays for Shelbourne FC (somewhere near Dublin). It's quite a horrifying watch!

Berthatydfil Mon 10-May-21 22:54:25

This is really horrifying

GrouchyKiwi Mon 10-May-21 22:55:16

How horrific. I am so glad the girl is OK, but bloody hell that's atrocious.

stonecat Mon 10-May-21 22:56:42

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AntiHop Mon 10-May-21 22:57:58

And all but one of the boys continue walking away when she falls under the train. Vile bastards.


SuperSleepyBaby Mon 10-May-21 22:59:30

Those types of boys attack anyone they see as weak or vulnerable - they would go after a lone man as well. It seems the same group attacked a boy aged about 15 recently and he ended up in hospital.

It’s not fair that a small group spoil things for the majority.

The biggest problem is that there is no real consequences for them even on the occasions they are caught - especially when they are minors. They are not afraid of the police.

JKRismyPatronus Mon 10-May-21 22:59:47

Horrific behaviour.

boatyardblues Mon 10-May-21 23:00:12

I hope that's the end of that little bastard's potential career.

Here’s hoping.

Straussful Mon 10-May-21 23:00:24

It seems that they do not see the girls as human. I would be very concerned about a group as detached about others as this. And so young. They have no fear and no empathy.

Thelnebriati Mon 10-May-21 23:02:28

Well exactly. And they do this to a group of girls, in front of witnesses.
So much for ''don't go out alone''.

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MysteriousMonkey Mon 10-May-21 23:03:29

There is a petition at Change to try and ensure that the identified male feels the consequence of his actions. I don't know if I can link but is findable by his name.

Akire Mon 10-May-21 23:05:11

Shocking that boys are laughing when she is kicked. Never mind potential to cause death after falling under the train. Hope they can some serious young offender time.

AnonGlitterBomb Mon 10-May-21 23:05:47

@SuperSleepyBaby absolutely. They’ve connected them to several assaults in the city against men too. They really don’t care

SionnachRua Mon 10-May-21 23:06:22

Wee scrotes hanging about in gangs are a problem in certain areas of the city. No parenting, no boundaries and no legal consequences. They'll start on anyone they perceive as weak as a pp says.

Onlinedilema Mon 10-May-21 23:07:28

Good god I hope it's more than the end of that bastard Jason Delaney's career. I hope it's the end of him full stop. The same for the rest of them. Absolute scum.

Thelnebriati Mon 10-May-21 23:07:54

If you cant see Twitter, the vid is on this news report.

I searched for the video to post and Google showed at least 3 other cases.

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GCAcademic Mon 10-May-21 23:10:43

The person whose tweet is linked to on the OP has another video on her feed from two days ago of a group of boys attacking girls. What on earth is going on in Dublin?

persistentwoman Mon 10-May-21 23:11:09

They kicked, spat at and harassed all the girls trying to get on that train. Just a snapshot of the treatment that so many young women get on a daily basis.

huuskymam Mon 10-May-21 23:14:01

Dragged up little scrotes. These teenage gangs have really gotten out of hand around Dublin.

Warmduscher Mon 10-May-21 23:19:01

Signed the petition.

As a pp said, it’s easy enough to find by googling the name given upthread.

Graffitiqueen Mon 10-May-21 23:22:06

Not sure if any of you have seen the longer video where the girl is pulled back up onto the platform by security and the security guy drops to his knees and leans against g the wall for support afterwards.

We all know the aspiring footballer will get away with it. They always do.

Thelnebriati Mon 10-May-21 23:22:23

A friendly reminder not to post the link on this thread, or it will be moved to the Petitions board!

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Nannyamc Mon 10-May-21 23:23:09

Seems to be a huge problem in seaside townships in Dublin. Access on Dart from city centre to Howth Malahide Bray and Greystones increased today to 50% capacity. This is only going to get worse. Terrible invasion for locals

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