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Fascinating tweets about JY’s waxing case. Read here. (cont. thread 2)

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GirlDownUnder Mon 22-Jul-19 01:34:52

Thread 1 here

This is a continuation of all that is JY and their waxing cases bought against minority women in Canada.

We are a fair way in, and still are no closer to knowing what the final judgment will be, but we have lots of info. and are finally seeing this case, and all the attending issues with self ID, in the public eye and main stream press.

GirlDownUnder Mon 22-Jul-19 02:01:59

Twitter reports from all the cases by Elsie

Case 1 JY vs BH. Case is JY vs Sikh woman who declined to provide genital waving services to JY


Case 2 took place on July 5th. It is JY vs a Sikh lady who declined to provide arm and leg waxing to JY


Case 3 hearing took place on Wednesday, July 17, 2019. The respondent MD declined to provide genital waxing services for JY.

On going at time of posting.

WeirdWoman Mon 22-Jul-19 03:05:27

For clarity: who is suing whom?

I initially thought that JY was suing the beauticians, but since JY seems to be the one on trial, I’m not sure?

holdmybutterbeer Mon 22-Jul-19 03:24:09

JY said he had collapsed then on different media had been assaulted. He is a delusionist who needs to be referred to a psychiatrist ASAP

HirplesWithHaggis Mon 22-Jul-19 03:49:19

WeirdWoman JY is indeed suing the women.

miri1985 Mon 22-Jul-19 04:27:57

How on earth have things gone from #metoo to being asked to touch male genitals against your will as being part of your "job" that you may not like?

If mainstream liberal feminism decides that not waxing JY is "transphobic" then they have lost all credibility with regards to womens rights, working class womens rights especially, sexual assault, unwanted dick pics etc.

There are so many other vulnerable women at stake when it comes to this ruling than just estheticians, I'm hoping this goes the right way for all of them.

If this does come down to this being a public/private service and its decided that this is a private service, I can imagine JY will go out trawling for a case involving a public service.

Yeahnahyeah Mon 22-Jul-19 04:59:00

I'm pissed the Member is allowing this leeway. Talk about bowing down hmm
It's fucked. Fawning, obsequious on their part. Why? It's sooo farked.

GirlDownUnder Mon 22-Jul-19 05:07:25

Not related to the cases, but the lifting of the publication ban and subsequent publicity has lead to some horrifying info.

This tweeter is tweeting about her encounter with JY from 4 years ago, when she was 14 / 15 years old and she received these inappropriate messages.

The first two are voice messages from JY in an Elmo voice, the last is JY saying that he can’t wait until she’s 16 - and my reading is 16 and legal. envy <— not envy

I’m not on twitter but I hope the lawyer and BC Human Rights tribunal gets sight of these.

Thanks to @oncewasblueandyellowtwo for bringing this person to light.

PS from a quick search, and other info., I believe this person and this info to be legit. If it’s not, or it seems salacious, I’m happy to have this post deleted.

Cookieflavoredbiscuit Mon 22-Jul-19 06:35:29

As for the outcome of the hearing, I'm guessing our tampon enthusiast will lose, (probably thanks to the amount of attention the case is gathering) but not for trying to make women touch balls against their will. I'll bet several slices of cake that the focus will probably be on other technicalities, and will go out of its way to emphasize that. I suspect the aptly named "Member" agrees whole-heartedly with Ogre...

boatyardblues Mon 22-Jul-19 06:35:38

Thanks for the new thread GirlDownUnder,

NotBadConsidering Mon 22-Jul-19 06:56:41

What a horrible human being Oger is.

So Yaniv should not have asked women to working home alone to touch his balls, Yaniv should only have asked women working alongside other women at a place of business to touch his balls?

And Yaniv was not the right complainant? What, not woman enough for you Oger? Not stable enough to sue non-ball touching women? Need someone a bit less “out there” to force women to touch someone’s balls?

Fuck you Oger.

boatyardblues Mon 22-Jul-19 07:11:39

Indeed. Oger shows more of their hand than they realise with that post. Grim.

GirlDownUnder Mon 22-Jul-19 07:20:39

Elsie is updating case 3 from the 17th July now

She started transcription on the 20th July here

Updating today / finishing from here

GirlDownUnder Mon 22-Jul-19 07:32:02

Oger is between a rock and a hard place and I couldn't be happier.

And what's better is they are trying so hard to distance themselves from JY, and JY just keeps chasing them round twitter.

Cookie I'd not even want to try and predict the outcome. The whole tribunal seems a farce, the member has either no control or is playing a master long game, JY seems to have their own rules, but I guess that's the trans rules huh.

My concern is that this is all so far fetched, JY is being mocked most everywhere, that no matter the outcome, all we'll get in response to 'see self ID is terrible' is the no true trans, and JY will be painted as an outlier.

The next case isn't til the 27th, and I think it can be months before the tribunal makes a judgement.

Meanwhile JY is all over twitter trying to gain good person cookies and tell us all that there's nothing to see here, look over there at Oger.

boatyardblues Mon 22-Jul-19 08:14:49

It doesn’t matter if JY is an outlier. Once you self-ID, the legal protections and measures apply regardless of sincerity (which cannot be objectively measured) or motivation (which can be inferred from actions, but not questioned). The JY case just shows this sloppy, subjective law making up for what it is: wide open to abuse. A more measured, careful claimant wouldn’t have semaphored the logical outcome of such sloppy lawmaking out into the wider world as effectively, but it would have eventually become apparent once it inevitably harmed women, vulnerable adults and children and the casualties started piling up.

littlbrowndog Mon 22-Jul-19 08:36:28


TheSteveMilliband Mon 22-Jul-19 08:44:54

@weirdwoman I think it's slightly more complicated. My understanding is that Yaniv sued the women, most of whom settled out of court. Any who had solicitors he backed down, suggesting vexatious litigation. The court therefore insisted these cases be heard (he had planned to drop them once solicitor involved) so whilst it is his action against the woman, he is being forced to justify himself.

BlackeyedGruesome Mon 22-Jul-19 08:54:03

Quite littlebrowndog

CuriousaboutSamphire Mon 22-Jul-19 08:55:46

Godfrey Elfwick I think I luffs you grin

littlbrowndog Mon 22-Jul-19 08:58:12

That article sums up everything about this shit show

GirlDownUnder Mon 22-Jul-19 09:01:13

littl that article is brilliant!

Good to know how not to be a transphobe...

So fellow social justice comrades, please do not be tempted to use nuance. Stay away from judging people as individuals and applying logic and reason based on each circumstance. That’s for Nazis and fascists and bigots and transphobes.

And excellent summing up of the TRA agenda...

So-called ‘biological’ women have had it far too good for far too long. The only way we will achieve true equality is if trans women are given more rights than cis women. We need to remove the privilege from cis women, so that men who identify as women can be given the upper hand. That’s the beauty of intersectional feminism. That’s why this case is so important.

sackrifice Mon 22-Jul-19 09:02:40

I quite enjoyed it when the pro-TRA member accidentally said 'He, erm She' when referring to JY.

The audio and video really do need to be listened to.

Joisanofthedales Mon 22-Jul-19 09:04:15

Was feeling a bit low and that article definitely raised my spirits a wee bit.

TurboTeddy Mon 22-Jul-19 09:04:23

You've explained my issue with self ID perfectly. When we rely on "evidence" which cannot be objectively verified then we make bad law, very bad law. I can't claim my pension just because I described myself as feeling like I was 90 when I got out of bed this morning, I'm going to have to wait until the age at which I become eligible, no one thinks this is controversial.

GirlDownUnder Mon 22-Jul-19 09:13:57

... so whilst it is JYs action against the woman, JY is being forced to justify themself.

I just wish it read / sounded like JY was having to justify themselves.

I took out pronouns in the quote cos I’m not sure if MN are still deleting (although they did delete me recently) - does anyone know?

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