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Everyone should see this IMPORTANT

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MsMcWoodle Sat 21-Apr-18 21:39:22

Have a look. What country are we in:

Rufustheconstantreindeer Sat 21-Apr-18 21:48:37


Cant see it

Can you explain?

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sat 21-Apr-18 21:52:02

Bloody hell. She has balls I would have been terrified.

Link is to video taken at event in Bristol. Bindel and Brunskell-Evans blocked from entering by transactivists wearing hoods and masks standing on the stairs with their hands on the wall either side.

MsMcWoodle Sat 21-Apr-18 21:52:48

If you can get on to Julie Bindel's twitter, she has a video of the stairs outside the meeting. Lots of men in black masks blocking the way and being aggressive - trying to stop people entering. Someone who is better at this sort of thing should post it.

Rufustheconstantreindeer Sat 21-Apr-18 21:53:06

Thank you itsallgoing

Thats dreadful...gutless fucking wonders!!

Spending2muchtimeonMN Sat 21-Apr-18 21:53:25

I'm presuming it's the same video as this link (which should work and you don't need to be on Facebook to access it):

Essentially, this is what happens when women attempt to attend a meeting to discuss their rights in the UK in 2018.

Lancelottie Sat 21-Apr-18 21:55:56

I’d have described them as inept and pompously self righteous (and very much in the way) rather than aggressive. I hope their mothers do see the video and give them some home truths.

hmcAsWas Sat 21-Apr-18 21:56:30

Bunch of misguided and naïve kids who think they are oh so 'right on' but actually have a lot of growing up to do.

ReluctantCamper Sat 21-Apr-18 21:58:44

christ on a bike. is this the event where one of the TRAs claimed a feminist threw them down some stairs?

what the actual fuck?

Do they even know what they look like?

ReluctantCamper Sat 21-Apr-18 21:59:25

Can I just remind everyone that they were masked? I thought it was fucking sinister. They should feel ashamed.

NotTerfNorCis Sat 21-Apr-18 22:01:31

Whoah they look scary even though they're a bunch of kids. What arrogance! Thinking they have a right to stop women talking politics! This video should be circulated widely.

MsMcWoodle Sat 21-Apr-18 22:02:24

don't think that 'misguided kids' cuts it really. Note that they were all, bar one, men. I would have been intimidated and I don't scare easy. I think that this is totally unacceptable and completely horrifying - in any country. Cannot believe that it is happening here in 2018.

AncientLights Sat 21-Apr-18 22:04:07

Totally outrageous that they behave like that at a legal meeting. Disgusting.

JustAnotherSpartacus Sat 21-Apr-18 22:05:03

Bloody hell, do they not see this sort of thing will show them in a bad light?

In the olden days (not that old, 90's and early 00's), if there was a meeting we knew we would disagree with the thrust of, and it was important in some way, we would produce a leaflet, hand it out outside a meeting, then go to the meeting, listen, and make a comment at the Q&A. This was generally the done thing. I am not in the UK, but pretty sure it was similar over there.

The only time you would be in any way disruptive was in very limited and specific circumstances (and not at community meetings such as this). Crazy. I am so glad they got this on tape.

Tinycitrus Sat 21-Apr-18 22:06:25

Naive self righteous kids hmm

Elletorro Sat 21-Apr-18 22:06:36

Isn’t that assault (in the technical legal definition of the term) when whoever it is grabs for the phone.

I think there’s health and safety issues too if the organisers were barricaded in.

Note how they say “you’re free to leave” I reckon they were well aware that they were on the edge of false imprisonment there too

Rufustheconstantreindeer Sat 21-Apr-18 22:06:49

spending no still cant's probably me

Anyway...from the still i can see enough

Where are we getting the 'kids' bit from

They dont look particularly childlike to me

MsMcWoodle Sat 21-Apr-18 22:07:24

No. Not kids. Even with the masks on you can tell that they are at least in their 20s.

RoderickRules Sat 21-Apr-18 22:07:39


ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sat 21-Apr-18 22:07:44

Bloody hell, do they not see this sort of thing will show them in a bad light?

I think they genuinely believe they are on the side of light and right, and that anyone watching that would see them as brave heroes fighting for a noble cause.

hmcAsWas Sat 21-Apr-18 22:08:50

Which bit do you disagree with Tinycitrus - are they not naïve? are they not self righteous? aren't they lacking in maturity?

littlbrowndog Sat 21-Apr-18 22:08:52

Cowards just cowards masking their faces.

Rufustheconstantreindeer Sat 21-Apr-18 22:09:22

Yeah masked avengers

Like the KKK, and the IRA and looters!!

Tinycitrus Sat 21-Apr-18 22:09:43

I wonder what would have happened if she had tried to push past.

I was willing her to do it.

Who the hell fo they think they are?

StormyDaniels Sat 21-Apr-18 22:10:13

This is Magdalen's video of a woman angry that someone didn't know her pronouns were 'they'.

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