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The November thread - Lose 7lbs/3kg per month!

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cricketmum84 Mon 02-Nov-20 09:07:39

Morning all,

So sorry for the late start to the month. I had to take a load of work meetings yesterday about impending lockdown and furlough and just totally forgot to set it up!

Welcome to our monthly "lose 7lbs" thread. October lost me a bit with the purchase of new scales which are weighing me a lot heavier! I got DD to weigh on them and they are weighing her about half a stone heavier too so I'm relieved its not just me. Will take it as this months start weight and just hope that they start dropping soon!!

Link to previous thread here if anyone wants to catch up!

All are welcome whether you are a newbie or a long time follower. There is a great mix of weight loss methods and diets and tons of good advice on here smile We all support each other and celebrate our achievements together!

Good luck for November!!

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FatGirlShrinking Mon 02-Nov-20 09:24:22

Morning @cricketmum84 don't let the pesky scales get you down!

Total loss for October was 10lb, aiming to match that in November although started badly with a weekend of snacking that I need to make up for with exercise and good eating this week!

Lockdown news was semi- expected but still hit me with a bit of a case of the blues yesterday, going to pick myself up, it won't be as bad this time as at least the kids are at school so won't be homeschooling and working at the same time doing neither very well.

So opening post for the month:

Starting weight - 197lb
Goal for November - 187lb

Will be achieved by:
- Keeping calories at around 1200 a day
- Eating lots of green veg
- Drinking lots of water
- Continuing C25K

foresttheout Mon 02-Nov-20 09:26:40

Just checking in, having done my final weigh in for October yet but almost certain it'll be maintenance. However I can now run for 10 minutes without stopping so i'm taking that as my monthly achievement. I started off struggling with 1 minute at the start of the month

FatGirlShrinking Mon 02-Nov-20 09:32:34

@foresttheout I'm constantly amazed by C25K, I did W1 D1 and really felt like I would be ill, 60 seconds seemed like an eternity, my legs felt like they would fall off and I couldn't breathe. While I'm not completely keeping up with the plan and need to repeat week 5, I managed 10 mins last Friday. I was tired and achy but not as bad as that first day. It's amazing how quickly stamina can build.

Howmanysleepsnow Mon 02-Nov-20 09:41:19

Well, a week away and often having to eat takeaways as no access to a proper kitchen has seen me gain 4lb in the last week of October [blush. So my goal is no longer to STS, I now have 4lb to lose.
SW 12st 6lb
GW/ end of October weight 9st 6lb
CW 9st 10lb

Ecci Mon 02-Nov-20 09:54:42

@cricketmum84 what a bugger about the scales. We have 2 sets and they weigh very different.
@FatGirlSrinking what a fantastic loss, so pleased for you.

My loss for October was 3lbs. It would have been 5 but I accidentally ate a Cornish pasty on Friday which put my weight up by 2lbs, hopefully that will go very quickly.
Here's the stats
SW 15 st 12.4 lbs
CW 11 st 10.8 lbs
Target for November 11 st 5.8 lbs.
If I get to that, it should bring my BMI to just under 27. Ultimate aim is to get to a BMI of about 24.
Good luck for November, lovely losers.

Onesmallstep67 Mon 02-Nov-20 10:29:59

Hi all, thanks for the new thread @cricketmum84.
@Ecci, laughed at the concept that you accidentally ate a Cornish pasty !
Some great October losses. The fluctuating scales situation must be very frustrating. Focus on all the NSVs and the fantastic progress being made though. Hope you start to feel better soon JessJones, that sounds very unpleasant.
I finished October 5lbs down , only 21lbs more to go to get back to my lowest pre lockdown weight ! My birthday is early March so I am hoping to get back to that in the next 4 months. Might taking some effort through the winter months and now a new lockdown.
Let's do this !

DownUdderer Mon 02-Nov-20 10:56:37

Hi everyone. Thanks for the new thread Cricketmum.

I did 9kms walking on the beach today, it was windy and some rain but I have got a tiny sun burn too! The sea was really wild, big rough waves, so beautiful.

I've had really good food today, yogurt, apple, nuts, scrambled eggs on toast and beef and veggies. Trying my best to get my water in.

I'm sorry that the uk is having another lockdown. Just keep on keeping on.

cricketmum84 Mon 02-Nov-20 11:22:20

I do love an accidental pasty @Ecci 😂

Plan for today is:
B: skipped but drunk loads of water
L: smoothie made with 1 banana, handful of mixed berries, few tablespoons of soy yoghurt, almond milk and a teaspoon chia seeds (on a mission to increase protein and vitamins!)
D: Nasi goreng from the £1 meat free meals book
Snacks: cherry tomatoes and 5 jelly sweets from my favourite local vegan sweet shop.

Start weight for November on the evil horrible new scales is 16.12. Aiming for 16.2 by the end of the month.

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peanutbutterdog Mon 02-Nov-20 12:09:51

Morning all, thanks for the new thread Cricketmum. I lost 4lb in October, bringing me to 11st 7lb. Am aiming for 4lb this month as I cant seem to manage 7lb anymore. Would like to get to my target weight this side of Christmas.

SW 16st 3lb
CW 11st 7lb
TW 11st

Good luck for the month, everyone.

Winningatseesaw Mon 02-Nov-20 12:42:30

Thanks @cricketmum84

My aim for this month is 2kgs. That will be tough with lots of social stuff

cricketmum84 Mon 02-Nov-20 12:56:25

Ooh and it's veggie delivery day!!

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JessJonesJumps Mon 02-Nov-20 13:58:15

Thanks @Onesmallstep67 I am sitting wrapped up in blankets with a scarf round my face, much to DH's amusement. No yoga for me today since I'm feeling distinctly off-balance already.

Well, I managed to put on 4lbs in Oct so the aim is now to get to 2 stone loss by Christmas but I'll put it down for Nov to try to keep me on track.

SW: 13.7.8
CW: 11.13.8
TW for Nov: 11.7.8

SconNotScone Mon 02-Nov-20 16:36:25

Hi all. I used these threads a few months back, and found them so helpful in shifting a couple of stone. I just about reached goal weight back in June, and have managed to near enough maintain that, although possibly a couple of pounds heavier than at my lowest. I’ve been thinking for a while now that I’d like to shift a final 7lb, and going in to another lockdown seems as good a time as any!! I think I might struggle with getting the full 7lb in a month, I feel like I plateaued a bit( but we’ll see how it goes!

KedsAndTubeSocks Mon 02-Nov-20 18:48:36

Apologies, I said I'd start last month but didn't, at all. sad
So this month is it! Starting weight 80.7 kg.

DownUdderer Mon 02-Nov-20 21:01:26

My goal for November is to lose 3lb.

FatGirlShrinking Mon 02-Nov-20 22:47:39

Ok I've been working my way up to asking this question because...yuck but hey it's late, we're all friends her so here goes...

For those of you who are or have lost a lot of weight, did you notice a stage where your fat went extra squishy and kind of marshmallowy on your belly. If so, please tell me it improved and you didn't just end up with a very squishy floppy load of skin on your belly!

JessJonesJumps Mon 02-Nov-20 23:18:36

Yoga helps to tighten up your stomach again. Usually my weight goes to my hips but last year it went to my stomach. Losing weight and doing yoga means it's firmed up rather than being squishy. It's one of the areas where I see a massive difference.

Angrymum5 Tue 03-Nov-20 07:01:56

Hello everyone! Thanks for the new thread @cricketmum84
I also didn’t do well like a lot of you. My weigh was was yesterday and I put on 3lb! My goal for this month is 2kg/4lb and drop from a 31inch waist to 29inch
SW: 10 stone, 3lb Waist: 32 1/2inch
CW:10stone, 6lb Waist: 31inches
GW for November: 10 stone, 3lb Waist: 29inches

cricketmum84 Tue 03-Nov-20 08:51:24

Morning all!

No weight change for me. Am tempted to go back to the analogue scales as my new ones just don't feel right! Either that or order some more new ones and send these back.

Plan for today is:
AM - plenty of water
11ish - smoothie made with a banana, blueberries, almond milk and chia seeds.
Dinner - fish pie with lots of veg

Will catch up with the thread properly later today, we have finally got eldest DDs autism assessment this afternoon and I've booked the afternoon of work so will have a little bit of free time!!

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JessJonesJumps Tue 03-Nov-20 10:09:48

@cricketmum84 I hope the assessment goes well and opens up more support, etc.

I'm down 1.6lbs this morning. I'm hoping the 4lbs I put on last month will drop quite quickly, if I stop eating everything in sight.

Ardagusdubh Tue 03-Nov-20 10:12:43

Checking in late this month! October loss was 3.5lbs, not brilliant but really happy to still be on the downwards trend. I've lost another 1.5 lbs in 3 days so current weight is 12st 4. I'm now 3 stone less than my heaviest ever so I'm really pleased about that! Another lb and I'm 2 stone down from 30th June when I started to take my weight loss seriously. I would love to lose another 3/4lbs with month (want to say 5 so I'd be in the 11s but don't feel like that's realistic!)
Thanks for the new thread @cricketmum84and good luck with your daughter's assessment

LH1987 Tue 03-Nov-20 12:57:59

Hi all,

Can I join. I had my first baby 5 months ago and am still holding ALOT of weight.

SW 14st 2lb
CW 13st 5lb
TW for Nov 13st

Hope your daughters assessment goes well @cricketmum84

DownUdderer Wed 04-Nov-20 02:54:33

Welcome @LH1987.

monkeytennis97 Wed 04-Nov-20 03:53:53

Jumping on:

SW 17 stone 9lbs
CW 12 stone 11lbs
GW 10 stone 11lbs

Started in March. Finding it difficult to eat below 1700 cals a day now I'm back at work and just want to eat all day due to stress (secondary teacher). Have never lost weight at this time of year before so am happy I've done 9lbs since September. Aiming for 4/5lbs in November, fingers crossed.

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