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No excuses. No shirking. No quitting. November. Join the Slenderistats to lose 7lbs in a month

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BitOutOfPractice Tue 31-Oct-17 22:49:36

Remember remember to lose weight in November.

Welcome to the best thread on MN*

All welcome to join the Slenderistas as we aim to shed 7lbs in November

Link to the October Thread


BitOutOfPractice Tue 31-Oct-17 23:21:40

I’ll start off.

I’m sick and blummin tired of fancying round with the same few pounds. I aim to lose 5lbs in November.

There. I’ve said it.

ponygirlcarcass Tue 31-Oct-17 23:50:42

Thanks for the new thread BOOP - you can do this.

I would love to get to my initial goal weight (ever just out of reach). Will weigh in the morning and hopefully it will be a little closer than it was at the start of October.

TheDonald Wed 01-Nov-17 04:18:05

Thanks for the new thread.

Checking in again. I was a newby on the October thread but found it really useful.

After years of halfhearted trying to lose a few pounds something has clicked this time and I'm determined to see it through.

Last month I started at 11 11 ( my highest non-pregnant weight) and ended on 11 3.

I'm aiming for 10 10. I'd be happy to get there by Christmas.

ProseccoMamam Wed 01-Nov-17 05:24:42

I haven’t been able to exercise for over a year due to having physio, and I’ve been on medication that had a side effect of gaining weight sad self confidence is at an all time low but I’ve been told by my physiotherapist that I can now do light exercises such as walking/swimming/jogging for no more than 3-5 hours per week. Also should be stopping meds’ at the end of this year if all goes well

ChangingStates Wed 01-Nov-17 05:34:35

I’ll join, I have been fluctuating between 10.7 and 10.10 over the last few months, I would love to drop to under 10 by Xmas. I don’t eat too badly, my downfall is I have no will power if there’s chocolate or biscuits around, picking at the kids dinners while cooking for them and too much wine!

HairsprayBabe Wed 01-Nov-17 06:41:45

Good Morning,
10.3 that means I lost 4lbs in total in October, which is my best result since April!
I want to be properly into the 9s before December.

Not many plans at the moment, nothing this weekend, some family stuff next weekend and then a cheese festival the weekend after that are my main risks for the month. So hoping for some good losses to mitigate before that!

readyforsunshine Wed 01-Nov-17 06:41:50

I’ll rejoin (again!) for November please.
Changing states I’m exactly the same, been bobbing between 10.7 & 10.10 for ages trying to eat healthily. I’ve got determined and have gone back to lo carb/lo fat as this is the only way I’ve ever managed to lose weight & lost a good deal quickly, but it was tough & v boring!
Started the month at my highest ever (post holiday) 10.12.

HappyGowerGirl Wed 01-Nov-17 06:41:58

Ah new thread!
I pretty much stayed the same at 9.7 (60.7kg) all month, though I did briefly and gloriously dip below 60kg!

This month I am aiming small: Would love to loose 2 lb this month & get a few more runs in.

Good luck to all!

MayorGoodway Wed 01-Nov-17 07:03:03

Right, I’m in!
Need to lose about 8stone, realistically, but have got to start somewhere! 7lbs by Xmas would be a good start...

FiveShelties Wed 01-Nov-17 07:03:50

I have been messing about for months, losing and then finding the same few pounds. Have just got back home after five weeks away and am 10.7. Want to be 9.12 so 9 pounds to go. Am on holiday from 24th Novemeber so aiming to lose 5 of those pounds this month AND NOT regain them on holiday.

thenewaveragebear1983 Wed 01-Nov-17 07:04:17

Right, I'm in for november.

I'm ashamed of myself after October. We've been invited to a party in 2 weeks and it's black tie and for the first time ever I've just point blank refused to go, because I'm not going to squeeze myself into a cocktail dress in 2 weeks and I'm not not not going to be the fat lumpy one again.

So it's back on it for me from right now: low carb, sugar free, use the treadmill (it's in the utility room ffs, there's no excuse), drink more water/less wine; calorie count every day, and just generally not be so shitty to myself. By Christmas I could be 12 lb lighter!

splatattack Wed 01-Nov-17 07:07:05

I'm definitely in! I am currently 144 pounds and want to be 137 at least by the end of November! Running three times a week, weights twice a week and no carbs, sugar and minimal diary....fingers crossed!!

ponygirlcarcass Wed 01-Nov-17 07:17:05

Good morning everyone and happy November.

I am weighing in at 10st 12.9lbs. My lowest weight for ages and hurrah I am finally in the 10s! My initial aim is 10st 10lbs. Maybe this month...

Softpebbles Wed 01-Nov-17 07:30:50

Just checking in. Thanks BOOP for the new thread.

Haven't weighed today but did innninday and was my lowest Monday weight in a while. So 11st.

I have to get into the 10's this month as like others have said I'm sick of messing with the same few Lynda's.

keeponkeepinon Wed 01-Nov-17 07:38:47

Morning! One Linda down this morning so starting at a slightly better point.
What's everyone's approach this month, calorie counting, low carb, something else?
I was going to have another go with the shakes and soups I got a while back but can't face it this morning so I might have scrambled egg on toast. I got rid of mfp as my phone was too full so not sure how I'll approach all this...

Chardonnay73 Wed 01-Nov-17 07:43:02

I'm back in! As in life, Boop and I are weight loss twins and I too have been fannying around for the last 3 months blush
But I've been back on it for a week seriously and lost 2lb. 5kb to get to goal and then I will have lost 3 stone this year. This is the month I will do it!
Back tracking everything on WW app religiously and running 3/4 times I week. I know this works, it's got 2.5 stone off since 1st January. 5lbs should be a breeze...🙏🙏🙄

KikisDeliveryService Wed 01-Nov-17 07:52:27

Thanks for the new thread BOOP.

November, fresh start. I need it.

keeponkeepinon Wed 01-Nov-17 08:22:10

Hi chardonnay! Good to see you back.

Cakelesswonder Wed 01-Nov-17 08:22:58

Morning all, hope you don't mind if I join. Just weighed at 11st 10lbs my highest ever shock at 5' 5". Looking to lose at least two stone maybe three depending on how I feel/how my currently unwearable wardrobe starts to fit again grin

BitOutOfPractice Wed 01-Nov-17 09:50:39

Hello hello! Look at all the newbies - welcome to you all.

Feeling all new-startish here too though I've been good the last few days anyway. I will be firmly in the 10s by the end of the month.

BitOutOfPractice Wed 01-Nov-17 09:51:20

koko I'm still using mfp and the gym. Worked before. Must work again.

BitOutOfPractice Wed 01-Nov-17 10:04:14

I have a lovely day's food planned:

B: (310 cals): wholemeal toast with butter, turkey rashers, poached egg, beans and mushrooms plus a splash of skimmed in my coffee

L: (318 cals) small portion of leftover rich beef in red wine stew, with carrot and swede crush and peas

D: (457 cals): chicken satay, potato wedges and salad

S: freddo with a coffee at 4ish

That's 1085 calories and I certainly won't feel deprived or hungry. Why can't I do this every day?

Therealjudgejudy Wed 01-Nov-17 10:08:21

Thanks for the new thread BOOP.

Am not in good form today. A lot going on which is bad for my head but good for weight loss as when I'm stressed I don't eat. Ah well

Happy 1st November everyone

HairsprayBabe Wed 01-Nov-17 10:09:21

I feel too sick with nerves to eat 😭😭😭

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