Thug cat part 4. After all, it's not my Axminster.

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Grumpyoldpersonwithcats Sun 06-Jun-21 13:56:14

By popular request, a furtherance of the Saga of TC the Stripey.

For anyone unfamiliar, this is a story of a war of attrition over the last two years waged by a fat stripey cat on the innocent and long suffering members (feline and human) of the Grumpy household. Now running at almost 3000 posts, clearly TC would give Grendel a run for his money

All literary references welcome, we've already had Shakespeare, Saki, James Thurber, The KJV bible, Judith Kerr, EM Forster, Benny Hill shock and of course our own Supersimkin2 (to name but a few).

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YetAnotherSpartacus Sun 06-Jun-21 13:59:56

Cheated! The first post normally comes with a picture of HRH TC, Grumpy!

AlfonsoTheMango Sun 06-Jun-21 14:05:08

Inhales deeply

Love the new thread smell.

AnneKipanki Sun 06-Jun-21 14:09:48

All aboard for Thread Fur

AnneKipanki Sun 06-Jun-21 14:16:18

FricasseeTurnips Sun 06-Jun-21 14:48:52

War of attrition? More like prolonged attempted invasion/land grab. TC wins the odd battle but never the war, nor indeed Sybil's heart.

Grumpyoldpersonwithcats Sun 06-Jun-21 18:10:00

It may surprise everyone that TC has been glued to our patio all day today.

Currently doing aerobics.

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FricasseeTurnips Sun 06-Jun-21 18:18:37

And did you risk a tummy rub?

AnneKipanki Sun 06-Jun-21 18:23:36

Looks like yoga to me .

Grumpyoldpersonwithcats Sun 06-Jun-21 18:24:40

He's in his usual bitey scratchy mode today, discovered when I stroked his head earlier.
So that'll be a 'no'. grin

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AnneKipanki Mon 07-Jun-21 12:27:49

Congratulations @Grumpyoldpersonwithcats...another one for Classics.
Three now !

YetAnotherSpartacus Mon 07-Jun-21 12:37:40

Congratulations TC, don't you mean smile.

CassandraCross Mon 07-Jun-21 12:39:08

Must be an MN record to have three threads in Classics! Gold star to Grumpy

AnneKipanki Mon 07-Jun-21 12:45:15

OOPS ! Sorry @YetAnotherSpartacus. grin

Grumpyoldpersonwithcats Mon 07-Jun-21 12:51:43

I asked TC this morning if he was impressed to be the only cat ever (I assume) to have three MN Classics threads dedicated entirely to him.

His response was predictable.

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CassandraCross Mon 07-Jun-21 13:53:11

Magnanimous in victory.

Grumpyoldpersonwithcats Mon 07-Jun-21 17:35:22

Nice weather seems to encourage TC even more. In a reversal of his usual tactics, instead of trying to break in he's now preventing us from getting out.

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FricasseeTurnips Mon 07-Jun-21 18:01:38

he's now preventing us from getting out

As he's sabotaged the boat by pissing in it, and he's fed up of you driving off with him still on the roof of the car - what else is the poor lad supposed to do?

JoanOgden Mon 07-Jun-21 18:08:43

I'm afraid these are classic abuser tactics, @Grumpyoldpersonwithcats - he likes to frustrate your plans while keeping you guessing at all times.

DriedIris Mon 07-Jun-21 18:54:58


AnneKipanki Tue 08-Jun-21 09:25:41

That is sideways cat , a well known yoga position .

Want2beme Tue 08-Jun-21 10:39:05

Are his cat slaves aware of his mumsnet notoriety?grin

AnneKipanki Tue 08-Jun-21 10:53:27

I think so @Want2beme. They have provided some photos.

Grumpyoldpersonwithcats Tue 08-Jun-21 10:54:13

NDN is aware that I publish TC updates on a
ludicrously regular basis. I don't think they have any concept of the full enormity of TC's fame however.

As an aside, I quite often let NDN's dogs out into their garden when NDN is working long days. Despite being 100% a cat person, I do think that NDN's dogs are quite sweet. This one always wants to play when I go round, and always looks so sad when I bugger off back to my house grin

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AnneKipanki Tue 08-Jun-21 10:57:19

Aw , it's nice to be appreciated @Grumpyoldpersonwith cats

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