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Fleabag finale episode SPOILERS thread

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HotPriest Sun 07-Apr-19 16:42:11

Crack open a can of gin and join your fellow iPlayer stalkers here for discussion of the final episode of Fleabag. Spoilers totally allowed so no peaking if you haven't see the episode.

Hoping it's as good as we all want it to be. Should be live on iPlayer tomorrow about 9.30am

HotPriest Sun 07-Apr-19 16:43:18

What a lovely dress

BeautifulName Sun 07-Apr-19 17:07:39

I love the swingers’ pampas grass in the background arrangement.

Ilooklikeapencil Sun 07-Apr-19 17:08:29

Excellent! I think I'd explode if I couldn't celebrate, as soon as I'd seen it, just how good it was smile

waves a can of gin

ComputerSaysMo Sun 07-Apr-19 17:20:35

She looks so happy in that photo. #crossingfingers

RuffleCrow Sun 07-Apr-19 17:26:17

He looks... intense. I'm not sure his mind's 100% on the ceremony. Just a hunch grin gin

Sisterself Sun 07-Apr-19 17:28:24

Anyone recognise this as a scene from another OC programme or is it indeed the wedding outfit?

RuffleCrow Sun 07-Apr-19 17:29:44

The decor looks rather cool and tasteful - even the very appropriate pampas grass

RuffleCrow Sun 07-Apr-19 17:33:36

I do think that's her wedding outfit for fleabag. Note the pampas grass and lilies in her bouquet = sex and death.

Sisterself Sun 07-Apr-19 17:36:52

Oh yes, I didn't spot the pampas.

RuffleCrow Sun 07-Apr-19 17:43:17

Also her hair, with the bright flowers is reminiscent of some of Frida Kahlo's self portraits and her dress may be a reference to geisha costume.

So there we have female pain and subservience.

<Who knew when that stint at art college would finally pay off?!> wine

ComputerSaysMo Sun 07-Apr-19 17:49:14

“Sex and death.” That says it all, really.

Anyone else wondering if there is a parallel to be drawn in the friendships between Fleabag/Boo and Fleabag’s mum/Evil Stepmother? We know nothing about the missing mum, except that she was like Fleabag, and her best friend and godmother to her children moved in on her husband immediately after her death...

HotPriest Sun 07-Apr-19 17:52:41

I'm wondering how significant the trip to the attic we glimpse in the trailer is?

BeautifulName Sun 07-Apr-19 18:42:35

Ruffle loving your work.
OMG the stepmother’s wedding bouquet is just perfect - what a massive two fingers up to FB and Claire, the memory of their mum. The messages sent by using the 70s sex party pampas grass and the funeral parlour lilies are just vicious.

RuffleCrow Sun 07-Apr-19 18:51:05

Thanks Beautiful. I wish she wasn't such an arsehole though angry. Poor FB and Claire.

RuffleCrow Sun 07-Apr-19 18:54:15

On the upside, I'm still hoping for a happy ending, played out by either Florence & The Machine (Hunger or Big God) or failing that Lady Gaga's Sinner's Prayer which is pretty apt lyrically.

RosemaryTelephoneOperator Sun 07-Apr-19 19:23:32

Incoming! ginhalo

RosemaryTelephoneOperator Sun 07-Apr-19 19:26:33

He seems happy...

maxinespalour Sun 07-Apr-19 19:30:56

So excited for tomorrow but also devastated that it's the end!!!!

ShowOfHands Sun 07-Apr-19 20:41:30

Oh God I can't wait but I don't think it's going to be available earlier on iplayer.

HotPriest Sun 07-Apr-19 22:03:51

We are all going to be here tomorrow morning sulking then. I think you are right about the later iPlayer addition

ShowOfHands Sun 07-Apr-19 22:34:29

Other thread says 9am!

But I start work at 8.30am. Aaaargh.

HoraceCope Sun 07-Apr-19 22:52:18

where did you get all the photos


HoraceCope Sun 07-Apr-19 22:53:22

oh look at fleabag's face, what a look of love

PyjamasBySeven Mon 08-Apr-19 07:06:45

Is it tragic that the first thing I did this morning was to check iPlayer, just in case it was already there? Today is going to be a looooong day!

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