Plus size what are you wearing today?

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LadyPrigsbottom Mon 22-Jun-20 11:05:32


There used to be a lovely what are you wearing today? thread(s) on here for people who were plus size (circa 16/18 and up I think).

Could anyone tell me if they've seen one lately please? If there isn't one on the go, would anyone be interested in joining me on here?

I'm size 16/18. Today I'm in a New Look floral dress and DM boots. Pic attached (hopefully).

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StepAwayFromTheEcclesCakes Mon 22-Jun-20 11:34:34

I’m a 20 /22 and am wearing cropped black leggings and a simply be red and white slouchy jumper, very comfy and looks nice too

TreestumpsAndTrampolines Mon 22-Jun-20 11:38:06

Levis, red linen t-shirt and a slouchy cardigan - I've been on work calls and looked nicely turned out even if I do say so myself.

Finewine1976 Mon 22-Jun-20 11:41:18

In work so got black dp trousers bit skinny but very stretchy! Black loose v neck sleeveless top, brighter than bright yellow cropped cardi and clarks wedge sandals

Elouera Mon 22-Jun-20 11:42:24

I got a cotton, pencil skirt from sainburys last week and its fab. Stretchy enough to walk yet sucks me in enough to be flattering- also a great price! Just a V neck T-shirt on top

Papergirl1968 Mon 22-Jun-20 11:43:25

That’s a lovely dress.
Some of us are in a Facebook group called plus size: what are you wearing today?
Come and join us! All welcome.

itsme Mon 22-Jun-20 11:46:15

I've got proper jeans and an off the shoulder bodysuit on. When I say proper jeans it's a change to me wearing jeggings. Only because I'm actually seeing people today!

LadyPrigsbottom Mon 22-Jun-20 12:21:00

Thanks @Papergirl1968! I am not on SM other than Twitter, but I'd be tempted to join for a group like that! May do that.

Lovely to see the variety on here, as some people getting back to work etc.

I would love to wear an off the shoulder body suit @itsme, but am quite large of boob... Can you wear bras underneath please?

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itsme Mon 22-Jun-20 13:03:48

@LadyPrigsbottom I wear it so it's resting just on the edge of my shoulder and tighten my straps so they don't fall. I'm a 36g and struggle with strapless bras as they never feel right and wearing a normal one I still keep a bit of cleavage too.

Rockbird Mon 22-Jun-20 13:07:27

I'm painting my bedroom so I'm in a long vest and pants grin with a dash of emulsion.

madcatladyforever Mon 22-Jun-20 13:12:57

I'm size 18 and decided to stop wearing black all the time. I am wearing a pair of Damart white crinkle trousers which are super comfy and look very nice, a bright yellow sleeveless teashirt from Cotton Traders and a white kimino I bought from JD Williams a few years back. and my usual over the top boho jewellery.
Feels very cool.

BeTheHokeyMan Mon 22-Jun-20 13:13:09

I'm wearing pull on black pants from yours and a black casual peplum top from boohoo. Topped off with silver hoops , long silver circle pendant and fluffy socks! Comfy for a day of cleaning the house and lazing

quarentini Mon 22-Jun-20 13:21:20

Size 18/20 and I'm wearing a denim midi shirt dress.

notthemum Mon 22-Jun-20 13:22:09

Still can't decide if my crop leggings are black or navy am wearing them with a black t shirt with a print on.

Imadreamer44 Mon 22-Jun-20 13:26:40

Size 18 here. Wearing an M&S navy striped t shirt dress (it's got pockets!) With black leggings. Comfy for lounging in the house.

Bagelsandbrie Mon 22-Jun-20 13:30:04

I love that dress! How lovely.

I’m wearing a black and white stripy sleeveless dress from Gap that I’ve had for about 8 years. I don’t normally like getting my arms out but it’s hot so I’m going for it. I’m a size 18 and 5ft 7.

motherofawhirlwind Mon 22-Jun-20 13:31:35

I'm size 26 and at home, so wearing denim shorts and a new blue swing tunic that was too small at the beginning of lockdown 😇

ClattyPat Mon 22-Jun-20 13:38:04

Lovely dress!

I'm wearing indigo Lily jeans from M&S and a long, navy linen top from Trespass. It looked lovely this morning but is of course wrinkled. I don't know why I wear linen!
Shoes from Clarks sale last Autumn that I came across when tidying wardrobes at the beginning of lockdown!

LadyPrigsbottom Mon 22-Jun-20 13:38:39

Ah thanks @Bagelsandbrie!

@itsme, oooo interesting...I might give that a try! I am either a 34FF or 36F, depending and don't get on with strapless bras at all. They either fall down or dig in! Thanks.

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Goyle Mon 22-Jun-20 13:44:14

A London Underground uniform but wearing my own trousers (old Evans) because TfL cannot understand how a woman changes shape as they get bigger. My shoes are cold-hoppers. I am wearing a polyester red tabard with Here to Help on the front and back. Oh, and a cloth face covering.

LadyPrigsbottom Mon 22-Jun-20 14:07:14

Ah yes @Goyle, the cloth face mask is THE accessory at the moment wink.

I haven't worn uniform for a long time, but I remember the horrible trousers! They were dreadful.

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teabaseddiet Mon 22-Jun-20 14:13:45

I'm wearing navy bootcut jeggings (I love them!) and a baseball top (white with navy long sleeves). I'm working at home but luckily don't need to have the webcam on for conference calls 🙂

Wagsandclaws Mon 22-Jun-20 14:15:30

I'm a size 20 on the bottom and a 22 on top, i was a 18/20 before lockdown but have put on 13lbs sigh ...

I'm wearing TU marl grey jersey shorts, a grey marl baggy t shirt from Primark and a white TU hoody.

I have a massive amount of clothes but I just have no reason to wear them as at home all the time atm.

Ds's go back to school two days a week from tomorrow so I might have a reason to break out of the baggies on those days smile

HPLikecraft Mon 22-Jun-20 14:17:58


Size 18/20 and I'm wearing a denim midi shirt dress.

Yay, me too! (high fives @quarentini!)

Well, mine is knee length, not sure if that counts as "midi". Mine is stretch and very comfy/flattering. I have cropped leggings with lacy bottoms on with it.

Wagsandclaws Mon 22-Jun-20 14:27:50

I thought I'd add some photos of my 'best bits' before quarantine. It's nice to see plus size ladies styles, I love following some bloggers for that reason even though I'm late 40's now.

I was anywhere between a 22 and an 18 in these pics. One was my sons graduation, another a birthday party for a good friend, a shopping trip and lunch out ( what's that again!? )

I literally have no excuse to dress in anything other than comfy clothes now though.

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