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The Friendly Perfumistas get the key of the door to the Lion Cupboard - it's Thread no. 21!

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MaudBaileysGreenTurban Mon 08-Apr-19 20:46:14

Evening all grin

Apologies for the cheesy thread title.

Come and join the MN Perfumistas for gorgeously-scented chat (or Germolene and burnt frankfurters...)

CountFosco Mon 08-Apr-19 21:27:29

Hello! We're going to Florence this year and so I've been doing research. Anyone tried the perfumes at Santa Maria Novella Pharmacy? Any recommendations?

MotherOfDragonite Mon 08-Apr-19 22:15:47

Thank you for starting a new thread, Maud! For the avoidance of doubt, I believe I am the one who likes to smell like burnt frankfurters. Sort of.

cant, I got the same Anima Vinci sample and enjoyed it but felt I smelled a bit too much like a stir fry (I always add sesame oil at the end). I then bought a set of Anima Vinci samples from PS. They are all really smooth and surprisingly appealing, I am really enjoying Wood of Life and the oud one was also lovely (though not overly oud-y).

Judystilldreamsofhorses Mon 08-Apr-19 22:19:29

Thanks for the new thread! I was in MMM Sunday for a trip to the hairdresser, now showered and in pjs and Kiehl’s Musk. Is it just me who washes my hair after the hairdresser? I have a very complicated fringe, so bits.

TracyBeakerSoYeah Mon 08-Apr-19 22:29:08

Thanks for the new thread Maud

cantbelievemyeyes Mon 08-Apr-19 22:38:51

Haha I love sesame oil on my stir fry too mother, fortunately I didn't quite get that on my skin grin

Have just had a quick spritz of Centrepiece for bed, mmm

MaudBaileysGreenTurban Tue 09-Apr-19 08:50:49

Not tried any SMN, count, although have always liked the look of their bottles #shallow

Jealous of your trip to Florence though. I was last there about 20 years ago; beautiful city.

SOTD is AT Reverie au Jardin. This is a lavender for people who think they don't like lavender. None of your cheapo bath salts fragrance here - this is rich and green and luscious.

Still debating whether or not I can get away with a little trip to Bloom this afternoon. Am out of the office for a meeting this morning and I'm sure no one would miss me if I didn't go back afterwards...

HaventGotAllDay Tue 09-Apr-19 09:29:56

Hello! Popping in to your new thread. S'me PIAM.
Still lost my mojo but am planning on sorting out MY perfume cupboard over Easter so might get into it all again!

YesQueen Tue 09-Apr-19 09:51:01

Kyse - cocco alla vaniglia
I'm in love with this

keenwasalad Tue 09-Apr-19 10:00:41

SOTD issay miyake pure which I accidentally bought last night at the airport. Am not a lover of the original IM but can't get enough of the pure for a daytime scent!

MotherOfDragonite Tue 09-Apr-19 10:58:35

SOTD is Eau My Soul, just right for a rainy study day.

OneNightTimeMenaceStrikesBack Tue 09-Apr-19 11:06:44

just marking my place!

Ive seen Mon Guerlain Florale on a good offer and i'm considering buying it, i havent smelt it but looked up the notes and it seems like the kind of thing i'd like. I am so bad for blind buys though, luckily ive never hated anything ive blind bought!

MrsMoggs Tue 09-Apr-19 12:22:32

Thanks for the new thread Maud. (I like the smell of germolene and will be applying The Lion Cupboard later - good prompt to dig it out).

Hadn't notice Dodo before - wow - an animalic fougere sounds interesting!

Hi HGAD - nice to hear from you. Hope your mojo is restored without delay.

Just to report on a very cheap thrill - Boots appear to have dumped their #moments by reload range. (A bit faddy but still fun - little atomisers with a range of different perfume cartridge you buy separately). In my local store the atomisers are in clearance at £2 and the perfume cartridges are each £1. Great little stocking fillers. I've tried most of the perfumes and 2-3 are to my taste and very wearable (DC have the misses!).

MotherOfDragonite Tue 09-Apr-19 14:46:58

I bought a second-hand bottle of MH Le Pamplemousse and am loving it! Deliciously fresh and herby. I am not really a citrus fan but this really brings out the qualities in it that I like.

Lotsofpots Tue 09-Apr-19 15:17:18

SOTD Floral Street Black Lotus

MaudBaileysGreenTurban Tue 09-Apr-19 16:35:29

Back from Bloom!

Came out with a FB of Memoirs of a Trespasser, finally! Now swathed in glorious dirty boozy vanilla/hay/earth; god I love this. samples of Zoologist's Dodo (a very quirky green fougere with a photo-realistic lychee note up top) and Camel (amber, dried fruits, cinnamon and incense), Phaedon Rouge Avignon (woody cocoa raspberry) and Pierre Guillaume Felanilla (dry, cool iris and vanilla)

I think I have to finally admit what I've suspected about myself for ages...that I really love a good gourmand grin

teta Tue 09-Apr-19 18:45:40

mother Marina Barcenilla is stopping making perfumes!
So they’re half price apart from India!!
I’ve just bought Patchouli Flowers & perfume garden.

MotherOfDragonite Tue 09-Apr-19 18:51:26

@teta I was literally just coming on here to tell you that!!! I have just ordered. I ordered India and it was half price too. I also ordered Perfume Garden because I am insane.

Iambuffy Tue 09-Apr-19 18:54:43

Major phone issues!

(It's me chevvy!)

TracyBeakerSoYeah Tue 09-Apr-19 19:28:44

You've managed to escape Bloom relatively unscathed then Maud with just the one full size grin
Dodo sounds interesting, Camel & Phaedon Rouge Avignon I think I would think I like but not too sure about the others as not a big vanilla fan.
Mind you scent is like clothes sometimes you have to push yourself out of your comfort zone & try something random & then wow.
Talking of random, when I was Debenhams earlier rather than make a bee line for what I think I would like, I just stopped randomly at one of the fragrance displays & grabbed a bottle of Tiffany Eau de Parfum & went mad on my arm.
It's a light sparkling floral I can smell the orange/mandarin & musk in it but I'm afraid a few hours later it has settled down to smell more like eau d'hairspray.

SOTD was Alien Fusion, I love the original Alien but the Fusion version just seems too sweet & heavy.

MaudBaileysGreenTurban Tue 09-Apr-19 19:34:02

Tracey - I never thought I would love vanilla as a note but it's now probably one of my favourites. It has to be a bit dirty, earthy or weird though; can't be doing with cupcake frosting grin

teta Tue 09-Apr-19 19:35:26

Ooh when I tried it was still )130 pounds.
Now it’s sold out!
I ordered the sample to try it so st least I will know how it smelt 😭🥺.

Lotsofpots Tue 09-Apr-19 19:42:48

Ooooh great haul maud! Rouge Avignon is beautiful, I have a FB and adore it.

MaudBaileysGreenTurban Tue 09-Apr-19 20:21:38

Apologies, tracy, I'm spelling everyone's name wrong this evening; that's what comes of trying to MN and cook at the same time...

MaudBaileysGreenTurban Tue 09-Apr-19 20:23:46

I think I might wear Rouge Avignon tomorrow, lots. It is indeed lovely on a brief spritz but I'm looking forward to finding out how it develops.

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