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Wilko to Zurich...? Lovely, Friendly Perfume Thread 6

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MrsMacNally Sun 03-Sep-17 17:28:50

We'll go anywhere in search of things that smell great, and then we discuss them here. Feel free to join us.

[[ Last thread]

Judydreamsofhorses Sun 03-Sep-17 17:36:34

Ooh, first post! Hello, thanks for the new thread. (I was hoping to start it and put something about the Venn diagram of teeth and rescue cats in the title!)

SOTD is Bella Freud 1970. I am never 100% sure on this, and feel like I should like it more than I actually do, because I really, really love BF.

explodingkittens Sun 03-Sep-17 17:47:38

Ah, lovely new thread!

If anyone has any experience of the new stuff I've ordered at the end of the last thread I'd love to hear your views. And is ordering 'vintage' from eBay worth it? I'm willing to take a punt on a 2ml sample that only costs a couple of quid, but a bit wary of buying half-used bottles etc. So, so tempted by the Private Collection and the Diorella, though...

MrsMacNally Sun 03-Sep-17 17:48:43

So sorry Judy - got a bit worried we were about to run out of road... Happy to ask MNHQ to pull this one (esp as the link has failed?). You'd need to be quick though as we're up to 999 on the old one I think?

Judydreamsofhorses Sun 03-Sep-17 18:04:18

No, don't be daft, mrsmacnally, I was joking - I was just quite tickled by that and it struck me as a suitably good title.

MrsMacNally Sun 03-Sep-17 18:06:35

We'll have to fly through this one double quick and you're on for no.7 then!

OCSockOrphanage Sun 03-Sep-17 18:16:45

Happy to have found you all and to know that there is a new thread. Parking my bum here for the fantastic journeys. I am nearly out of my Dries sample. Do I just get another, or buy an FB? I have never asked this question before. I am worrying that I am moving from perfumista to signature scent.

MrsMacNally Sun 03-Sep-17 19:12:53

OC - sounds like you need a FB, if only to ensure you have a reliable supply smile.

EK - am in L'AP Rappelle-Toi (gin/gardenia/honey) and Onde Sensuelle (grapefruit and juniper) today. They are part of L'As (discontinued?) Explosions d'Emotions series along with your SoS and AN. Would be good to hear what you make of yours. NB. Cassis en Feuille is turning up in TK Maxx at the moment.

PiaM is one of the experts here on vintage. (Personally have had largely good experiences but tend not to risk high value purchases. Think you also have to be prepared for top notes to be off, especially if the bottle has been opened, but that doesn't mean the overall experience won't be richer than buying a reformulated new bottle. I like my (flawed) old L'Heure Bleue more than the pristine new decant).

I have the mirror image question - with Pest's encouragement have been pondering the Scent Addict monthly subscription (8ml for £12 incl postage) and had a look at the choices. Seems a cost-effective way of catching up with classics like Gucci Rush,Chanel Pour Monsieur, EL Knowing etc etc but was wondering if I'd be better off looking out for vintage!

Knope2020 Sun 03-Sep-17 19:16:42

I'm pondering a bottle of guerlain eau De cashmere from eBay...
Anyone tried it?

Knope2020 Sun 03-Sep-17 19:17:55

Mrsmac...i got a 30ml knowing edp from eBay for £19 with only about 5mls used...

Knope2020 Sun 03-Sep-17 19:18:51

I also got 30mls dior addict for £16

BaronessBomburst Sun 03-Sep-17 19:21:24

<throws towel on sun lounger to bagsy a place>

Whatthefoxgoingon Sun 03-Sep-17 19:31:49

Has anyone tried the new Chanel, I think it's called Gabrielle?

CheapTarnishedGlitter Sun 03-Sep-17 19:36:25

Evening all! Daft question alert - do you get to choose what you get each month with the scent addict thing? I could be tempted of so... you'd probably get better prices on EBay but I'm not brave enough.

(As if I haven't been regularly checking the listings of who I think was the Eau De Sid seller just in case...)

I'm also thinking that It's time to give an ET a go but can't decide which. I Don't think Diamonds and Rubies since my Paris whatsit year is as much peach as I need in my life... can't decide on the rest though...

Knope2020 Sun 03-Sep-17 19:39:43

If you like white florals try white diamonds

MrsMacNally Sun 03-Sep-17 20:05:46

Cheap - yes, think you can play with the order. Struggling a bit to pick out 12 I defo want 8mls of but you can cancel at any point.

explodingkittens Sun 03-Sep-17 20:29:15

Thanks Mrs, I will definitely report back! Ive been a bit daft ordering discontinued scents really, as that pretty much guarantees that I will fall madly in love with them and never find them again...

I worry that if I start ordering vintage stuff, I'll end up collecting bottles too. I finally have a dressing table that really cries out for some beautiful bottles, but I need to stop spending, not find yet more stuff to buy grin

Calmwhoknows Sun 03-Sep-17 22:50:13

Pleased to see everyone back again! Exploding, I have Miller Harris Cassis en Feuille. It is beautifully sharp and green, but with a fragrant floral undertone, mainly geranium. The sharpness comes from black currant buds and tomato leaf. I don't wear it often, but love having it in my collection as it is so different . It lasts 3-4 hours on me.

MrsMacNally Sun 03-Sep-17 23:18:08

WTFox - yes, had a quick spray; pretty citrus/white flowers.

Whatthefoxgoingon Sun 03-Sep-17 23:51:35

Thanks Mrs. Might be a benign thing to add to the Christmas list. I don't like to ask for more niche stuff as harder to find for the giver.

PerfumeIsAMessage Mon 04-Sep-17 00:19:02

Kittens - check out German and Italian eBay for vintage, most of my best vintage bargains have come from there (a couple of Vent Verts, Diorella, Dioressence, Dior Dior, Diorama, Diorissimo, Emeraude, Givenchy III etc etc) Check feedback and that they are not selling 100s of little bottles. I always go for a punt on the seller who maybe has 10 items for sale, of which one is 10ml of Dioressence...why would they be flogging it other than that it's an old bottle of scent they've come across...whereas if they are selling 100s I feel they are fake miniatures or miniatures topped up with dupes.

explodingkittens Mon 04-Sep-17 07:03:07

Calm - that sounds right up my street, lovely.

PIAM - Thanks, great advice, hadn't thought of checking those eBay sites out.

SOTD is LADDM. It's grey, dull and damp here plus, y'know, Monday. So I needed something to transport me somewhere got and fragrant and spicy and exciting. I know it's a bit of a perfume cliche now, but this really is a masterpiece, isn't it? I don't really have the vocab for it but every time I put nose to wrist I get something different. I've not had huge luck with my other Tauers so far, but this just blows my mind every time I smell it. Perfect.

explodingkittens Mon 04-Sep-17 07:03:56

*hot, obviously hmm

Knope2020 Mon 04-Sep-17 07:05:27

Grey and dull here too
Dior addict for me today

SeptemberWhenItComes Mon 04-Sep-17 10:41:59

Ooh new thread!

Glad to see our enabling is working a treat grin kittens I find EBay is very on the side of the buyer so will refund/order sellers to refund if there is a problem, so it's not too risky in that sense. I always check feedback though before buying.

Whatthefox I have looked at Gabrielle but haven't tried it - reading the notes I imagine it's one people will love or hate (I might possibly hate it, Ylang Ylang and Jasmine are risky for me). Interested to know if anyone else has given it a whirl.

I have a dilemma. I haven't yet swapped my wardrobe over to Autumn/Winter but I want to start wearing my A/W perfumes! I realise this sounds odd but we have a very small bedroom and lots of clothes wink so out of season clothes like chunky jumpers are vac packed and swapped at Return to School and Easter. I don't feel "right" wearing my A/W perfumes until the matching clothes are out!

I am trying though as SOTD is Be Careful What You Wish For - this is a perfect Autumn perfume. Perfect.

Well, sad news alert <hands knope tissues> my Perfume Parlour Addict is irritating my skin. This saddens me as I like it. It's only the PP version but if anyone would like it, let me know or PM me and I will be glad to rehome it (I know we are all very good at rescuing pets and perfumegrin).

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