Support Thread #1 for 2019

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Groovee Fri 28-Dec-18 13:38:29

Starting the 2019 support thread for those on SW or those thinking of starting.

Let's introduce ourselves. I'm Groovee. In 2016 I was told to lose weight so I could have Gynae surgery. I joined SW in Jan 2017. Have lost 4.5st on SW 5.5st since 2016. Have been at target for 9 months now. Long may it continue being at target and staying there.

Have my new members pack and look forward to the challenges of 2019. I need to look for some new recipes.

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FiveNightsAtMummys Fri 28-Dec-18 18:44:57

Just moving to the new thread. Joined beg of November and have lost 1 stone 11lb since then (had a loss every week so far).

Had 4 days off and back on it today. Planning on 1 more day off (prob new years days). Next due to get weighed weds 2nd so will see what the damage is then!

Sweetpea15 Fri 28-Dec-18 18:52:19

I’m rejoining next week. So nervous but need to shift like 5 stone atleast!

tiddledpink Fri 28-Dec-18 19:04:59

Checking in and hoping to join you all here this year.

This is my 4th?! go at Slimming World now and I really do feel as though I have finally got it.

Lost 1st 9lb since the end of October; but woth one thing and anoth have had 6 dad off plan so far and will probably have another one on New Years Eve.

Due to weigh in New Years Eve so well see what the damage will be; going to try and claw back what I can over the next couple of days!

Bowbridge Fri 28-Dec-18 20:53:42

Checking in too. I joined in September 2017 and reached target in March 2018 losing 2 stone (11st 12.5lb down to 9st 12.5lb).

I've struggle to maintain, yo-yoing out of target then back into target the next week. I have not had to pay and keeping on going to group has kept me only putting 3-4lb on not a stone back on.

Groovee you have been a great support. I love seeing your meals and your before and after photos have been inspirational. Thank you for all you do on the support threads. xx

Tailrunner Fri 28-Dec-18 21:14:48

Hi, I’m tailrunner and I started sw at the end of October. I’ve lost 1st 2lb but have around 3st more to lose. I’ve been sort of 80% on plan over Christmas but I need to cut out the little extras now. I’ve started running and swimming again so I’m hoping that will help.

noodlenosefraggle Fri 28-Dec-18 21:17:25

Checking in too. Joined SW Sept 2017. Lost 1 1/2 stone but have plateaued, gaining and losing the same 3-4lb for months recently. I'm away so will have my first WI of 2019 on 3rd Jan, with a new consultant and the new packs and see it as a fresh new challenge!


Groovee Fri 28-Dec-18 21:25:00

Aww @Bowbridge thank you. I find the people who post on the thread a great support too 😘

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Mymadworld Fri 28-Dec-18 22:40:05

Hi 👋

I lost 3.5 stone and got to target in 2015 and kept it off until early 2018 when I got injured, stopped exercising and totally fell off the healthy eating wagon blush. Rejoined SW in September after a few months procrastinating 2 stone heavier and I've had a good steady loss since. I've been massively off plan since Christmas Eve weigh-in (when I got my club 10 & 1.5 stone award) but back on it tomorrow with NYE off and weighing in new years day shock.

Mymadworld Fri 28-Dec-18 22:43:32

@Tailrunner I run & swim too just trying to find my post-Christmas motivation

CarlsRightEye Fri 28-Dec-18 23:30:57

Im rejoining, feel like a right fat minger at the moment! Need to get healthy too this year as I've got a big birthday in September 😭 to be fair I've eaten so much chocolate in the last year and a half it's not surprising I feel like a whale 🤣
We will get there xx

emwithme Sat 29-Dec-18 12:14:17

Hi guys

I've been on and off Slimming World for almost 20 years now when I first did it, syns were spelled sIns but this last time (from June 2015) it worked. I started back this time because I needed to improve my health (Not only weight related) to TTC.

I lost 4 stone (total loss from my heaviest 7 stone 2) and got to target in November 2016. I then started TTC and we got pregnant quickly. Unfortunately, 2 MCs in 5 months later I had gained a little back and put TTC on the back burner for a few months.

Maintained a 3 stone loss until March 2018 when I got pregnant again. Matilda was born at the end of November. I had gained all the weight back that I lost this time round, but I'd kept going to group as that way I had some accountability for my gain and didn't go completely off the wagon.

DD is now one month old, and I have lost 25.5 lbs since her birth. I'm not entirely on plan, but trying to make sensible choices while breastfeeding!

WTF99 Sat 29-Dec-18 12:16:31

Hi all! Can I join please? Planning on starting a new group next Thursday and combining with dry January as Prosecco is my downfall.
I did SW a couple of years ago and lost over 2 stone , maintained for a year or so but have gradually put on and feeling really yuck now.
Haven't weighed myself recently but clothes are either too small or very tight so I know I need to take action!

agteacht Sat 29-Dec-18 13:27:02

@WTF99 prosecco is also my downfall!!
Can easily drink a bottle 😮

I am also starting, kicked off properly yesterday and weighed in this morning. Fingers crossed 2019 is our year!

Groovee Sat 29-Dec-18 14:21:21

Just been out shopping. Got a lovely jacket for £10. It still amazes me when a 12 fits. One thing I haven't lost is my boobs. I'm still above average in the chest, despite being a 32 inch back size from 40. But I do feel flabby. I need to get back to Burlesque.

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GarbageBell Sat 29-Dec-18 16:47:05

Hi I’m joining next week for the first time ever. Have at least 3 stone to lose I think. DH is also following the plan with me though can’t attend group due to kids. I know I’m at the heaviest I’ve ever been. I wasn’t even this heavy at full term with both my kids. I’ve really struggled with motivation and stress for the last few months.

Do people combine with exercise or just follow the eating plan? I was thinking of doing couch to 5k which I did a couple of years ago.

Groovee Sat 29-Dec-18 17:06:26

I do Burlesque dancing to tone me. They encourage exercise but call it body magic. You can get some awards for it too x

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WTF99 Sat 29-Dec-18 17:13:53

agteacht me too! I am planning on having quite a lot this weekend (apologies to those of you who are already being good!) but not officially starting til first group next Thursday.

GarbageBell I got to target last time without masses of exercise. I'm always a but disappointed at just how much you have to throw yourself about to work of the equivalent of a digestive biscuit! It's definitely what you put in your mouth that has the biggest impact though if you can find something you can enjoy doing and that makes you feel good I think that helps.

Has anyone gone to group and asked to not know their weight but just their losses? I know my target but think I'll be demotivated by knowing how much I've got to lose to start off with. Wouldn't mind so much once I've lost a few pounds.

Groovee Sat 29-Dec-18 17:45:27

@WTF99 I weigh members at group and for quite a few I cover the scales and just write the losses down. Just ask for blind weigh ins x

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FiveNightsAtMummys Sat 29-Dec-18 18:20:50

Grovee have you noticed any syn value chamges? Apparently some Heinz soups are lower syns now there's loads that's low syns e.g ministronie 1 syns etc. I'm quite pleased with that I love a soup!

Groovee Sat 29-Dec-18 18:39:03

Yeah I heard tinned soups have dropped in values. I only like home made soup 😳

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Groovee Sun 30-Dec-18 10:00:59

Turkey rashers, egg, mushrooms and spinach all fried up in a pan with cherry tomatoes on the side. Got lentil Dahl in the slow cooker for lunch before dinner at family which I have no control over.

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strangerthongs Sun 30-Dec-18 12:53:58

can I join this thread? I am a name changer and have now lost 2 stone 8lbs on SW with another 1.5 stone at least to go

latedecember1963 Sun 30-Dec-18 14:12:34

I've spent the last 6 months pretty much maintaining with small gains & losses and I need to get going again. Something compelled me to click on the SW section (I've avoided it for ages) and seeing familiar friendly names helped.
Groovee, so pleased for you that you're still feeling the benefits of all your hard work and that you're still here to inspire us.
Emwithme, congratulations on the birth of Matilda. Lovely to hear of your happy ending not to mention all that weight lost in a month. 😊
I've got a WI tomorrow, when I will face the damage done by Christmas and my birthday and start afresh.
Here's to a happy, healthy 2019!

Groovee Mon 31-Dec-18 06:07:42

Oh man. Last nights family meal. I was horrified at how much oil was being used to cook with then added to fresh pasta. Then packets of sauce. Then tonnes of processed sausages. I only started eating heck sausages on SW and they are the first sausages I have liked. Then the salad cream came out. I don't like salad cream either 🙈.

I feel so yuk today.

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