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Slimming world support thread #7 2017

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BasinHaircut Thu 17-Aug-17 12:34:11


Groovee Thu 17-Aug-17 12:47:19

Hi Basin

Been to the dr and had bloods to check my iron. She thinks I might just be struggling to recover from the surgery.

Making Egg muffins with chips and spinach. Might do pickled onions and beetroot for extra speed.

latedecember1963 Thu 17-Aug-17 12:49:00

Thank you for keeping us going, Basin!😁 Hope your bronchitis has eased today.

SkeletonSkins Thu 17-Aug-17 12:56:39

Are pickled onions speed?! I thought they were just free! Bonus as I'm so short of speed food for lunch, really need to go shopping for salad bits. One thing about SW is it cost me a fortune in fresh fruit/veg.

Gorgosparta Thu 17-Aug-17 13:06:51

Ohh shiny new thread

NeverEnoughSleep1 Thu 17-Aug-17 13:16:19


Groovee Thu 17-Aug-17 13:24:05

Yep pickled onions, beetroot and gherkins are all speed.

emwithme Thu 17-Aug-17 13:50:29

<insert placemark here>

I have just eaten about a zillion victoria plums that have come off my friend's tree. They were bloody gorgeous and take me back to my childhood when my Favourite Aunty had a victoria plum tree in her garden and I'd be allowed to eat as many as I could. Fortunately (a) plums are delicious and (b) they're a speed food too!

Groovee Thu 17-Aug-17 13:55:42

I've eaten 2 pinned since Sunday off plums 😱

SkeletonSkins Thu 17-Aug-17 16:27:56

I am absolutely ravenous today!! Just had a yoghurt with a bit of muesli mixed into the pot, couple of syns probably for the muesli but honestly was so close to making a cheese toastie 😂

Countdown until tea time....

Groovee Thu 17-Aug-17 17:27:17

I was like that yesterday Skeleton!

Made Bacon, Mushroom and pea pasta. Dh and I had about 1/3rd of the recipe between us! Ds ate the rest. He's a bottomless pit these days!

whatnextfred Thu 17-Aug-17 19:18:44

I've totally pigged out today. Fish and chips for lunch and glass of Rose. But it was a lovely day so just back on it tomorrow.

OwlinaTree Thu 17-Aug-17 19:47:34

Oooh new thread!

Been shopping today for new clothes for work and bras. 👙

Why do all the clothes have weird ruffles on them, or big flappy sleeves that'll do your head in after about 10 minutes? Got one top with only very small amounts of ruffles on and a pair of black trousers. There's some crazy stuff out there!!

Groovee Thu 17-Aug-17 20:10:26

Haha Owlina. I was whinging about that before the summer. I reckoned I would get the sleeves wet at work or one of the children would cut them up at the glueing table.

BlooBagoo Thu 17-Aug-17 20:35:15

Have to say I like the random frilly stuff. I hate when short tops are in fashion as I have a tall upper body and a midriff that really shouldn't be on show. blush

Hello to the shiny new thread. Been a little naughty with toast today, but I've now bought the Schar white ciabatta rolls so I can enjoy white bread as a HExB, just don't like wholemeal bread as much so tend to use oats for my HExB instead. DH's face when he saw the price of them was hilarious though, he still doesn't seem to understand with the HEx allowances that I can only have certain things so kept asking why I couldn't buy other cheaper ones since I "didn't need them to be gluten free". He wouldn't let me buy more Choc Shot though so I need to sneak back after weigh in next week to stock up again.

ibuiltahomeforyou Thu 17-Aug-17 21:58:25

Yay lovely new thread! Terrible day for me today sad incl pizza for dinner. Need to go food shopping really.

Trills Thu 17-Aug-17 22:03:30

Hi <waves>

Boatsnack Thu 17-Aug-17 22:04:05

Ahhhh I love a shiny new thread!! Had a really busy day taking dd to dance classes then she was singing at the fringe. All I had to eat by half 6pm was a banana, a mango fruit pot and a sushi snack pack, I was ravenous by dinner. I ate the biggest portion of macaroni (made with philidelphia light) salad and garlic mushrooms I am totally stuffed.

Tweetypie30 Thu 17-Aug-17 22:33:55

Hey, can I join in? I've re joined SW this week for about the 100th time!

SkeletonSkins Thu 17-Aug-17 22:43:26

Ooo Boat what else goes into your macaroni? Absolutely love it.

I had the KFC chicken on two chubby cubs blog for tea which worked really well and was tasty. Think I went 1 syn over technically today as I synned my alpen this morning as needed HeB for bread roll for the chicken however I didn't eat all my chicken so it probably all evens out.

By the way, the strawberry muller frozen and blended with HeA milk works perfectly as a thick strawberry milkshake and is syn free.

Boatsnack Thu 17-Aug-17 23:01:03

My macaroni recipe changes everytime I make it depending on what I have. Dd specifically asked for no veg in the pasta but did eat side salad, so tonight's was macaroni pasta, half a tub of lightest philidelphia, a chicken stock cube, a splash of milk and some cooked ham mixed through. I ate about 1 third so the cheese will count as hexa, it was really tasty. You do need to eat it straight away or the philidelphia goes a bit sticky though.

Groovester Thu 17-Aug-17 23:18:43

Evening everyone.

I've not been on here for a while as was so horrendously off plan (and have been for pretty much the whole summer.) However, holidays are over and I've been on plan since Monday. Weighed in today and had a 2.5lb loss and won the Woman of the year competition. Still can't quite believe either of these events...
So, was sitting at a 5 stone 4 pounds loss pre the long summer break. Currently sitting on a 4 stone 9lbs loss.
9lbs on over the course of 6 weeks! So, I need to lose 10lbs until I can be lower than where I was. Not worried though as may have put myself back a few months but I know I can and wil turn it around.

IvorHughJarrs Fri 18-Aug-17 00:17:09

I've been pretty good today, mainly because I have next to no food in the house, not by design but just because I have been too busy to shop. I'm dog-sitting my daughter's puppy from today and am a bit nervous about it as we've never had a dog so it's all new to me. Just hoping he doesn't drive me to chocolate or alcohol!

SkeletonSkins Fri 18-Aug-17 08:32:17

2lb loss here since Monday which im really pleased about. Got a bad weekend ahead but will do my best and back on plan Monday. I'm just really pleased that the scales are going in the right direction as I had this horrible image of gaining half a stone because I'm actually eating!!

PositiveAttitude Fri 18-Aug-17 09:51:57

Welcome newbies.

Well done on jumping back in Groovester.

After a month of maintains and a gain on Tuesday I am back on it. well, 2 days so far!!! I have planned the weeks meals, but strayed from the plan yesterday because I forget to get something out the freezer. I just want to commit to this week and see if I can get a loss again. Only 5 days to go!!

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