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Slimming world support thread #7 2017

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BasinHaircut · 17/08/2017 12:34


OP posts:

Groovee · 18/10/2017 13:25

Tweety me too yesterday on the cake.

Welcome @Xmasfairy86


PositiveAttitude · 18/10/2017 13:59

My official holiday gain was just a mere 3.5lb, so happy with that. (6.5lb less than the weight was showing last Thursday morning when I arrived home)

I, too, am going back to planning and writing everything down this week. I want to get off that gain and start going back downwards again.


latedecember1963 · 18/10/2017 20:30

Well done on your Snowden trek, Lauryloo.

Welcome, Xmasfairy.

I made the vegetable moussaka on pg 52/53 of the Nov/Dec 2017 magazine last night. It was very tasty. We had half yesterday and will have the remaining half tomorrow. I added chestnut mushrooms to the sauce.

On Monday 1 of the group said she had made the luxury fish pie and had enjoyed it. Pg 51 of the same magazine.


onestepforwardtenstepsback · 18/10/2017 21:11

@trills sorry for late reply. Yes I did go, and the gain was 21/2 lbs. but that's 2 weeks of literally eating anything I want and eating out a lot so could of been worse.
Decided to draw a line from today. So I have 1 stone to go Smile


Groovee · 18/10/2017 21:25

100% on plan and so far 8 syns. Thinking about having a hot choc for 1.5 syns. Done a burlesque class too x


Xmasfairy86 · 18/10/2017 21:35

Shopping just arrived with my curly wurlys in!!!!!

At 10 syns so far, have some milk left so might have a milkshake with freddo drinking chocolate


Trills · 18/10/2017 22:29

Well done onestep now you know where you are and you can move forward from here.

I got 4lb off this week! 1 on last week though, so 3 over the two weeks.


Tweetypie30 · 18/10/2017 23:04

Well done Thrills.

I'm really pleased with myself. I've been 100% on track all day and only eaten 7syns. It makes up a bit for my lack of self control yesterday.

I also made a lovely chick pea and sweet potato curry for tea.


Trills · 18/10/2017 23:04

Good job - cooking something NICE is always a good plan.


amusedbush · 19/10/2017 09:18

I had a cheeky look on my scales (which are always the same as the class scales on a Saturday) and I seem to have had a bit of a "whoosh" as they said 12st 12.5! Shock

I haven't seen that weight since I was 18, and my BMI is now 30 exactly. I'm keeping everything crossed that the scales are as kind to me at class as that would get me my Club 10 and my stone and a half certificate!


Groovee · 19/10/2017 12:02

I’m trying the vegetable moussaka recipe from the latest magazine. Wish me luck 😂


onestepforwardtenstepsback · 19/10/2017 12:10

Well done trills even with a gain last week that is an amazing loss!!
I'm hoping for a good loss this week but find it harder when my husbands home, so the week after may be better for me as I can do more sp days


ALemonyPea · 19/10/2017 12:58

Well done losers

Amused, your scales may be different to the SW ones, mine are 1lb heavier than the SW ones, so fingers crossed you get a nice 12number on Saturday.

Im getting weighed tomorrow as missed usual group on Tuesday. Hoping I’m back in target range.


amusedbush · 19/10/2017 13:08


I said in my post that the scales are always the same - I weigh before I leave the house in the same clothes and they've always been exactly the same Smile

So I guess I'll see what they say on Saturday!


ALemonyPea · 19/10/2017 13:27

Ah sorry, I skim read. That’s even better. You could be slightly lower by Saturday then.


amusedbush · 19/10/2017 13:37

Eek, that would be lovely! Grin


Tweetypie30 · 19/10/2017 13:59

Leftover curry for lunch today. It's even nicer than last night.

Chicken stir fry for tea tonight I think. I normally use a packet which is quite high in syns. I know it's better to make your own but I've never been able to find a good recipe. Does anyone have a good tomato based stir fry sauce recipe?


ibuiltahomeforyou · 19/10/2017 16:21

@Groovee I made the nacho style feast last week and it was delicious, it was a Pinch of Nom recipe I think


Groovee · 19/10/2017 18:15

Ah went to make the moussaka and realised it would be 6.30 before it would be ready. So had a grilled chicken kebab from the chippy. DH are the pitta and he refused the sauce. Am counting at 5 syns incase of oil.


Groovee · 19/10/2017 18:15

@ibuiltahomeforyou I love nacho Style Feast x


NightOfTheDeadXmasFairy · 19/10/2017 22:32

Just crawled into bed after my 6th good day in a row. All this talk of food is making me hungry. First weigh in tomorrow as can’t make my Saturday group

I’m a tad nervous!!!


ibuiltahomeforyou · 19/10/2017 22:37

Delish isn’t it @Groovee?! Just got the new comfort food book, it’s great.

@NightOfTheDeadXmasFairy I’m on day two of being back on plan! Enjoying it again now.


RhinoGirl · 19/10/2017 22:47

Is there a new thread? :)


Groovee · 19/10/2017 22:58

I’ve done a new thread. Just too tired to work out how to link 😂

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