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Slimming world support thread #7 2017

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BasinHaircut · 17/08/2017 12:34


OP posts:
Groovester · 20/08/2017 23:03

turquoise I'm exactly the same. No advice really but know that you're not alone x

YoureMyWifeNowDave · 21/08/2017 00:00

Hi all,

I haven't posted for a while as have been on holiday but back to reality now Grin

Weigh in is Tuesday morning and apparently I've been nominated for Woman of the Year so I'm praying I've managed to stay in target range while I've been away. Lots of lovely food has been eaten but I've done loads of walking so hopefully the damage won't be too bad

latedecember1963 · 21/08/2017 08:42

Morning everyone, good luck to all those WI today. I'm at the caravan so not WI until Weds.

The meal on Sat didn't go according to plan as the menu had changed but it's 1 meal and celebrating DS's hard work is more important than the lack of grilled salmon!

For our wedding anniversary yesterday DH gave me a goodie bag from the Cadbury's outlet shop near where he works. Found myself nibbling all yesterday evening. Going to put the rest out of sight otherwise I'll just keep dipping in.

Breakfast of All Bran and strawberries. It's a new week!

SkeletonSkins · 21/08/2017 11:20

Morning all, back on it for me today with muesli, strawberrys and yoghurt for breakfast. Had one of those muller vanilla cheesecake yoghurts with the muesli and it was sooooo good.

Love51 · 21/08/2017 15:18

trills too much as in tasty but probably not that good for us due to salt.
I'm planning to do the pulled pork. Although I'm not normally a 'sweetener' person. It calls for 3 tbspns. Could I just use the wee tablets you get for sweetening tea? We have that in for visitors, and I don't really want to buy some in as I'm not convinced we will like it. But if that will taste gross, please warn me!

Groovee · 21/08/2017 15:23

I've never used sweetener in pulled pork.

Am attempting meatloaf today! Fingers crossed it's ok x

FoofFighter · 21/08/2017 16:13

Also never put sweetener in pulled pork!

Notmybag · 21/08/2017 16:55

Any good SW chicken ideas - I have three breasts in the fridge to use tonight.

Trills · 21/08/2017 16:59

My regular pulled pork recipe does have brown sugar in it, but I don't think you need sweetener.

Gorgosparta · 21/08/2017 17:07

Hey everyone. Hope you are all ok.

You are right about the wedding. Feeling a bit more optimistic today. Although someone at work reminded me we ate a load of pastries at 11pm Confused

But whatever happens, happens. I have been back on it yesterday and today.

Does anyone know if vanilla quark is free? Cant find it on the app.

Trills · 21/08/2017 17:23

I've never heard of vanilla quark. What do the ingredients say? If it's just quark + vanilla then should be fine, but I'd be suspicious that it also had added sugar.

MaximumVolume · 21/08/2017 17:34

Hello! I joined a month ago. Slow & steady (& permanent) weight loss is my aim! Hoping to get my half stone award tonight.

Groovee · 21/08/2017 17:39

@Notmybag chicken topped pizza? Cajun chicken, I just put the spice over and grill on my Foreman.

FoofFighter · 21/08/2017 18:03

Having chicken stir fried with 5 spice and veggies and rice tonight

Notmybag · 21/08/2017 18:30

Have any of you tried the SW chicken paella recipe?

SkeletonSkins · 21/08/2017 18:34

Can't stop eating today and am already at 15 syns. Used 5 syns to make a form of macaroni cheese and it was really nice so I'm pleased about that.

Anything else I want will have to be fruit!

FoofFighter · 21/08/2017 18:39

Ham and pickle plate was my saviour on days like that skeleton
Can I trouble you for Macaroni recipe when you have a mo please

Trills · 21/08/2017 19:50

I have daal in the slow cooker (red lentils, yellow split peas, tinned tomatoes, chilli, garlic, ginger, cumin, coriander, turmeric, stock cube) and chicken in the oven.

Ate a load of homemade coleslaw as my pre-dinner snack (red cabbage, carrot, red onion, fat free yoghurt, salt and pepper), so I'm counting that as the speed component of my dinner, just spread out a bit.

I second the ham and pickles plate as a good snack.

Groovee · 21/08/2017 19:51

I'm making the paella later in the week x

BlooBagoo · 21/08/2017 19:51

Vanilla quark has syns. I bought it accidentally once and my consultant told me it did. Don't think it's a lot but yeah it's not free.

SkeletonSkins · 21/08/2017 19:52

Sure Foof, did this:

Heaped tsp of cornstarch (2 syns)
1/2 allowance of HeA milk, I used skimmed
1/2 allowance of low fat cheese
50g low fat soft cheese

Mixed cornstarch with splash of milk, heated to thicken, added rest of milk gradually. Left to heat and thicken a bit for say 5 mins but did need a lot of stirring. Added the soft cheese and approx half of the grated cheddar. Added to macaroni with some bacon (fat removed) and sprinkled rest of the cheese on top. Oven for 20 mins for crispy top.

Slimming world support thread #7 2017
SkeletonSkins · 21/08/2017 19:52

Trills oooo might have to have a go at that coleslaw, love it.

BlooBagoo · 21/08/2017 19:54

1 syn per 100g for the vanilla Quark.

ibuiltahomeforyou · 21/08/2017 21:54

Hopeful I'll get my stone and a half shiny tomorrow!

Groovester · 21/08/2017 22:03

Where has lavender gone?! I miss my SW twin!

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