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Slimming World

Slimming world support thread #7 2017

975 replies

BasinHaircut · 17/08/2017 12:34


OP posts:

ShapelyBingoWing · 15/10/2017 22:38

I feel like I've had a bit if a fail today. I've only been following the plan for about 10 days so don't really trust it yet I suppose.

I work shifts when on placement (I'm a student) so my eating goes up the wall. Today I had no syns all day and didn't eat much at all. Essentially just fruit and a mug shot until I got home. Then I had some syn free curry that a made a couple of days ago with rice and a WW wrap.

Then I had a 2 finger KitKat, 15g Cadbury buttons and a fibre1 brownie. Only 13.5 syns in total but it really feels like I shouldn't be able to eat all that in one go and still be on plan.

(Most days I don't have quite so shit a diet!)


Flutterby81 · 16/10/2017 07:25

No loss for me today but also no gain had Saturday off plan as night out and yesterday was ok but not 100% on plan so pleased with that! Hope everyone has a good week.


Tweetypie30 · 16/10/2017 08:46

I hope you feel better soon Lauryloo.


latedecember1963 · 16/10/2017 12:02

I've also STS but it's ok although a loss would have been better. Aiming for a STS next week as we're off to see DS2 next weekend and we'll be eating out.
Hope you're feeling better, Lauryloo.


ALemonyPea · 16/10/2017 14:05

Hope you’re feeling better Laury.

Shapely, have you been weighed yet? 13.5 syns is fine, whatever they consist of.


ShapelyBingoWing · 16/10/2017 18:09

My weigh day is Wednesday Lemony. Though I've been being stupid getting on the scales pretty much every day. I lost 5.5lb in week 1 but it looks like I've only lost about 0.5lb this week despite being well within all my allowances and almost never managing to eat both healthy extras.


Trills · 16/10/2017 19:01

Doing lots of prep today - some soup, a lasagne, and some eggy muffin things.

Shapely try to focus on eating nice things throughout the day, not avoiding food all day then going for chocolate. You really can eat quite a lot of food on SW if you choose the right foods. And don't worry about 13.5 syns. You are allowed 15.


ShapelyBingoWing · 16/10/2017 20:47

Oh the crappy eating wasn't intentional...I just didn't get a chance to either make or buy food due to my shifts and the sheer exhaustion either side of them Grin I'm off tomorrow though and will be batch cooking for the 3x13 hour shifts I have in the days following. Something with mince. I'll definitely be doing meatballs but I haven't worked out what else yet.


Tweetypie30 · 17/10/2017 06:27

Yeah, 2.5lbs off for me today. I'm finally back on the wagon.


Groovee · 17/10/2017 06:57

Having a day off plan as it’s my wedding anniversary. Hopefully the last day off this week 😳


PositiveAttitude · 17/10/2017 06:58

Well done Tweety


Flutterby81 · 17/10/2017 07:25

Well done tweety


Lubilu28 · 17/10/2017 09:49

Hi guys!! Managed to get to the top of snowdon! After going off track and having to climb up a steep, lose rock face of the mountain! Didn't think we would find the way back to the track but kept going and we made it!! Weather was dry but the clouds were low so didn't get to see those amazing views! Did it a couple of years ago and u could see for miles!!

Tried to stay on plan but that didn't work!! lol starting again today so hopefully a maintain will be great on Friday xxx


amusedbush · 17/10/2017 13:44

Hello everyone, I've been following SW for 11 weeks now and I've lost 18.5lbs on the plan. I lost 30lbs before joining so I'm technically almost 50lbs into my weight loss journey but I'm so much happier doing SW.

I have (formally diagnosed) binge eating disorder, OCD and anxiety so food is a massive crutch for me. I've found, however, that the minimal weighing, measuring and tracking has done wonders for my mental health and I can really focus on healing my relationship with food. I still eat too much sugar but I don't feel restricted at all and I can't believe how the weeks are flying in.

I am now 1.5lbs away from a stone bracket I haven't seen since I was 18 years old (2008), and even then I was only that weight for a matter of weeks. Not longer after that I gave up and regained all the weight I'd lost up to that point on Weight Watchers Blush I've been very overweight my whole life, starting when I was about 11.

So... here's how it stands...

Highest weight: 16st 7
SW start weight: 14st 5.5
Current: 13st 1
Target: 10st 7

I'd sell my granny to see 12 stone-something on Saturday! BlushGrin


Trills · 17/10/2017 19:55

Well done on the loss Tweety and on the climb Lubilu!

I am hoping for a good result tomorrow because I have done very little drinking this week, and only a bit of off-plan eating on Sunday.


onestepforwardtenstepsback · 17/10/2017 21:10

Right I've been off it for 2 weeks now don't know why as I was doing so well but fell off the wagon. So bad so I didn't even go get weighed last week BlushBlush.
But going to go get weighed in the morning and draw a big fat line under it!!! Please tell me I can do this


Trills · 17/10/2017 21:22

Just go. Then you'll have gone. And it'll be done.


Trills · 18/10/2017 08:02

Are you going?
Did you go?


ibuiltahomeforyou · 18/10/2017 08:35

I dropped off this thread 😳 but lost 1.5lbs this week, making a total loss of 31lbs since June.


Groovee · 18/10/2017 09:16

Well done @ibuiltahomeforyou

Back on plan today. I realised why I have a low fat diet... I have no gall bladder and felt so ill.

Looking for some meal planning ideas for this week. Any suggestions?


YoureMyWifeNowDave · 18/10/2017 09:44

@Greenteandchives what did your consultant say about target? I have just done the same, been at target since June and this week am a pound under! I really don't want to lower by 7 lbs as I really think I will struggle with that but I do think that maybe tweaking it down by a couple of pounds would be better than trying to gain! It just doesn't seem right and I'm worried about losing the plot and gaining it all back again if I let my guard down


ALemonyPea · 18/10/2017 10:12

Well done losers, and welcome newbies.

Groovee, do you write your food down? I find looking back at last weeks gives me some ideas on what to cook as some stuff I’ve not had in a while.


Groovee · 18/10/2017 10:36

I haven’t been. Writing down but I’ve got stuck in a rut looking at my instagram. It’s the same old.

Thinking Cajun chicken pasta tonight, can’t think for tomorrow, steak on Friday as it’s just me and DH. Curry on Saturday as DH and the kids are away on Saturday during the day and gammon on Sunday.

I need to meal plan for next week too as I’m back at work. Might print off a blank and get everyone to fire stuff at me.


Tweetypie30 · 18/10/2017 10:46

Groove, my favourites at the moment are chilli, spaghetti Bolognese and stew.

Well yesterday was never going to go well when I started eating cake at 10am!

I'm off to meal plan.....


Xmasfairy86 · 18/10/2017 13:02

Hi all!!!

Newbie here. Joined SW on Saturday, so currently on day 5. Going well so far... I think!

Am meant to weigh in on Saturday but have a wedding dress appointment so have to weigh Friday instead. Well timed!!!

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