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Slimming World

Slimming world support thread #7 2017

975 replies

BasinHaircut · 17/08/2017 12:34


OP posts:

emwithme · 19/08/2017 18:34

@Love51, the Linda McCartney Rosemary & Red Onion sausages (Frozen) are free. The Chorizo and Red pepper, and vegetarian "standard" (frozen or fresh) are 1/2 syn each.


mayathebee · 19/08/2017 18:50

I've been busy this afternoon and made hairy bikers chicken tikka masala (to freeze), sw pulled pork (for tomorrow), baked potatoes for this evening and an asparagus and bacon quiche with sweet potato & oat crust (from the slimmingfoodie site). The quiche is odd but good according to DP - I agree and its something a bit different for lunch.


Groovee · 19/08/2017 21:33

Hi everyone, had a lazy morning. Visited my mum this afternoon and we ended up booking a weekend break for Easter. Gives me plenty time to get to target.

Made dh and Ds a chicken stir fry and made myself SW chips, mushrooms in Yeungs curry sauce and sugar snap peas. It was very yummy.

Planning spag Bol tomorrow. Hoping to get some shar gluten free rolls to make garlic bread. Not quite sure how I will make it yet.

I am really missing exercise. Still 13 days before I can exercise again. Thinking about doing some of the more gentler warm up exercises from Burlesque.

Well done on the cooking Maya.

Ignore the chocolate strawberry.


Tweetypie30 · 20/08/2017 08:44

Bluebagoo - I only ever feel tall next to toddlers. I met a ten year old who was taller than me the other day!

I was desperate to stay 100% on plan yesterday but life got in the way. We went school uniform shopping and I fully intended to be home by lunch time but we didn't get back till 4pm. I was so hungry. I had some mango as a snack, so far so good, but by about 2pm i was ready to eat my arm so had a fresh pretzel from Tesco. Oh well, nothing to stop me sticking to plan today.


Tweetypie30 · 20/08/2017 08:50

Lauryloo - me too 😆 I started on Tuesday as well. Not long now till our first weigh in.


FoofFighter · 20/08/2017 10:27

Tesco has loads of food sw grab and go style I the chillers right by the door. Fruit pots, boiled eggs, mini cold meat packs for a syn or two, spicy chicken pasta pots for 1.5 syns, omelette wraps for upto 1.5 syns, sushi for 0.5 + syns.


IFartGlitter · 20/08/2017 10:36

Hi all, may I join you?. I'm rejoining SW on Saturday for what feels like the hundredth time! Hopefully this time it clicks, I always seem to lose a stone, give up and sneak away. Not good when I have 8 stone to lose. Blush

I'm determined this time I can't keep on the join, lose weight, leave, gain it all back and then some merry-go round.


IvorHughJarrs · 20/08/2017 12:26

Glitter I have about the same to lose as you (although I don't know if I'll want to go that far as I am older and don't think I would look right at a normal weight now). I've been on SW a couple of months but have had holidays in there so not steady progress. I'm about 1 1/2 stone down so far
Good luck


SkeletonSkins · 20/08/2017 12:48

Hello all, so so naughty this weekend eating all sorts of terrible things and thoroughly enjoying it. This was always planned as an off plan weekend though as we have been away in Edinburgh and just wanted to enjoy myself.

On our way home now so I'm back to being on plan tomorrow. Need to do a shop and get some nice fresh speed food as want to be big on speed food this week.


BasinHaircut · 20/08/2017 15:49

Hi all.

Well done groovester!

Well yesterday was the penultimate in a long line of events that I've had in the diary that stops me for sticking to plan. Last one next Sunday. Hangover food today but on plan from tomorrow and want to do what I can from now until holiday in November apart from next Sunday.

OP posts:

FoofFighter · 20/08/2017 16:02

Managed to get through dc party today with small slice cake, one biscuit, three small sandwiches of ham made with the heb crustless stuff and 3/4 cocktail sausage rolls.

Could have been far far worse and I have quite a few syns spare this week so not stressing.


Gorgosparta · 20/08/2017 16:20

Not looking forward to weigh in on tuesday.

Went to a wedding yesterday and didnt track anything. Been good the rest of the week.

Fingers crosses for a maintain.


FoofFighter · 20/08/2017 16:43

Don't beat yourself up for a special occasion like a wedding, just get right back to normal


Groovee · 20/08/2017 17:14

Spent the morning in minor injuries with Dd who has pulled the ligaments in her foot!

Have stuck to plan though.

@Gorgosparta don't stress about the wedding. It's a one off.

Hoping I get nearer to my 3.5st this week. Am fed up with how it has slowed.


TurquoiseOwl98 · 20/08/2017 17:16

I really need to stop doing what I'm doing. Eat shit for 3 days and then not eat for 4... I literally have had an Indian and 2 McDonald's this week, that's worse than how I used to eat!!! I then haven't really eaten for 4 days... Just so I lose. I know everyone said plan and I really should. Weigh in for me tomorrow...


Love51 · 20/08/2017 17:48

I have a newbie question about overnight oats. The recipe says to use 'gluten free' oats. My oats aren't in a packet, they are in a storage container. Are oats not usually gluten free? It is a lot of years since I've cooked for anyone with coeliacs, and I can't remember.


Groovee · 20/08/2017 18:11

I just use porridge oats. Don't stress about them being gluten free if you don't need them to be x


Love51 · 20/08/2017 18:24

I've just used what I've got! If I need to refine it down the line, I will. Thanks.


lauryloo · 20/08/2017 18:24

I've been 100% on plan at the weekend for I think the 1st time I've ever done slimming world! No sneaky treats that haven't been synned!

Still ridiculously windy today! But I know it'll be worth it!


BlooBagoo · 20/08/2017 18:26

Better weekend than most here but still had a night out ending in a takeaway, then DH disappeared to the shop yesterday and came back with huge bags of M&Ms and popcorn for watching movies. At least he didn't buy any alcohol though so just the one night for that.


Love51 · 20/08/2017 18:26

Just had dinner. Rice, chicken stir fry cooked with fry lite and many veg, and too much soy sauce. That's zero syns and zero hexses, right? I used to eat like that (and pasta and Ratatouille) loads when I was skinny. There may be a connection!


Trills · 20/08/2017 20:49

No such thing as too much soy sauce IMO


mayathebee · 20/08/2017 22:21

We had the slimming world pulled pork with rice and lots of veg for dinner. It was delicious. Then I foolishly decided to do the cardio section of my new zumba dvd - I'm the colour of an aubergine and my legs are like jelly!

I bought a bag of fun size chocs today. They are all between 3.5 and 5 syns and I'm going to have one bar as treat on evenings when I do some exercise as a bit of an incentive.


JaceLancs · 20/08/2017 22:53

I got my 3.5 stone award last week
Am away for a few days this week so hoping to maintain
It's very slow still for me but I'm in it for the long haul
2 stone 10lb to go!!!


mayathebee · 20/08/2017 23:00

Congratulations JaceLancs, that's amazing. From what I've read, losing it more slowly means it will stay off. Have a nice trip.

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