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Slimming World support thread #5 2017

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ALemonyPea Wed 31-May-17 03:30:45

A thread for asking questions and general SW support. Welcome oldies and newbies.

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OwlinaTree Wed 31-May-17 06:30:29


Groovee Wed 31-May-17 06:49:20

Good morning ladies 😘

PositiveAttitude Wed 31-May-17 07:10:02

Thanks for the new thread Lemony

I had a 2lb gain last night at WI. <shrug> Better than it could have been. I just cannot go off plan like I did on Saturday and still expect to lose anymore, but it was better than the 5lb gain I had seen on Sunday.

FoofFighter Wed 31-May-17 08:13:15

Morning all,

Off to my second weigh in at 9.30am, wish me luck, I need 2lbs to get my 1/2st award, feel like I've lost more, but after last week's stonking 5lbs loss I doubt it'll be more than a lb in reality!

Had my breakfast, the new shredded wheat minis with barley/spelt/quinoa etc, very nice smile

BasinHaircut Wed 31-May-17 08:41:31

Morning all.

Have forgotten my lunch today. Whoops!

Its going to be a tough and busy day at work probably so will have to grab something in the go. Chicken wraps from the local food market are pretty good though. Probably 15-18 syns but as long as that's all I have syn-wise today it works.

emwithme Wed 31-May-17 09:08:51

Morning all

Thanks for the new thread lemony

Boatsnack Wed 31-May-17 09:22:37

Ooohh! A shiny new thread. Well done to all the losers.

I think I need to bite the bullet and join a group I have lost my mojo. I had dds friend over after school yesterday and her mum bought me a bottle of wine, which I drank with absolutely no thought to the 30syns it contains and I had already had cheese and chocolate for 10syns yesterday.

Wh0Kn0wsWhereTheTimeGoes Wed 31-May-17 09:45:04

I too think I need to join a group - I joined online and lost a stone and a bit fairly easily but have faltered and now it's creeping back up. Problem is that apart from in the school holidays I'm not going to be able to stay after weigh-in.

Groovee Wed 31-May-17 09:47:37

Quite a few people do not stay after weigh in at my class. But some stay occasionally x

ALemonyPea Wed 31-May-17 10:11:22

I don't think I'd have stuck it this long if I hadn't been in a group. So much support, mainly from other people rather than consultant, but that's ok.

Sum is shining today, makes me happy. I'm not feeling the heat at all though like I would have when I was massive, it's very weird.

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Boatsnack Wed 31-May-17 11:00:13

It's done I have spoken to my local consultant and I have asked to transfer to group. Hopefully the vouchers arrive quickly as I am paid up till mid July. Then I can go along to group next Tuesday.

ALemonyPea Wed 31-May-17 11:51:45

Glad you only gained 2lb PA. Much easier to get off than5lb.

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WildRunner Wed 31-May-17 13:19:02

Newbie here! Was on track to lose my first half stone but went completely rogue last week so put on 1.5lbs. No matter - I know why it happened and that if I stick to the plan this week I'll get back on track. Salmon gremolata with asparagus and new potatoes for tea, which doesn't sound half bad wink

FoofFighter Wed 31-May-17 14:03:20

woohoo I managed 2.5lb loss this week, earning me my first award :D treated me and little one to a picnic in the park, bought snacky stuff from Tesco like egg and spinach pots, chicken, fruit etc

Groovee Wed 31-May-17 16:37:01

Amazing weather here. Drank 4 bottles of water at work as we were outside all afternoon.

Hard night ahead. Costco cake and crisps at the brownie party.

OwlinaTree Wed 31-May-17 17:46:13

Oooh I love Costco icing! smilecake <3

ALemonyPea Wed 31-May-17 18:01:37

Welcome Wild, good luck.

Well done Foof!

I loooooove Costco cakes. Black Forest gateau, lemon cheesecake, I want them all.

Speaking of which, a Costco chocolate muffin fell into my mouth yesterday, 34.5 syns later 🙈No wonder I couldn't sleep last night.

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PositiveAttitude Wed 31-May-17 18:16:52

Here goes. I am totally outing myself, but wanted to share this here because I am contemplating sharing it on my local SW page on my "1Year of Slimming World". It feels safer sharing it here first because I have never seen any nasty comments on any of these threads.

I still have a few stone to go, but this is 4stone 10lb off in 11 months. Slower going than a lot of you, but I'm pleased with how it has gone. I am never hungry. If I want a "treat" I can have it and I have been recommending SW to everyone who has asked about my weight loss. I was the worlds worst sceptic about SW and only started off at most half-hearted, but then something clicked and I have embraced the plan in my life.

I never want to go back to where I was and I am determined to keep going.

mutley1 Wed 31-May-17 18:33:11

Well done Positiveattitude! You look very glam 😛 Can I ask a question about how much fluid people drink? I have always been a terrible drinker... Meaning I hardly drink any fluid through the day. Do people think this makes a difference? How much would you say you drink in a day?

ALemonyPea Wed 31-May-17 19:11:12

PA you look amazing! Well done!

I have a 750ml drinks bottle, and have three of those a day. It was hard at the beginning and I was constantly peeing, but you do get used to it, and now I get thirsty if I don't have the three bottles.

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LavenderRainbows Wed 31-May-17 19:26:57

PA you look amazing well donestar
I've lost the same amount but I don't think I have changed as must as you!

I don't drink enoughblush lots of tea but only about a pint of water a day

FoofFighter Wed 31-May-17 19:38:07

Awesome photo PA, you look great!

OwlinaTree Wed 31-May-17 19:52:59

PA you look great, well done!

OwlinaTree Wed 31-May-17 19:54:11

I just try to drink a big glass of water with every meal, and then another glass every time I'm in the kitchen!

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