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GCSEs 2018 (8) Dozens of DCs, 1 DH and Flashcards in the fridge

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mmzz Wed 16-May-18 21:35:10

Previous thread

Stickerrocks Wed 16-May-18 21:38:47

I'm here.

Stickerrocks Wed 16-May-18 21:39:14

Excellent title BTW.

mmzz Wed 16-May-18 21:40:37

I just googled grammar schools. there are a lot more than I realised. Yorkshire and Lincolnshire have several.

mmzz Wed 16-May-18 21:41:21

Thank you! Practice makes perfect!

TheSecondOfHerName Wed 16-May-18 21:41:26

Love the thread title...

callitwhatyouwill Wed 16-May-18 21:42:48

Good luck to everyone for tomorrow.

For those of us who suffer from anxious thoughts and a very disturbed sleep pattern - may you rest easy. I've found a brilliant way to get me off to sleep for at least 2 - 3 hours - a product called Dormeasan made by A Vogel - they're Valerian-Hops sleep drops. Taste foul but work a treat for my brain that's reluctant to switch off. I still wake up about 3 or four times a night but they help quite a bit. I'd recommend them but please be aware that they're not for under 18's.

DD2's feeling the pressure of Chemistry as she loves it so much and wants to do well. She's also battling with the knowledge that someone in her friendship group is making nasty text message comments to other people about her (DD2's) abilities and that she hopes DD2 will do badly.

sandybayley Wed 16-May-18 21:43:36

I'm here as well. Great title! Made me laugh to read 'he'll have to give up wine for the exams' - then realised it was a DH.

How long do we think this thread will last us?

mmzz Wed 16-May-18 21:45:10

callitwhatyouwill That's horrible for her! Is it too much to take her phone away so that what she doesn't know can't hurt her?

Stickerrocks Wed 16-May-18 21:46:49

Bluebelle posted on page 29 exactly 24 hours ago.

KickBishopBrennanUpTheArse Wed 16-May-18 21:47:11

Checking in. I've really appreciated the support on these threads even though I don't post often.

DD has gone to bed early tonight. She's wiped out now. Four exams down this week and two more tomorrow. She's planning the night off tomorrow.

sandybayley Wed 16-May-18 21:47:59

@callitwhatyouwill - these girls are horrible. You could take the phone away but that might feel like a punishment to her?

mmzz Wed 16-May-18 21:51:04

sandybayley last week I thought the new thread would take us through the exams. One week on, and here we are on another new thread. So, maybe, being optimistic, until sometime during half-term??

Oratory1 Wed 16-May-18 21:51:33

Good luck all for tmrw (cs and chemistry for ds). Two grammars down the road in Reading plus a load of high performing selective indies around - very lucky though we do have a real range of schools around and a lot of choice.

LooseAtTheSeams Wed 16-May-18 21:51:46

Excellent thread title mmzz!
Callit - That's just awful. Depending on how far it's gone, you may want to screenshot and let school know what's happening.

TheSecondOfHerName Wed 16-May-18 21:55:38

During the kerfuffle, I was finding it difficult to pick the right moment to mention that DS2's school (and preferred sixth form) isn't even a grammar, let alone a superselective.

The main school (Y7 - Y11) is partially selective (25% on academic aptitude, 10% musical aptitude, the rest EHCP, siblings and local area). There's the whole range of ability, but the curve is definitely skewed towards the more able end.

Because of the excellent SEN provision and ASD expertise, it has a higher than average proportion
of students with additional needs, particularly those on the autistic spectrum.

The attached sixth form only offers academic A-levels in traditional subjects, it is oversubscribed and can afford to pitch its grade requirements quite high.

There are other options locally for those who want more vocational level 3 courses (although hardly any options for those who want to study a combination of both).

AChickenCalledKorma Wed 16-May-18 21:56:48

Thanks for the new thread mmzz. At the current rate, I give it till the end of the week!

Chemistry tomorrow. No detectable revision from DD, but she says they've done "loads" of Chemistry at school. Hope she's right.

She's also made a washing line of index cards, with dates on, coloured coded according to whether or not she has exam that day. It's strung up across her room and she will destroy a card per day until she finishes.

She really does take displacement activity to a whole new level.

Stickerrocks Wed 16-May-18 21:58:16

Callit L'Occitane relaxing pillow mist is the way forward for you & DD.

There are a few of us who have dealt with similar nastiness over the last few months. DD's physics teacher told her they were jealous, but it doesn't make it any less painful for either of you.

AChickenCalledKorma Wed 16-May-18 21:59:01

I suppose I should take comfort from the fact that none of DD's friends are revising tonight either. Judging by the 70+ new Whatsapp messages about Prom transport that she's just shown me, that is.

KingscoteStaff Wed 16-May-18 22:01:15

Beautifully done, mmzz. Anyone would think you'd done this before.

Oratory1 Wed 16-May-18 22:02:23

Ooh apologies Thesecond if I jumped to conclusions - sounds a great school though

Sostenueto Wed 16-May-18 22:03:03

Here and thanks mmzz love the title!flowers
Info off school site about epq. Dgd will probably not be selected bearing in mind the half dozen at least of what I know of super brainy children. Think she may well put in for one anyway.

Year 12 Students can apply to do an EPQ in the spring term. There are a limited number of places available so please be aware that students may be disappointed and some students may need to write a formal letter expressing their suitability for the course. Students have to be highly dedicated to successfully complete an EPQ and as such the school allocates places based on attendance, attitude to learning, current grades, school predicted grades and ALPS predictions (based on GCSE results). They will have to attend a number of compulsory sessions during the Enrichment Hour which will teach them the skills involved in writing an essay of this length in both the Spring and Summer terms. Students should expect to spend 120 hours in total on an EPQ. We therefore encourage students to make their main A-Level choices their priority, for this reasons students will only be accepted onto EPQ who are currently achieving consistently high grades in their main A-Level choices. For further information look on-line

Sostenueto Wed 16-May-18 22:04:38

At least 3000 word essay hmm

TheSecondOfHerName Wed 16-May-18 22:05:32

Oratory1 no apologies needed, I stepped away from the thread to help DS1 with something and the next I knew there was a mini debate. I then felt slightly fraudulent that DS2 doesn't actually attend a fully selective school.

TheSecondOfHerName Wed 16-May-18 22:06:09

Kingscote 😂

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