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My Dh died this morning and I don't know how to go on

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JuanPotatoTwo Mon 27-Feb-17 19:18:31

But I will because I have to, because I have 4 incredible dc he loved.

I'm so so sad, didn't see it coming this time. Been lots of occasions in the past when we thought we'd lose him but he fought back and pulled through. Too much for him this time. One month today we would have been married 24 years.

Being self indulgent posting but I'm trying to put on brave front for dc even though 3 of them are adult and trying to be brave for me. We all loved him so much.

NomDePlumeReloaded Mon 27-Feb-17 19:20:17

juan flowers. Have you got a support network around you?

Isadora2007 Mon 27-Feb-17 19:20:20

So sorry for your loss. I'm sure there will be someone along with more help and advice. But I'm just very very sorry to hear your news.

LookImAHooman Mon 27-Feb-17 19:20:22

Bloody hell, that's not self-indulgent. I hope you've got a solid support network in real life. I can't imagine what you're going through; I'm so sorry. flowers

wobblywonderwoman Mon 27-Feb-17 19:20:37

Oh Juan.. May he rest in peace.

flowers what a tragic loss to suffer sad
You were together such a long time. Have you someone there tonight to look after you ?

StepAwayFromTheEcclesCakes Mon 27-Feb-17 19:20:57

Oh Juan I am so sorry, you must be in shock flowers

RJnomore1 Mon 27-Feb-17 19:21:19

Oh Juan

I so so sorry. I don't have a clue what to say but if you need listened to then I am here.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Mon 27-Feb-17 19:21:33

So very sorry Juan.

noeuf Mon 27-Feb-17 19:21:47

OMg what happened? (If you are okay to talk). It's such a lost feeling when someone you cared for, and about, dies. I'm so sorry you are facing this.

ImperialBlether Mon 27-Feb-17 19:21:49


What a terrible shock for you all.

Leeds2 Mon 27-Feb-17 19:21:53

I'm so sorry, Juan.

May your husband rest in peace.

SookiesSocks Mon 27-Feb-17 19:21:58

You are not being self indulgent.

I am so sorry.

Post as much or as little as you need to.

ProzacAndWinePlease Mon 27-Feb-17 19:22:10

I'm so very sorry flowers

Veterinari Mon 27-Feb-17 19:22:11

Hang in there Juan flowers
Take solace in your wonderful DC.

jackieeee Mon 27-Feb-17 19:22:26

Thinking of you juan flowersflowers

Whycantiloseweight Mon 27-Feb-17 19:22:46

flowers I'm so sorry for your loss, I can't begin to imagine how hard this must be for you x

ShelaghTurner Mon 27-Feb-17 19:22:59

I'm so sorry Juan. Love and prayers to you and your family flowers

itsranningtoday Mon 27-Feb-17 19:23:05

I am so sorry love flowers

DuggeeHugs Mon 27-Feb-17 19:23:09

I'm so sorry for your loss flowers

I don't have the right words for you but didn't want to read and run

Fairybella Mon 27-Feb-17 19:23:28

I'm so sorry this happened to you and your family xx

DoodleCat Mon 27-Feb-17 19:23:40

So sorry for your loss. Can't say anything that will help but wanted to post to show support. Xxxxxxxxxxxxx

TheCrowFromBelow Mon 27-Feb-17 19:23:51

I'm so sorry for your loss juan it isn't self indulgent to grieve for people we love. Your DCs, whatever age, will understand that. Have you got people near you?
Sending you a massive (((hug))).

MrFMercury Mon 27-Feb-17 19:23:54

Sending you a lot of love x

PuntCuffin Mon 27-Feb-17 19:24:05

flowers I am so sorry.
I don't know your story but there is nothing self-indulgent about feeling like you don't know how to cope or just posting so you feel less alone.
Do whatever you need to do to make it hurt less. Tell us about him (or not). Shout, scream, cry, it doesn't matter, if it helps.

Breezy1985 Mon 27-Feb-17 19:24:26

I'm so sorry for your loss flowers

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