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Any podcasts I MUST listen to?

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Scabbersley Thu 01-Feb-18 11:51:12

I really enjoyed Serial and the one with Catherine Keener (can't remember what it was called blush)

Anything new - in the last year or so?

twosecs Thu 01-Feb-18 11:54:30

Atlanta Monster, there was one about Charles Manson which was good, called Young Charlie, Black Hands, Dirty John, the butterfly effect.

All great if you love serial!!

ColinFlower Thu 01-Feb-18 11:54:32

Have you listened to s town? It took me a while to get in to but I ended up loving that.
I'm just listening to Atlanta monster now.

If you like true crime you might like All Killa No Filla.

twosecs Thu 01-Feb-18 11:54:44

Oo yes to S Town!

ColinFlower Thu 01-Feb-18 11:55:18

You must remember this is also a good show to dip in and out of.

anonymousbird Thu 01-Feb-18 11:57:38

Shamelessly marking place for ideas as well!

Serial sounds good, hadn't seen that one. Did you listen to This American Life first?

I've been recommended The Reservoir Tapes (Radio4) and Beyond Reasonable Doubt (Radio 5) but not listened yet as I have a backlog of audiobooks.

ColinFlower Thu 01-Feb-18 12:09:53

A couple more.

Someone knows something

Griefcast is good if you've ever suffered grief. It's funny and sad at the same time.

The curious case of Rutherford and Fry is good for a bit of lighthearted learning.

Capital was quite funny. It's a radio play about if 51% of us voted for the death penalty.

I like to dip in and out of walking the dog with Emily Dean too.

DoJo Thu 01-Feb-18 12:14:03

I like 'Lizard People' - it's all about conspiracy theories and the likelihood of them have any legitimacy.

I just listened to one on Radio 4 which was about a real-life murder that changed the face of Chinese politics - surprisingly gripping!

Maypole245 Thu 01-Feb-18 12:16:04

I'm enjoying Haunted at the moment, but have nearly finished the series so am taking note of pp suggestions with interest!

anonymousbird Thu 01-Feb-18 12:16:50

DoJo - forgot about that one, I listened to that too! Bizarre and compelling in equal measure.

ArthurDentsTowel Thu 01-Feb-18 12:19:07

Casefile is a great true crime podcast - Australian made, but covers cases from other countries as well. Comprehensive and well-made - think they've been going just over a year now.

HoppyHannah Thu 01-Feb-18 12:37:57

Agree Casefile is really good.

Here are my favourites besides casefile, they echo my interests!

Court Junkie. Really good series along the lines of Casefile, but with a US narrator whose voice is very good.

Chris Gethards "Beautiful Anyonymous" - amazing people ring in and tell their story anonymously. Some are weird some are amusing and some quite sad. I'm hooked.

IPM, similar to Beautiful anonymous but from British angle.

Travel with Rick Steve's, all around the world from your bed or armchair.

Dan Snow's History hit. Self explanatory. And the History Hour similar.

Podcasts are amazing!

ColinFlower Thu 01-Feb-18 12:40:48

My podcast list has suddenly doubled from all these suggestions!

Can I just recommend one more? If you love Louis Theroux then you need to listen to him singing on the Adam Buxton podcast. I nearly wet myself 😂

poorbuthappy Thu 01-Feb-18 12:42:20

This American Life - obv totally USA focussed and can be a little bit left field but so bloody interesting.

poorbuthappy Thu 01-Feb-18 12:43:45

Also Black Tapes, Tanis and Rabbits.
Paranormal based and some of the later stuff is quite annoying, but the early seasons of BT and Tanis were very entertaining.

FellOutOfBed2wice Thu 01-Feb-18 12:46:50

Colin is that when he sings Yes Sir I Can Boogie? Only have to mention that in this house and me and DH laugh like drains.

The Momento Mori podcast is excellent, one man talking about his relationship with death (but much better than that sounds!) Sunday School Drop Outs is also great where a couple discuss each book of the Bible subversively.

I’m also loving TV podcasts on shows I’ve loved- there’s a great one on Peep Show (The El Dude Brothers) and This Country (WTAF).

wubbers Thu 01-Feb-18 12:49:49

Modern Love - New York Times essays read by famous actors/well-known people
If you're in to crime, Criminal is great. Focuses on more unusual cases and not always gory ones - a recent one was the amount of Venus Fly Traps that go missing every year!

Buscake Thu 01-Feb-18 12:52:38

The guilty feminist
It’s fucking hilarious as well as interesting and empowering

longdaysandpleasantnights Thu 01-Feb-18 12:54:44

Oh so many to choose from! But my favourites are Uncanny County (fictional slightly spooky stories but enjoyable and funny), The Complete Guide To Everything (comedy), The Memory Palace (historical, but not ancient history!), Criminal (really interesting and well told) and My Favorite Murder (took me a couple of episodes to get into but now I love it).

I resisted My Dad Wrote A Porno for so long but have just started listening and it is really funny.

ColinFlower Thu 01-Feb-18 13:00:08

I’ve found my people grin

Cheesymonster Thu 01-Feb-18 13:06:58

Watching with interest as I was going to start the same thread! I am listening to reviews of Stephen king novels.

OhCalamity Thu 01-Feb-18 13:37:42

Lore is good if you like unexplained or paranormal stories or origins of superstitions around the world.

Scabbersley Thu 01-Feb-18 15:13:34

Fab! Thanks so much. Lots to get stuck into.

I loved S Town and I really like This American Life. I often play episodes to the dds, there was a brilliant one about social media.

maras2 Thu 01-Feb-18 15:20:18

Tales of the city based on the books by Armistead Maupin will while away an hour or 2.

StoatofDisarray Thu 01-Feb-18 15:25:49

"HP Podcraft" (The HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast), and its copycat cousin, the MR James "Podcast to the Curious".

Good episodes to start with: The Dunwich Horror (Podcraft) and "Casting the Runes" (Podcast to the Curious).

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