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The Archers: Will Lillian decide what MATTers JUST IN time? Discussion #82

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DadDadDad Tue 31-Oct-17 12:47:43

Discuss The Archers here, the long-running thread series started by PseudoBadger. Maybe my puns will tempt her back to take the reigns?

I think Sleeping Beauty references can wait until the next thread which will probably cover much of December.

Lurkers de-lurk! New to The Archers? you're welcome here; the friendly crowd will answer your questions.

DadDadDad Tue 31-Oct-17 12:51:10

*reins! (Long may she reign over us grin ).

WipsGlitter Tue 31-Oct-17 12:51:39

Checking in. Just listening to last nights epi now...

AuldHeathen Tue 31-Oct-17 13:04:04

Nothing more to say just now. Thanks for new thread, ddd. Und gute Reise in Zürich!

TheAntiBoop Tue 31-Oct-17 13:06:19

Thanks for new thread

Fink Tue 31-Oct-17 13:18:00

Thanks for the thread D3. Good luck with the money laundering in Swiss /Costa Rican bank accounts. Not sure which villain you're working for but make sure you keep a proper paper trail of spreadshits. grin

EBearhug Tue 31-Oct-17 13:30:58

Joining new thread.

cheminotte Tue 31-Oct-17 13:41:37

Thanks for the new thread Dadx3 . Viel Spass in der Schweiz!

EsmesBees Tue 31-Oct-17 13:43:29

Thanks for the new thread. Good title

ppeatfruit Tue 31-Oct-17 14:02:00

Yes good title Dadx3 Thanks for it. Jolly good wordplay!

I think Matt was knocked over in one place (the green?) and was moved to another (the country road) . Ha!! the plot thickens (taps side of nose).

Cromwell1536 Tue 31-Oct-17 14:03:26

Well, I know it's obvious, but surely only Justin would be so cold-hearted and furious as to knock Matt down (even if that was an accident), step out of the car, silently survey the injured man, get back in the car and drive off without a word? Had it been Alice/Freddie/Nic/Adam/Lily, wouldn't there have been loud panic stations?

WineAndTiramisu Tue 31-Oct-17 14:04:57

Yes, but you think Lillian would notice a Matt shaped dent in the car they drove to the hospital?

Cromwell1536 Tue 31-Oct-17 14:05:23

Maybe it's not an Ambridge resident at all?? maybe Matt has seriously hacked off some of his scarier associates and the heavies have been sent? Perhaps that's why he's leaving? And what was in the suitcases that he's so concerned about? Someone else's money (again)?

Cromwell1536 Tue 31-Oct-17 14:06:16

Although if you were fleeing for your life with a suitcase full of readies, would you really get legless in the local pub rather than keeping your wits about you?

TheAntiBoop Tue 31-Oct-17 15:06:54


puremince Tue 31-Oct-17 15:35:27

Matt couldn't have been knocked down on the Green without someone notricing - someone leaving the Bull, or a curtain twitcher who heard a thump.

Listening again, I think there is the sound of braking just before the impact, as though the driver had seen Matt at the last minute, or Matt had stumbled into the path of the car at the last minute. Does anyone else think it sounds as though the car was braking at the point of impact?

If Justin had had a migraine and couldn't find Lillian, he would have spoken to someone else - Jenny? Shula? -and asked them to pass on a message that he was going home. Lillian will see through the "migraine" story very quickly.

ppeatfruit Tue 31-Oct-17 16:08:10

Well Justin said he rang her, there would be evidence that he had on her phone.

Cromwell's idea is a good one , he had very shady associates. maybe he hadn't paid the men he'd hired to 'warn' Paul.

SoMuchToBits Tue 31-Oct-17 16:18:55

Given that the suitcases are presumably still at the Bull, it will be interesting to see what is in them!

BertrandRussell Tue 31-Oct-17 16:21:41

Good thing it wasn't raining-it would have been unfortunate if Matt had blocked a culvert........

Eastpoint Tue 31-Oct-17 17:26:56

Thank you for the new thread DadDadDad.

I don’t think anyone would risk moving someone after hitting them with a car, you wouldn’t want the DNA on your car seats. I don’t understand why the plane would have been leaving in the middle of the night, aren’t there aircraft noise restrictions in Birmingham?

Bekabeech Tue 31-Oct-17 17:37:04

Thanks for the thread DDD!
There are not direct flights from birmingham to Costa Rica. One goes about 6:30 via Amsterdam, but he could easily have been going to Manchester or London.

Imbroglio Tue 31-Oct-17 17:47:47

Well, Lilian timed that badly. Justin owns her house now, unless Matt has quietly stitched him up, too.

glamorousgrandmother Tue 31-Oct-17 18:08:56

Well Justin said he rang her, there would be evidence that he had on her phone.

There will also be the evidence in the call log that Matt rang her earlier - the call that was intercepted by Justin.

Minimammoth Tue 31-Oct-17 18:21:09

I am now picturing Dad3 as a sort of Gru type villain, Despicable Dad.

PerspicaciaTick Tue 31-Oct-17 18:25:06

I am very upset about Tiger. I usually like Lillian but she is a liability around men.

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