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Due February 2021 💕

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TeaPiglet Wed 17-Feb-21 20:34:27

@Thegirlhasnoname 4th Feb Boy- Born 25th Jan Isaac
@IamC Baby Girl born 28th Jan Norah
@OnNaturesCourse 12th Feb Boy-Born 29th Jan
@Char41zam 13th Feb Girl- Born 30th Jan Leila
@Ironmummy28 1st Feb Surprise- Born 1st Feb Girl Florence
@Piccalily19 7th Feb-Born 3rd Feb Zachary
@Baby2onboard 13th Feb- Born 3rd
@Pampero 22nd Feb-Born 5th Feb Isobella
@MacMummy95 4th Feb Girl- Born 4th
@Wannabe123 19th Feb- Born 19th Archie
@SearchingForToes 11th Feb-Born 9th Boy
@Babydust2412 3rd Feb-Born 10th Avery
@Lnbarne 8th Feb-Born 10th Lydia Jean
@ExhaustedMumofsix 30th Jan-Born 13th Arya Danielle
@babbit87 16th Feb-Born 15th Feb Brooke
@Dorset555 7th Feb-Born 15th Feb Poppy

🕊️Remembering Safxxx's baby boy 🕊️

@017HF 7th Feb Surprise
@Ohtheheartburn 8th Feb Boy
@Muriel84 10th Feb Surprise
@SearchingForToes 11th Feb Surprise
@MrsMesh 13th Feb Boy
@Little11 13th Feb Surprise
@BattenburgBerry 20th Feb Surprise
@Ariana87 20th Feb
@Nursey1993 20th Feb Girl
@TeaPiglet** 20th Feb Surprise
@Snorlax86 21st Feb Surprise
@Jbx10 22nd Feb Girl
@Stef92 23rd Feb Boy
@Summertime1992 23rd Feb Girl
@ClockSpanner 24th Feb Boy
@Bambino87 25th Feb Surprise
@Faithfulbird20 25tb Feb Surprise
@TooManyDinosaurs1 26th Feb Surprise
@LBoz39 26th Feb Surprise
@Newmumfeb2021 27th Feb Surprise
@BL89 28th Feb Surprise
@Theonewheretherewas4 4th March

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TeaPiglet Wed 17-Feb-21 21:20:12

@ClockSpanner have you had your baby hun?

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Clockspanner Wed 17-Feb-21 21:28:14

I have. I came on to post but then saw the news 😔

Baby boy came yesterday and all went very quickly in the end after my last post and after the slow start on Monday. We are both home and doing well.

Congratulations to @dorset555 as well smile

Char41zam Wed 17-Feb-21 21:32:19

Congratulations ladies x

Muriel84 Wed 17-Feb-21 21:49:05

@Clockspanner congratulations, glad you got home so soon x x x

@TeaPiglet thank you for setting up separate t

TeaPiglet Wed 17-Feb-21 22:02:06

@Clockspanner congratulations! Have you thought of a name?

This is why I thought a separate thread would be good so Saf can grieve with our respect and new mummies can still celebrate their news too.

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Newmumfeb2021 Wed 17-Feb-21 22:57:47

Congratulations on your baby @Clockspanner ❤️💐 glad you are both okay !

@TeaPiglet thank you for setting new thread love. ❤️ I was feeling very disturbed and anxious since I read the news. Hopefully there are some positive stories to keep us going 🤞🏻🍀

faithfulbird20 Thu 18-Feb-21 02:29:53

Congrats to those who've had their babies.

I'm really feeling for saffxxx I can't sleep I hope she's okay....

Piccalily19 Thu 18-Feb-21 02:52:17

@Clockspanner congrats on your baby boy, lovely news to read 🎉
@faithfulbird20 Im the same, I’ve had a little cry about it and now I’m up doing the night feed I can’t stop thinking about what she must be going through, poor poor girl 😞

Char41zam Thu 18-Feb-21 04:08:26

Been thinking about her all night, was up feeding and I just can’t even imagine what she is going through 😢

Muriel84 Thu 18-Feb-21 04:59:29

I’ve been awake a lot of the night thinking about her too. The worse news imaginable. Xxx

TeaPiglet Thu 18-Feb-21 05:02:07

I didn't get to sleep until midnight and I'm up for the second time now. I feel so sick just thinking of her and her family. Just hope that she's had him now

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Char41zam Thu 18-Feb-21 05:10:14

@TeaPiglet to go through that is just unimaginable, it was my worst fear when I was rushed to hospital with pre eclampsia this time and my partner has lost a daughter to still birth and he was scared it was going to happen again, I have thought about how blessed we are over this few weeks anyway but tonight even more so and I just can’t stop thinking about her and the pain she must be feeling 😢

TeaPiglet Thu 18-Feb-21 05:33:14

I have to admit it made me hug me DD that bit tighter, my DH is really affected by it too. I don't think he realised that it can actually happen. Must've brought a lot back for your DH, I hope she gets proper support.

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Stef92 Thu 18-Feb-21 06:04:32

@Clockspanner congrats 🎉

Thank you for making a new thread @TeaPiglet - I've had a rough sleep thinking about poor Safxxx and her family. I can't imagine what she's going through. I spoke to my hubby about it and it's affected him too 😞 every little movement I felt overnight has made me feel so lucky but even worse about her

Char41zam Thu 18-Feb-21 06:05:50

I hope so too, she will need a lot of support going through this life can be so so cruel x

Muriel84 Thu 18-Feb-21 07:39:00

She’s clearly a very strong woman. When I think about all the advice and support she’s given us over the last eight months, encouraging us to stay positive too when we’ve found parts of our pregnancies difficult, you’re right @Char41zam it is just so so cruel.

The sadness we’re all feeling shows how important these support groups are. Sending lots of love this morning. X x x

TeaPiglet Thu 18-Feb-21 07:45:28

All we can do is keep checking in on the other thread to see if she needs us and try and build positivity back up on this thread. Our babies and families need us strong and positive to get through this last stretch 🙏🏻

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nursey1993 Thu 18-Feb-21 07:46:33

Thanks for the new thread @TeaPiglet, just didnt sit right to still be celebrating all the baby news while safxxx was having to go through that. Its so difficult to even think about what shes going through, I was always so naive in thinking all would be safe and well at this stage but its the 2nd loss Ive heard of this pregnancy so late on 😔😔 Definitely makes you appreciate all we have atm xxx

Ariana87 Thu 18-Feb-21 08:53:20

I haven’t stopped thinking about Saf either, have had no sleep worrying if babies movements are ok and getting upset at what she and her family are going through. Had a family member go through the same just before Christmas so have felt super anxious for weeks now. Praying for everyone of us that our babies are all delivered healthy and safely. Absolutely devastating ☹️😢

Ariana87 Thu 18-Feb-21 08:57:22

@Clockspanner congratulations on the birth of your little one 💐

TeaPiglet Thu 18-Feb-21 09:10:05

It completely natural to be anxious that it will happen however its very unlikely and just take every movement as a sign that your baby is tell you they are safe and well. It's important that we get our feelings out too but in a space separate to Safxxx

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Char41zam Thu 18-Feb-21 09:26:21

I have not slept, Leila got up at 4 and I’m still awake 😕 it’s really got to me

TeaPiglet Thu 18-Feb-21 09:53:07

@Char41zam is it anxiety you're feeling or something different? It must be hard for you to process too while you're juggling a newborn?

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Char41zam Thu 18-Feb-21 09:56:55

Think it’s anxiety and sadness generally, like I say I have been so so reflective since I had Leila because it was a close call basically and then when I found out yesterday it’s just filled me with sadness about how life can be so cruel

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