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Due October 2019 Thread 2 💙💖 babies are coming x

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HJWT Wed 18-Sep-19 13:52:19

Thread 2

HJWT Wed 18-Sep-19 14:04:58

@2018isanewyear & @Rememberallball Will tag you both in case you miss the link on the old thread x

YorkshireIndie Wed 18-Sep-19 14:12:00

Place marking

secretlyhermione Wed 18-Sep-19 14:19:51

Place marking as well smile

Frizzy1986 Wed 18-Sep-19 14:25:21

Place marking as well

kmammamalto Wed 18-Sep-19 14:37:49

Just had midwife visit about planning a homebirth, only for her to examine me and say she thinks baby is breach!! Scan on Friday to check!

HJWT Wed 18-Sep-19 14:40:00

@kmammamalto Oh no 🤦🏻‍♀️ hopefully she has got it wrong x

HJWT Wed 18-Sep-19 15:12:04

@Frizzy1986 Very small world 😁

Frizzy1986 Wed 18-Sep-19 15:16:59

@kmammamalto oh no. Doesn't necessarily mean breech though. My dd was so low down they couldn't find her head or tell if it was her bum, so they scanned me. She was all good (had her 11 days later)

KatnissK Wed 18-Sep-19 15:20:15

Place marking too! And @kmammamalto - hope mw was mistaken or baby turns!

kmammamalto Wed 18-Sep-19 15:28:26

Thanks ladies! I hope so too, what she thinks is head I've always thought was bum!
Hope you're all ok. Anyone else ready for the weather to get cooler?!

newbabyyy2019 Wed 18-Sep-19 15:51:10

@kmammamalto I am but I'm quite enjoying being able to peg my washing on the line! I hate having to stick it all around the house on radiators and clothes airers 😩
Really good that you don't need growth scans now, you can relax now! Hopefully you'll make it to full term! I have already had my steroid injections weeks ago because they thought I'd be induced earlier so I don't have to worry about having those now. They discussed me having pessaries, a stretch and sweep, breaking my waters and last resort c section If nothing brings on labour or labour doesn't progress

HJWT Wed 18-Sep-19 16:28:14

@kmammamalto I cant wait to walk upstairs and think 🤔 oooh I best put the heating on for a bit! Lol but with the hot sweats I doubt that will happen anytime soon xx

Positivity86 Wed 18-Sep-19 16:30:26

@2018isanewyear huge congratulations on the birth of your little boy! Enjoy this special time smile

@SC0508 I'm 35 weeks today too! We must have the same due date. I know what you mean about time going quickly, I thought time might drag since I've finished work but not at all!

kmammamalto Wed 18-Sep-19 16:42:56

@2018isanewyear congratulations! I'm sorry I couldn't remember your username on this thread to congratulate you!

newbabyyy2019 Wed 18-Sep-19 16:57:57

My nesting instincts well and truly kicked in earlier and I decided to remove all of the sofa cushion covers and wash them and now I can't get the bloody things back on 😩

KatnissK Wed 18-Sep-19 17:03:01

Haha @newbabyyy2019 that sounds exactly like the sort of thing I do! Our dishwasher and washing machine have both just packed up - with DS it was the fridge and tumble dryer! Something about me being pregnant seems to turn appliances against me!

SRK16 Wed 18-Sep-19 17:38:42

Pelvic pressure is sooo bad this afternoon. I feel like I’m about to have a prolapse or something. I’m scared to go to the toilet 🙄
10 days to go!

Em39ma Wed 18-Sep-19 17:43:20

We moved.

HJWT Wed 18-Sep-19 17:55:08

Oooh iv got a new symptom for you all!!!

Anyone else get leg cramp? I wake up every night with cramp and my right foot paralysed inwards, iv nearly wet the bed twice because I CANNOT stand on it 😂 then my leg/foot hurts all day!

@Em39ma Yes, I did link it on the old thread but still not sure if the link worked 🤦🏻‍♀️ x

cattaxi Wed 18-Sep-19 17:58:46

Ohh! Loads to catch up on since I posted yesterday!
I had a haircut today, which was nice. And i’ve done yet more washing! I started on the 0-3 box of clothes since the weather is so nice. Just the nappies left to do now.

@HJWT2 I probably don’t need to panic about him coming early. Ds was 6 days late! And i’ve Got my c-section booked for 39+3.
Yay for feeling more comfortable and the baby being engaged. Ds still wasn’t properly engaged / hitting my cervix after 20+ hours on the induction drip! I’ll be very surprised if this one engages.

Nice work on the batch cooking @Frizzy1986. Hoping to get round to that next week. I also get the clawing hands low down feeling. So weird!
Those cakes looks awesome.

@KatnissK I got some lovely maternity / feeding pj’s in Lidl. They are so soft!

@SRK16 massage sounds lovely! How was it? I think I might book one over the next few weeks.

@AngeloMysterioso definitely get dh to put the pram together over the weekend and have a play with it. All part of the fun! I sorted out our car seat / carry cot yesterday with clean covers. I felt quite emotional remembering baby ds coming home from hospital in it!
I know what you mean about movement. I panic if I haven’t felt any for a while - but this one is very active and when he starts a little party in there it’s so uncomfortable.

@Maryrobinson81 and @SunshineSophia my bump is consistently above the 90the centiles line too. Taking it all with a pinch of salt this time - i was the same with ds & he was only 7.9lbs - despite being estimated to be between 9-10lbs at full term.

@Sw2102 that appointment sounds a bit rushed to say the least. Hopefully they will get your plan sorted next time. Entertaining a toddler in a waiting room for an hour must’ve been a nightmare!

Huge congratulations to you @2018isanewyear! Well done. That’s a great weight for gestation. Hope you are both doing well.

Excellent news @Cantthinkofanameeee! You must be so relieved.

Oh no @kmammamalto! Hopefully she got it wrong and you can still have your homebirth.

Hope everyone else is ok and feeling comfortable. I’m trying to motivate myself off the sofa to load the dishwasher, but I’m soooo tired!

Figuringitout Wed 18-Sep-19 18:06:25

I’m 38+2 today - baby number 3. I’m hoping that it makes an arrival into the world soonish, as I feel ready to not be pregnant any longer!! Midwife said head was 3/5 engaged today, but although I know that doesn’t mean labour is any time soon, it made me a little hopeful!!

Rememberallball Wed 18-Sep-19 18:33:30

@HJWT thanks for the tag.

We are doing well and getting into the swing of life as a family of 4 at home. Today we went and registered the boys birth and so we can now apply for their child benefit.

Samuel is now a hefty 6lb 8oz and Joshua is still a diddy 4lb 8oz. They look like they’re cousins rather than brothers and I have been asked if they are twins or not!!

Looking forward to hearing of more safe arrivals within the group xx

HJWT Wed 18-Sep-19 18:53:58

@Rememberallball aw bless! I am sure he will soon catch up ☺️ so nice to hear your home xx

YorkshireIndie Wed 18-Sep-19 19:13:34

Yes to the leg cramps

I am so tired. Tomorrow is my last day at work and I am seeing my new midwife team. Spent the day chasing the final mortgage statement for the solicitor and you would have thought she would have at least acknowledge it?!!

Anyone getting random marks on clothes? It looks like I have spilt water down my front but can not for the life of me figure out how?

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