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Pregnancies April 2018 - #3 the babies are nearly here !

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DaisyLand Mon 05-Mar-18 20:35:30

So we’ve nearly finished with thread 2! Just on time for the babies joining us !

MadRainbow Mon 05-Mar-18 20:37:35

Placemarking since I'm here smile

Pumpkinma Mon 05-Mar-18 20:42:00

Oh I mean next Monday @MadRainbow I forgot it was Monday today! 😂

Yeah seems so close to the finish line just want to meet little one now very ready for baby to be on the outside of me lol

Pumpkinma Mon 05-Mar-18 20:42:22

Thanks for the new thread @DaisyLand ☺️

MadRainbow Mon 05-Mar-18 20:45:04

Oh good thought baby brain had attacked me again and I'd missed a day.

Oh almost forgot, has anyone else met their Health Visitor yet? If so were they as much of a wet weekend as mine appears to be?

DaisyLand Mon 05-Mar-18 20:46:26

I’ve not heard anything from hv. Maybe for best as my house is in a state (dh doing major diy) so they might think a baby is the last thing we need smile

emvy Mon 05-Mar-18 20:48:33


Thanks Daisy!

Not met the Health Visitor yet MadRainbow. Sorry yours is a bit of a wet blanket 😬

YTho Mon 05-Mar-18 20:49:45

Baby kicking like mad, I think it's moving down now. Still got 5 ish weeks to go.

MadRainbow Mon 05-Mar-18 20:52:07

Think it's a new thing in the SE where I am cos I didn't meet my previous one til after the midwives discharged me. Probably being a bit judgemental but what do I do if I don't get on with this one? She just seems a bit...daft so far but I wouldn't put it past her to start arguing with me about things

Rae2017 Mon 05-Mar-18 21:07:00

@emvy just got back from the grandparent antenatal. Was quite good actually because they went through everything about responsive feeding and safe sleep that we all hear about as new mums to be and it's amazing all the changes that have happened since my mum and dad looked after a baby. So hopefully they got something from it and will feel more confident when looking after our little one if I go for a nap pr dare to venture out for a date night with partner! Cant imagine when that will be.

Bez9087 Tue 06-Mar-18 06:53:22

@madrainbow not met ours yet. It is a new thing they introduced here when I was pregnant with ds she came out at about 36 weeks and introduced herself filled loads of forms out etc even though dd was still under her and same hv hmm
Apparently she left ds hv which is cutting as she was really nice and I’m yet to meet the new one. Ds is still under one although never see her but I haven’t had a letter yet to come out and introduce herself so who knows if she is or not. I hope not this week my house is a right tip haha! Woke up this morning with a bit of energy so think I am going to at least tidy the playroom and living room so i can have my space back and kids have theirs... they seem to have moved loads of toys into the front room so will be moving them back.
Thankyou for the new thread @daisy I’m rubbish with stuff like this can only find the board I need sometimes by clicking what ones I’m on haha!

amysaurus87 Tue 06-Mar-18 07:22:44

Thanks for the new thread!

34+2 today, baby is definitely running out of room here movements are far more measured now, kicks are not so common but lots of general wiggling and rolling and stretching out.

Sleeping is becoming difficult, I can't get comfortable most nights, I know they advise sleeping on your left side, but I just can't do it as I get pins and needles in my hand, so the only way I can get a semi decent night sleep is to sleep on my right side!

I've got 4.5 days left in work (spread across this week and next week) and I can't wait to not have to do my commute it's so much hard work, kudos to you ladies working up to 37/38 weeks!

Ante natal classes start on Friday, they were meant to start last week, but got cancelled because of the snow.

Not met my HV yet, is this something I should be expecting?

MadRainbow Tue 06-Mar-18 08:51:25

@Amy they can recommend whichever is scientifically best and we can maybe aim that way, but tbh if they only way I can sleep is standing on my head then that's what I'll do. I get precious little of it at this stage as it is without worrying about crap like that.

So has everyone had antenatal classes already or is booked into them? Cos my midwife hasn't said anything to me with this being my second. Was wondering if you all had private ones?

@Bez mine definitely had judgey eyes on my kitchen as she came in yesterday, considering I can barely stand though I decided she can do a funny run. I miss my DDs HV she was lovely but she got moved to a different department entirely so no chance of her again. It's hard to believe how hit and miss it is to get a sensible HV...

YTho Tue 06-Mar-18 08:53:39

Hardly any sleep last night. I guess it's just my mind and body forcing me to get used to sleepless nights!

Bez9087 Tue 06-Mar-18 09:35:40

@madrainbow I had one with dd and after me explaining how I worked in a nursery started to tell me what a cold compress was “that’s a cold wet flannel placed over the site to reduce swelling” hmm I was like okay!! We then got the amazing one when dd was about 6month and had her for ds too but she left when he was 1 and half for early retirement so now I don’t know who she is.
I hope she isn’t a funny one as I’m quite dry sense of humour... like I said once to nursery he had a bruise on his leg had fallen playing with his bricks inside and banged it as he fell... she was like “a wooden brick?” I said no a house one grin she didn’t find it funny! I had to tell her I was joking. I haven’t heard off mine though yet so she’s either not planning on coming before they arrive or she’s just going to turn up. Either way I am sick of mess so sorting it today which I know later I’ll pay for but it’s dojng my head in and think nesting is kicking in well and truly.
Can’t believe how close Thursday is to this scan now I’m so nervous. I’m sure they will do what’s best for them both but it’s the wait.
Anyone up to anything exciting today?

MadRainbow Tue 06-Mar-18 09:42:40

@Bez I laughed even if the nursery worker didn't... fingers crossed you end up with a good one.

The time will fly to Thursday though it's all so exciting!

TobleroneBoo Tue 06-Mar-18 14:52:31

Hi everyone,

I was on the first thread but dropped off due to having a bit of a stressfull time - can I (re)join please? Im due 12th April and struggling of a night!

Also, I know it varies between hospitals but I have a "Consultant Appointment" next week - not had one before and Im not sure if its because I am High Risk due to slightly high BMI - but does anybody know what this entails?


dkb15164 Tue 06-Mar-18 15:36:30

Hola again

Managed to get appointment with midwife yesterday after not being seen for 6 weeks and got told off for not having registered with my local GP yet - only moved less than 4 weeks ago in the middle of full force uni fire (aka 8am till 7pm day of doing assignment after assignment). Blood pressure higher than they'd like considering my lifestyle is relatively healthy - they put it down to stress. She told me I should try find something to relax with; is it me or is there nothing more stressful than being told to stop stressing? hmm My usual way of unwinding is with a glass of wine (or 4) and a soft cheese board in front of the TV on the sofa on a Saturday night. winewinewinewine I can't drink or have soft cheeses obviously and I still don't have a sofa (hopefully arriving Friday) so that's kinda off the cards.
Partner's parents are in fuerteventura for the week and sending me photos of glorious seafood paellas - I want all of it so bad. Instead I've had microwave potatoes au gratin for 12 of my last 19 meals because that's what I'm craving.
Anybody else doing Mother's Day shopping? I've got a triple whammy this weekend with Mother's Day, my mothers birthday and my partner's mothers 60th birthday. We have the cards (2 each) and a bottle of gin for my mum but nothing else. blush I sent her a few photos of h and m dresses but got the thumbs down, she's so picky.

WonderfullySunny Tue 06-Mar-18 16:05:37

@DaisyLand thanks for the new thread!

@TobleroneBoo have they told you you're high risk before? They do normally give you a consultant if you're classed as higher risk so nothing to worry about, although I understand in some areas this may mean you can't give birth at a midwife unit.

@dkb15164 do you have a date when you'll finish up with uni work? Hehe yup nothing worse than someone saying don't stress, most helpful!! Good luck with the Mother's Day gift hunt!

@MadRainbow I'm not in the UK at the moment and they only do antenatal classes from 9-10am at the local hospital so really helpful for people at work!! If you do pick up any useful tidbits would be keen to hear them  they also don't have health visitors here and don't give out information so will be an interesting time afterwards!

@Bez9087 Only two days until your scan! Keeping everything crossed for you, must be exciting and scary all in one go smile

TobleroneBoo Tue 06-Mar-18 16:16:42

Hi @wonderfullySunny yes they've told me right from the beginning, I wasnt sure if seeing the consultant was just because of that, or if everybody saw one.
They have given me the choice of midwife or consultant led because I am only very slightly over but will be going with consultant led anyway

Teeeee Tue 06-Mar-18 16:46:34

Hello all! Was just going to comment on last thread about being soooooooooooo tired and randomly breathless and saw many of u feeling the same! Glad to bot be alone.. and to find this new April thead. Crikey! Cant believe how close its getting!

sprinks Tue 06-Mar-18 16:57:07

@TobleroneBoo I am consultant led, due to baby being small and already going into labour twice 🙈

I have scans then see the consultant who goes through how I am feeling and how baby is doing. Just very general then depending on what happens they book me in for more scans and appointments. Very much like midwife appointments just in a bit more depth

Bez9087 Tue 06-Mar-18 17:14:13

Forgot it was mother’s day Sunday shock I only have to buy for my mum and step mum and hopefully dh buys for me off our dc hmm whether he does or not lol!
Well overdone it today woke up with a burst of energy, did school run this morning, then tidied and sorted my dd bedroom which I didn’t realise had a floor until before the little madam it was a right state so she is getting told when she gets home from her activity. Then decided I may aswell do ds aswell he’s in a box room so wasn’t as bad and he tidied his toys for me as I sorted bits out. Then came and did playroom and picked my dd up from school and washing. Now really paying for it with strong Braxton Hicks and so many pains lower down. I’m sure my body hates me sometimes. Dh just phoned and could sense on phone i wasn’t right so just told me to sit down and he will be home very soon and will sort tea and pick dd up from her activity later.
Anyone else have older children and have like chore charts? Thinking of one for my dd she’s 8 so not exactly little. We said she has to keep her room clean and if every Saturday it’s tidy she can have a £1. Thinking of other little jobs she can do round the house to earn some money but don’t want to be forking out like a tenner a week on chores. So was thinking odd jobs like tidy playroom 50p or make breakfast for her and her brother 10p etc? She has some value of money but not a lot and don’t want her thinking she should be paid to do everything like she sets the table already for tea and takes drinks etc to places people are sitting and helps hand out the plates then we all sit down and she takes her own plate to kitchen and scrapes it etc so she does stuff like that already and doesn’t get paid for it as think she needs to learn a sense of responsibility as in we all muck in but then the same time tidying playroom etc or doing hers and her brothers breakfast in morn (only cereal) will help me out massively and she probably wouldn’t mind for like 10p here and 50p there. Or do I sound a cheap skate?! Lol! Tried looking online but loads of things say about loading and unloading dishwasher (feel uneasy about this and glasses in there and the cupboards are high up). Anyone else have an older one that could give me a small insight?

julia02 Tue 06-Mar-18 18:16:27

Hi, mums to be! 😍 Im 33 weeks peegnant. Yesterday, I was at hospital because I was worried. My underwear gota little wet. The doc check it up and said that I got infection. The doc prescribed pessaries and cream bcs it was a vaginal thrush. Now, I am scared if the medication can cause sth to baby. Has anyone used it? Manythanks.😍😍

WonderfullySunny Tue 06-Mar-18 18:24:07

@TobleroneBoo you'll be in good hands in any case then smile was also slightly over but oddly never been mentioned but then the docs over here are odd. They refuse to give either the flu or whooping cough vaccine to pregnant women 

@Bez9087 it's hard to take it easy and I've done similar starting out the day feeling almost normally walking loads and then paying for it. Leaning down to pick things up has resulted in some v sharp pains as well, all fun!!

@julia02 it's fine just make sure you use your fingers for the pessary rather than the applicator.

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