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March 2018 babies due? How is everyone!

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Potteryprincess30 Tue 09-Jan-18 08:30:28

Can someone direct me to the March thread please? Or shall we start a new one? I feel like the old one has completely disappeared into the depths of the mumsnet sea.

We're getting close now and wanted to see how everyone was as I'm due the 7th smile

All the best to you all lovely pregnant ladies

MrsL2016 Tue 09-Jan-18 16:57:59

Hello Pottery. There is a March 2018 thread in the antenatal clubs section but I think they have created a fb group and are all messaging on there though so it is pretty quiet. I am due 17th and feeling pretty well and just on countdown to mat leave at 37 weeks. How are you?

Potteryprincess30 Tue 09-Jan-18 17:07:00

@MrsL2016 thanks for replying and glad your feeling good. I don't have Facebook so had a feeling they may have disappeared to there. Had he invite/link on there but hoped some people would occasionally crop back up on the mumsnet thread. Maybe there are less babies due in March as April and Feb thread seems really busy

37 weeks is going to be so soon for you now but serious kudos for still working. I'm doing an MSc part time but finish at the end of this month until September.

Tigger83 Tue 09-Jan-18 17:12:27


I'm due on the 16th finishing at 37 weeks too. Struggling with rib pain sadso 37 weeks can't come soon enough!!

Hope you're all well

Potteryprincess30 Tue 09-Jan-18 17:17:15

Hi @Tigger83

You must be feeling the burn, I worked with my last until 36 weeks and I was almost in a coma by the time I got home, and my lower back shock you ladies sure are inspirational. The last few weeks have definitely made a difference 'bump' wise I think to, things are expanding now smile

MrsL2016 Tue 09-Jan-18 18:01:11

I still feel pretty well and it is my first so I am able to take it easy after work and let other things slide a bit if needed. I am convinced I will go overdue and don't want to take to much leave before the baby comes, so pushing on to 37 weeks (mat leave kicks in at 39). My lower back is suffering though. What number DC is this for you Pottery?

Flower088 Tue 09-Jan-18 18:41:55

Im due 16th march, im due to go on mat leave on the 2nd march, this my first baby so he she might come a bit late. I dont look very pregnant due to hyperemesis and hardly got a bump. Im so out of breath all the time

TeaAndPjs Tue 09-Jan-18 20:06:22

I'm due 18th march smile only 9 and a bit weeks left amf only 6 weeks left to work!! was on the antenatal group but found it too hard to keep up with as it moves so quickly so joined the fb group, it's a secret group and quite a few of us on there, much easier to keep up with too smile

Potteryprincess30 Tue 09-Jan-18 20:28:17

@MrsL2016 it'll be my second daughter with exactly 8 years apart (her 8th birthday is in March). So I am very lucky as she's basically self sufficient wink.

Seriously though she is basically like having another grown up around, cleaning and preparing more then me. I have been very lazy at every opportunity as I know it will be tiring when this one arrives.

However, anyone who tells you horror stories about no sleep, labour ect close your ears! My daughter slept 5 hours at a time between feeds at night from birth and by 3 months she was 8 hours. She was easy as pie and still sleeps 12 hours every night (I'm sure I will regret writing this when it's more difficult next time round smile or when she's the most dramatic disruptive teenager!)

The nhs website is really good for info about establishing a sleep routine if anyone's interested in looking. And the NCT breast feeding website and hotline really useful too. Labour was really positive for me and although hard work was absolutely fine. My best friend just had a really good, healthy labour too and actually said she's done harder 'shifts on a hangover' grin so positive vibes ladies all round!

Keep on trucking women, everything is going to be just wonderful and brilliant smile

Potteryprincess30 Tue 09-Jan-18 20:31:26

@Flower088 hyperemesis sounds so truly horrible, I can only imagine how it's been working through it. Nearly there though now, January is going to absolutely disappear and then it's the home straight. I am a cm under so basically on track.

Do you know what you are having @Flower088 and @TeaAndPjs?

TeaAndPjs Tue 09-Jan-18 21:04:20

Yep its a little girl for us smile this is no3 for us and our last so nice to have a little girl after 2 boys (tho would have been just as happy with another boy)

dippyeggandsoldiers Tue 09-Jan-18 21:37:40

I'm due on the 11th, #1 and I'm having a girl! I can't wait!

flowa79 Tue 09-Jan-18 22:12:34

Im due 2nd and on my 4th with a massive 16yr age gap between my youngest and bubs. Will b having section tho at 37wks if i dont go b4 then as have history of pre terms. Got scan tomoz tho as lo has slowed in growth and was showing reduced blood through cord eek.

MissLaurz Tue 09-Jan-18 22:18:17

Hi! I'm due March 18th, finishing work at week 35 though-mainly due to a long commute! Feeling good apart from when people feel the need to tell me horror stories about their labour confused nice to know there are other mums to be out there expecting the same time as I am! Hope you are all feeling good xx

Flower088 Tue 09-Jan-18 22:42:10

Ooo ive kept it a suprise and my baby is due near my 30th so thought it might be a nice gift to myself hehe. Wishing everyone strong and healthly babies!!

Mugglenet Tue 09-Jan-18 23:27:48

Due 28th march with our 1st baba. Struggling with rib pain as well. We have also kept it a surprise but secretly I'm dying to know what i am having...

MrsL2016 Wed 10-Jan-18 06:39:15

We are having a little boy. Wouldnt have minded either way but we were struggling to agree on girls names so decided to find out sex to see if we had to get our thinking caps on. Luckily not for this one.

Tigger83 Wed 10-Jan-18 07:53:18

I'm having a little boy too. Off to the midwife this morning for a check up. Been doing hypnobirthing so I'm not scared of the birth just excited to meet him now!!

Potteryprincess30 Wed 10-Jan-18 10:25:27

@Tigger83 how was the midwife? Some people seem to swear by hypnobirthing, I may have a look online. A couple I knew paid a fortune for a course but I heard you can kind of just learn the basics yourself for free using online resources?

I think I kind of went into a trance with my last birth and internalised a lot of the waves of pain ect, went to my 'calm place's so to speak. Did really help but after 10 hours I did have a shot of pethadine which was definitely hypnotic as it sent me to sleep smile

I'll try and get as far as I can again without the pain relief. Gas & air unfortunately made me feel sick and just didn't do it for me.

Glad to find other woman due in March. @Mugglenet I would be desperate to know! It does make things even more exciting and you can get lots of gender neutral clothes, Grey's and whites, gorgeous.

@flowa79 I really hope everything is ok and your ok most importantly. Let us know and I'm really sure that your body, and baby, is just getting ready for labour now. Wishing you all the best.
@MissLaurz those people see those stories as a badge of honour I think but it's just so awful to hear them when your still pregnant and awaiting your own labour. It will be ok and actually probably more then ok. It'll pretty god dam wonderful trust me!

Mugglenet Wed 10-Jan-18 12:14:02

My midwives are providing 4 weeks of hypno birthing for free. I'm also in an early intervention group with other mother's due around the same time. Have u ladies not got this in your area??

MrsL2016 Wed 10-Jan-18 16:47:26

I am interested in hypnobirthing too but haven't looked into actual classes so not sure what is on offer in my area. I have been recommended a book by Sophie Fletcher called Mindful Hypnobirthing. I already have some training in Mindfulness through my job and really rate it, so I am hoping it isn't too different.

HazyDays81 Wed 10-Jan-18 17:52:18

Hi ladies,
I’m due on 15 March with baby boy no. 3!
I confirmed my leave date with HR today at 36 weeks. Was wondering whether to leave it longer as both my previous pregnancies I went a week overdue. Feeling pretty good so far though feels like baby’s bum is pushing into my ribs grin

HazyDays81 Wed 10-Jan-18 17:52:50

Forgot to write I’m hoping for a water birth this time round but we will see!

TeaAndPjs Wed 10-Jan-18 19:51:51

I've heard loads about hypnobirthing but haven't given it a try! Both my last labours I managed with just gas &air and hopefully the same this time round

thaigreencurry82 Wed 10-Jan-18 20:15:11

Hello fellow Marchies!

I'm due 10th March with my first bubba. Am coping well with work, just the long commute is the hardest thing at the moment but am getting offered a seat on the tube virtually all the time now which is lovely. Some very kind people out there!

Planning on working til 37 weeks.

To everyone who is doing hypnobirthing - have you done classes or using a CD?

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