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Swagger Inn 149 - The One Where Team TB Wenches Go On Strike <ylt>

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LetUsPrey Tue 22-Aug-17 08:30:06

Hope this is okay for everywench grin

FancyFancy Tue 22-Aug-17 12:31:37

It hits the spot letus grin


LetUsPrey Tue 22-Aug-17 15:46:52

<runs in>
<locks door>
<hides in cupboard>
<barricades door with HBFs>

WickedWenchOfTheNorth Tue 22-Aug-17 16:29:29


ApricotCrush Tue 22-Aug-17 16:34:26

Lovely new thread LetUs, thank you.


LetUsPrey Tue 22-Aug-17 18:51:28

Evening wenches

<drinks wine>

Good grief there are some absolute dickheads in the world, and most of them decided to phone my office today.


LetUsPrey Tue 22-Aug-17 19:19:52

I see Wicked is posting pictures of Strike on the previous thread to fill it up.

<waits for Wicked to finish him it off>

LetUsPrey Tue 22-Aug-17 19:22:21

Job well done there Wicked grin

Have a wine and some cake

WickedWenchOfTheNorth Tue 22-Aug-17 19:22:25

Finished grin

Evening wenches. Knackered.

wine for Letus

WickedWenchOfTheNorth Tue 22-Aug-17 19:23:21

Oh thanks, just what I needed.

SisterHelenoftheEternalCatchUp Tue 22-Aug-17 19:55:36

<arf> LetUs - fantastic thread title. Queen of innuendo Strikes again wink

I have had a boring/busy had at boringOfficeJob and have only broken up one wheel barrow of hardcore with the sledgehammer tonight. think I may be pretty much done on that front now.

Need to do RealLife things - I just had to look at something on my computer and got completely diverted in MN / messenger - haven't even touched twitter and FB yet shock
<steps away from the computer...>

ApricotCrush Tue 22-Aug-17 19:59:17

Evening. Knackered too.

Facebook informed me this morning that it is our wedding anniversary today. We had both forgotten. blush We don't bother to celebrate, DH was out for the day and I had my evening meal alone as he had already eaten. It's fine I could read the evening paper in peace.

More wine for LetUs.

LetUsPrey Tue 22-Aug-17 20:43:09

Bollocks. That's reminded me, it's ours in a few days too. We do exchange cards but no presents or anything. Wouldn't be bothered if DH forgot or didn't get a card though because I forgot one year when it was our 10th. And a meal in peace and reading the paper sounds like a grand way to celebrate grin Happy anniversary to you both wine. Seeing as you're on your own though, Athos said he'll look in

How big of an area are you tackling Helen? shock You seem to have been at it for days. And you've been working garden for a long time too <badoomtish>

SisterHelenoftheEternalCatchUp Tue 22-Aug-17 20:57:25

grin Oh I have - been at it for days. Absolutely. (Only 3)

It's only about 8'x8', for a shed, but I've been having to fill the wheelbarrow, then cart it down to the end of the garden. Statred off with the sacks of solidified render that needed smashing up, and now infilling with concrete and trying to generally level it off.

sad re fuckwits at work, btw.

I usually forget our anniversary, and HD remembers and is smug. WE don't bother with cards and stuff though - just buy a couple of really nice steaks and stuff our faces. grin

FancyFancy Tue 22-Aug-17 21:35:14

Happy Anniversary apricot wine

LetUsPrey Tue 22-Aug-17 21:43:22

"Been at it for days" - proper wench grin

<diverts some Pimms to WickedLand>

We're watching Dracula Untold. It's not great to be honest. Waiting for DS1 to come down so we can watch last week's Quacks. Hope it's worth watching.

SisterHelenoftheEternalCatchUp Tue 22-Aug-17 21:46:29

Oh yes - Happy Anniversary! (I'm so useless at social niceties sometimes sad )

We are watching GoT - with a DS imposed hiatus...

LetUsPrey Tue 22-Aug-17 22:09:20

Quacks is very good - Rupert Everett, Matthew Baynton, and Rory Kinnear are all fab grin. Andrew Scott's in the second episode apparently.

FancyFancy Tue 22-Aug-17 22:25:23

ooh that sounds good letus, think I may seek it out...

LetUsPrey Tue 22-Aug-17 22:36:45

All episodes are on iPlayer, but I think we'll do them one per week.

I need to watch Outlander from last week but can't get any time to myself <kicks stuff>

LetUsPrey Tue 22-Aug-17 22:53:59

Just been having a quick look on a jobs website. Fecking depressing - nothing for me.

I'm off to the hayloft and need HBF volunteers because I'm feeling pretty angry.

FancyFancy Tue 22-Aug-17 23:04:16

That's a bugger letus, was it a specialized one in your field? <is vague>

LetUsPrey Tue 22-Aug-17 23:09:51

No, it was just a quick look on Reed because the ad had been on the TV. Will try more specialised ones tomorrow. For now though, HBFs form a disorderly scrum!

SisterHelenoftheEternalCatchUp Tue 22-Aug-17 23:10:59

sad When wenches rule the world we won't have to work with fuckwits. We won't have to work, full stop.

Also heading for the hayloft shortly. If it's not full of Anry shouty HBFs consoling LetUs... confused

SisterHelenoftheEternalCatchUp Tue 22-Aug-17 23:12:45

ANGRY, FFS. Typo city tonight.

Night all

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