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My DH says he wants to take me up the Oxo tower for Valentine's Day...

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mollyroger Thu 12-Feb-09 20:36:21

...but I must admit, I have my reservations.
It's not something he has ever suggested before. And we've been married for 15 years.
I'm quite adventurous and open to new experiences but really, I have to say this has taken me by surprise.
Has anyone else been taken up the Oxo tower? Was it an enjoyable experience? Would you recommend it?

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catMandu Thu 12-Feb-09 20:37:26


on a more romantic not, dh says he fell in love with me after we went up the oxo tower.

fishie Thu 12-Feb-09 20:38:06


TrinityRhino Thu 12-Feb-09 20:38:15


do you have to use such gross names for it?

good trolling I guess
little obvious though

Aranea Thu 12-Feb-09 20:38:29


sagacious Thu 12-Feb-09 20:38:39

Is this a euphamism ?

TheProvincialLady Thu 12-Feb-09 20:38:44


TheProvincialLady Thu 12-Feb-09 20:39:13

Or should it be


Lilyloo Thu 12-Feb-09 20:39:40

grin well will always be a memorable experience i guess!!!

nickytwotimes Thu 12-Feb-09 20:40:45


myfunnynametaken Thu 12-Feb-09 20:41:00

He'll have to make a reservation surely grin for a Saturday night booking

nickytwotimes Thu 12-Feb-09 20:41:16

lol at SMSL!

mollyroger Thu 12-Feb-09 20:42:15

Am I missing something?
He says I'll enjoy it, and that I should buy a new outfit? WTF does one wear on such an occasion?

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sagacious Thu 12-Feb-09 20:43:32

diamante butt plug and a pained expression

AlistairSim Thu 12-Feb-09 20:44:22

I took DP up the Oxo tower for his birthday.

He loved it but said he wouldn't it every week, just for a special occasion.

Lilyloo Thu 12-Feb-09 20:46:06

grin Sagacious!!

A wet suit ??

petitfilowersandchocolates Thu 12-Feb-09 20:46:32

Ouch sounds painful

Seriously the Oxo Tower is fab, great cocktails

PortofinosDHwillDieIfHeForgets Thu 12-Feb-09 20:47:24

We did that once with friends. It was fun!

nigglewiggle Thu 12-Feb-09 20:48:04

Went up the Oxo Tower with a group of girlfriends. It was fabulous. It wasn't as big as I'd hoped though. grin

OutOfThinHair Thu 12-Feb-09 20:48:33

i tried to take my lover up there (their suggestion) but space was at a premium and we couldn't get in.

PortofinosDHwillDieIfHeForgets Thu 12-Feb-09 20:48:39

DH says not to order the chocolate pudding! grin

catMandu Thu 12-Feb-09 20:48:50

Now I come to think of it, I've taken my Mum up the Oxo Tower - she wasn't too keen, said it was a bit noisy.

nigglewiggle Thu 12-Feb-09 20:49:22

Fnar Fnar

morningpaper Thu 12-Feb-09 20:50:00

We went once but you should be warned it's a bit of a grim area

PortofinosDHwillDieIfHeForgets Thu 12-Feb-09 20:50:01

cat - I'm nearly crying now! grin

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