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What drama have you witnessed at a wedding?

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mamastillnotgotit Mon 30-Nov-20 17:38:28

I've been watching a lot of tv in recent months and there is always a lot of drama at weddings. Fights, declarations of love, speaking now instead of forever holding peace, has anyone ever seen any drama unfold at a wedding?

Name changed for this. I've seen a man at a wedding get very drunk and touch up one woman, get punched by the partner and then do something similar to another woman and get punched again. He was a groomsman.

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iklboogeymum Mon 30-Nov-20 17:41:14

A massive brawl. The bride's dad had laid on a free bar and some people were taking the absolute piss buying bottles of expensive champagne, spirits etc and putting them in bags under their table. The best man found out and it kicked off.

Leaannb Mon 30-Nov-20 17:42:23

Stepsister of the Groom decided that her reception speech was the perfect time to disclose the groom was the father of her 8 week old baby...Chaos ensued

RuggerHug Mon 30-Nov-20 17:42:33

Can't recall anything here now but there is a massive thread in classics about this.

Ughmaybenot Mon 30-Nov-20 17:44:18

The normally absolutely lovely, quiet, never before acted this way in anyone’s living memory groom got rather worse for wear and tried to attack one of his best friends. He had to be dragged out and slept, I believe, on the hallway floor with his very tearful new wife sat up next to him, worried he’d be sick and choke on it.
He’s never even hinted at acting that way since. It was very odd.

MrsMoastyToasty Mon 30-Nov-20 17:44:46

The mother of the bride drinking so much she wet herself and had to be undressed and put to bed by one of her sons.

ShinyMe Mon 30-Nov-20 17:46:34

At my cousin's wedding (my cousin was the bride), the groom tried to snog me, then tried to snog another cousin, then felt up one of the bridesmaids on the dancefloor, then threw up all over the carpet in the foyer of the hotel. Then he announced he'd been having an affair with the other bridesmaid for months. The divorce came through before the wedding photos were back.

Qpobb Mon 30-Nov-20 17:46:51

Nothing to share but earmarking - love these threads grin

ApocalypseNowt Mon 30-Nov-20 17:47:07

I used to work at a big hotel. We took on a wedding that none of the other hotels would. It ended in a massive brawl and the riot police being called.

Chottie Mon 30-Nov-20 17:48:45

The best man sharing multiple photos of the groom enjoying himself during his stag party abroad. These formed part of the best man's speech and did not go down well with bride's family..... You could cut the atmosphere with a knife.

Lunariagal Mon 30-Nov-20 17:49:44

A fight between the grooms mother and the brides father. A row between the bride and her father. In German. Brides father was a horrible aggressive man.

Cocolapew Mon 30-Nov-20 17:49:59


Stepsister of the Groom decided that her reception speech was the perfect time to disclose the groom was the father of her 8 week old baby...Chaos ensued


Merryoldgoat Mon 30-Nov-20 17:51:29


Stepsister of the Groom decided that her reception speech was the perfect time to disclose the groom was the father of her 8 week old baby...Chaos ensued


merryhouse Mon 30-Nov-20 17:51:34

My dad fell over in the ceilidh and hurt his wrist (can't remember now whether it was broken, 25 years ago).

I obviously have a very boring social circle!

OrigamiPenguinArmy Mon 30-Nov-20 17:52:44

Not quite as dramatic as most of these. A young nephew of the bride had been running around like a mad thing after demolishing a good portion of the buffet. His grandmother, also the MOTB, grabbed him and put him on her lap at the top table in an attempt to calm him down. He proceeded to projectile vomit over his grandmother, the table and the poor bride.

Sometimesonly Mon 30-Nov-20 17:53:28

Nothing as dramatic as these but I did go to the wedding where the groom had a punch up with a guest.

JaniceSopranoJr Mon 30-Nov-20 17:53:47

I'd love to have been at these weddings.

Asparaguspatchkid Mon 30-Nov-20 17:54:09

At my wedding found my MIL's boyfriend collapsed on the staircase clutching his chest and seeming like he was having a heart attack. Got the first aider from the bar and they were about to call the ambulance, until they realised he was just very drunk/had heartburn, idiot. My very kind work colleagues escorted/carried him to his room.

Hoppinggreen Mon 30-Nov-20 17:55:28

Friends family not English, had previously offered her money not to marry the (English) groom. During the Groom speech the doors to the room crashed open and a group of 5 or so middle aged men came in loudly accompanied by Thai prostitutes. They sat down but then started to heckle the groom in their own language (other friend spoke said language and was giving me a running commentary). Groom appealed for quiet but no use, Father of the Bride stood up and walked to back of room to noisy guests - then sat down and joined in!
Brides brother eventually went to have a world and there was much shouting and they all stormed out (including father of the Bride).
The Bride put a brave face on but it was pretty awful

MrsHuntGeneNotJeremyObviously Mon 30-Nov-20 17:57:37

Leaannb I've got to know what happened next!

toomuchtooold Mon 30-Nov-20 17:58:42

When my big cousin got married there was a fight and the police had to be called. Don't know who started it, but I'd give pretty short odds on it being my two Rangers supporting bampot uncles trying to get a rise out of some of the catholic family of the groom. Then there was my other big cousin from the other side of the family, bit posher, ceremony in the local church and then coach out to a country house hotel for the reception. Once we were all on the coach, her now DH and his best man got back out, lifted their kilts and mooned the church. Then when we got to the reception, he started his speech with "It's such a pleasure to be here in this room with so many shaggable women": amazingly the marriage lasted a good 10 years!

Dontpasstovardy Mon 30-Nov-20 17:58:49


Stepsister of the Groom decided that her reception speech was the perfect time to disclose the groom was the father of her 8 week old baby...Chaos ensued


LakieLady Mon 30-Nov-20 18:01:46

At a friend's wedding reception, the bride's mother made lots of bitchy remarks about the groom's friends and the best man took a swing at her, resulting in a brawl between the groom's mates and the bride's male relatives.

Sundaypolodog Mon 30-Nov-20 18:04:57

The landlord of the pub where the reception was tried to seduce an elderly lady guest forcing his way onto her in the toilets

Two woman fighting

The brides sister who'd sang a solo and had a most beautiful voice was heard15 minutes later shrieking at the top of her voice at her estranged father, calling him several 4 letter word - another shocked guest said she had the voice of an angel and the mouth of a sewer.

Someone murdered in a drunken fight

Leaannb Mon 30-Nov-20 18:05:02

@Merryoldgoat...Stepsister and the Groom were embroiled in a years long relationship. Started when they were teens and were forced to break up. They started hooking up.and entered a relationship and Groom started seeing Bride and Proposed while still seeing stepsister. Stepsister got knocked up and decided to keep it. Stepsister made her little announcement after her Stepfather (groom's father) mentioned how excited they were for the eventual grandchildren....It got ugly very quickly. It was broken up by military police. Great fun.....

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