The final weigh-in thread: March 2021 Low Carb Bootcamp

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BIWI Sun 28-Mar-21 23:52:49

Here's the spreadsheet

I think this has been a really fantastic Bootcamp. Lots of really great losses.

As well as that, though, like every Bootcamp I'm always amazed and often humbled by how much we get to know people. We may all be here because we're trying to lose weight, but there's so much more going on in people's lives.

Tomorrow is the final weigh-in, but I hope very much that people will continue to check in and update us all on 'their journey' (sorry for the cliché)

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ZiggZagg Mon 29-Mar-21 00:09:27

Just marking my place grin

venusandmars Mon 29-Mar-21 00:25:40

Me too, I think I've had a bit of a woosh...

RagzReturnsRebooted Mon 29-Mar-21 00:29:04

Thank you @BIWI, for the thread and all that you do.
How long have you been running these for? It was at least 4 years ago I did my first one.

I succumbed to another mug cake after dinner and should have the big stick shaken threateningly in my direction. I had said I'd only have it once a week, but the DCs were making them and I really, really wanted one. I also had a SLC hot cross bun after lunch and a glass of wine this evening. Although all technically allowed, that's a lot in one day and not really in the spirit of BC. I'd been so so on it for 8 weeks, I don't want to derail myself with carb creep.
No more sweet things until Easter.

RagzReturnsRebooted Mon 29-Mar-21 00:32:55

Oh, but I did do well with dinner. Topped my shepherds pie with mashed swede (very good) and instead of eating it all I had half and ate it with broccoli and cheese sauce. I'm trying to reduce my portion sizes as they'd got out of hand. Also trying to do the same for the rest of the family, especially with meat as we eat far too much. I got 6 portions from 475g mince, which is unheard of for us - I bulked it out with a whole courgette and the DCs didn't realise (cackled evilly).

MrsOmelette Mon 29-Mar-21 06:16:04

@RagzReturnsRebooted mug cakes are almost too easy aren’t they, if they took more time to make they’d be easier to resist. 😆
I bulk my mince out with low carb veg like celery/shallots/mushrooms then after I’ve taken my portion out I bulk it further for the rest of the family with a tin of green lentils, and handful of oats/quinoa.

Underthebludgeoningsofchance Mon 29-Mar-21 06:28:28

I feel very chuffed. 1 stone off this BC, and more importantly almost 10% of body weight off at a time, were it not for BC, that I almost certainly would have gained weight. Thanks corona.
Have loved hearing about all the challenges and NSV. My rowing challenge stopped after day 3 due to switching instead to yoga which I hadn't done for years. I have done 3 weeks of yoga in the past month and feel much more flexible. My NSV is getting back into my work clothes which are now loose, after a year of shielding and being stuck at home. I have just this week started back at work and the weight loss has given me a new found confidence.
I couldn't have done it without all the support and banter and recipe ideas from all of you lovely ladies. Cheers to you all.
Think my favourite discovery, not sure who mentioned it first, is boiled eggs mashed with butter. Even my picky 5 year old asks for this now.
Anyway, I'm planning a feast for Easter, and looking forward to my first hot cross bun of the year, and then will be back on track for the next BC alongside my OH.
Good luck to all.


StuntNun Mon 29-Mar-21 07:09:33

I have stayed exactly the same this Bootcamp! This was planned as I'm in the middle of a new exercise routine and I didn't want to attempt to lose weight while trying to build muscle. I'm actually quite impressed because I feel like I've been eating a lot but I haven't gained any weight. I'm about 6-8lbs over where I would like to be so I'm going to try and shift that on the next Bootcamp and then get back to weight maintenance. I know the last half stone is the hardest but I'm hoping that it will be easier since my weight has been stable for the past few months after I lost then Covid lockdown weight.

ChristMyArse Mon 29-Mar-21 07:36:31

I've lost 3lb this week 9.4 this bootcamp and 16.6 since the beginning of the year.

I just wanted to say thank you to @BIWI @StuntNun @AthelstaneTheUnready for everything. I know I've been absent on the threads the last few weeks - I've had stuff going on here at home that's taken over but I will be back for the next book camp as I find it so supportive and knowledgeable!

ouchmyfeet Mon 29-Mar-21 07:38:01

Checking in with a pound off this week and 30 off over the course of bootcamp. Couldn't be happier with that, it (and the whole of bootcamp really) has been massively inspirational for me. I know I probably can't keep that average 3lbs a week up for long but if I can go at a 2lb average for a decent period of time that will be great.

Next target is to get below 20 stone (5lbs to go) before the start of the next bootcamp, even with Easter in the way. Not sure what my pre covid/lockdown weight was but I reckon I'm still a good stone above it. I worked hard at all those gins and crisps in the spring and summer of 2020 confused

Have a good break those of you who are taking one. I'll definitely be around on the chat thread between bootcamps

Elpheba Mon 29-Mar-21 07:39:21

10 pounds off, 13 pounds really as I started a week early. I’m pleased as I’ve found like I’ve hit my stride so I’m glad it’s not long until the next BC. I’m planning to keep going with one day off for Easter chocolate consumption and one day off for my DC’s Birthday which conveniently is the weekend before the next BC starts.
Made some keto cookies at the weekend which I had crumbled with clotted cream and sugar free jelly while everyone else feasted on birthday cake and cream tea. It was so decadent!

AthelstaneTheUnready Mon 29-Mar-21 07:46:05

It's SO good to hear people's losses, and optimism, and plans, and futures. flowers

I've been AWOL for a week with a sinus lurgy, not covid (other germs are available), which has nicely reminded me that I have not been ill ONCE this winter with any of my usual bronchitis/chest infections etc - due to social distancing. Reasons to be cheerful. although feeling like I've banged my head on the table everytime i reach down for the cat is decidedly uncheerful

I've not done wonders this BC, but have dropped a solid 5lbs that appear to be permanently off now (my new set weight), despite some funny eating this past 10 days. Only 10lb from goal so was never going to be quick.

FusionChefGeoff Mon 29-Mar-21 07:47:32

Hi all - as I'm now starting to see, I do hold a load of water weight the day after a long run. Which is annoying as I usually do that on Sunday which means my Monday weigh in is generally the highest point I see that week!!

However, I'm getting used to it now and know that I've seen a figure that's 2lb lighter in the week. And I KNOW that in a couple of weeks, that 'low' point will become my new 'high' smile

I've never weighed a) so regularly or b) in pounds before (kg usually) so the seemingly massive daily variations were hard to get my head around but I think I'm getting there.

BUT more importantly I feel that this WOE is 90% sustainable for life so it doesn't matter how long it takes as I know I want to keep this going. Previously I've calorie counted to lose weight which was miserable and very hard to train / run. So it was effective short term but always abandoned within a couple of months.

So, I'm summary grin 1lb off for me - 6 in total for only a few weeks which I'm happy with.

Definitely going to roll straight into the next one.

Onelittlepiglet Mon 29-Mar-21 07:52:16

I basically lost a stone so I’m very happy with that. I stuck totally on plan up until last week when I had a couple of blips - partly because I’ve been doing things since jan 1 so am in week 13 now and partly because I’ve not actually lost my weight for 6/7 weeks...just been up and down the same 3lbs all the time. Not sure why - I kept to the plan and was careful with dairy too. Something to look at on the next bootcamp I think.

I will mostly continue with it over Easter but may have some chocolate on Sunday! I have no desire to eat pasta, bread or rice etc and am enjoying eating a variety of lovely veg. But will be back with renewed determination for next BC!

Ifeelmuchlessfat Mon 29-Mar-21 08:02:01

Nearly 5lbs off this boot camp which I’m actually pleased with as I just need to keep that downward trend. I’m four stone off my highest weight now, and want to go for one more over the year.

How much do people who’ve been doing this a while find that they’re never really ‘off’ boot camp in that they eat following the bc lite tiles all the time more or less? I may have more wine at the weekends than I should, and occasionally more dark chocolate or some crisps, but I never eat carby food any more, my sugar consumption is very low, and keeping track carefully means I know that indiscretions on Friday and Saturday need to be reined in before they escalate. I think this woe is sustainable for me.

Ifeelmuchlessfat Mon 29-Mar-21 08:02:59

hmm rules, not tiles

RagzReturnsRebooted Mon 29-Mar-21 08:07:27

I started 2 weeks late and I've lost 10lbs, which is a good start. I haven't been drinking all the water, I started well but I need to get back to tracking it.

@AthelstaneTheUnready sorry you're poorly, hope it clears soon.
@ouchmyfeet that's fantastic, well done!

I'm also very glad it's not long until the next bootcamp!

pinkpinkeverywhere Mon 29-Mar-21 08:25:58

Morning, 24lbs off this bootcamp, my first, which I think is all the lockdown 1 weight, plus a little bit more. So happy with that, as at Christmas I was running out of clothes to wear and dreading the day I had to return to work as I'd put so much weight on.
I'm so grateful for everyone's support and I'm looking forward to the 12th April and hopefully starting that one lighter than I'm finishing this one.
Although we eat A LOT of veg in this house, we'd probably got stuck in a rut and we're all enjoying the addition of fennel, celeriac, aubergines and different recipes generally.
Apart from the weight I find it inspiring how much healthier we must all be having lost those pounds. I think during the last year not a lot of people have stayed the same weight, most seem to have put it on and some have taken advantage of the time to get healthier and loose the weight - I'm glad to now be part of that group.
My NSV is that I did c25k week 7 run 2 yesterday and wow am I finding it easier than when I started, in no small part to not dragging round nearly an extra 2 stone of weight.
Looking forward to the continued chat and the accountability if gives me flowers

GreeboIsMySpiritAnimal Mon 29-Mar-21 08:30:02

Morning all. I'm not going to update the spreadsheet, as it puts me in the mindset that I need to be losing, whereas it should be about maintenance for me. But I am going to hang around here and in the next Bootcamp for the chat and support.

Huge thanks to everyone who made me realise I was going a bit mental, and helping get my head straightened out. smilethanksstar

venusandmars Mon 29-Mar-21 08:40:36

Lost 2lb this week, which is unusual for me as I'm close to target. That makes just over 9lb on this bootcamp, but what I'm really delighted with is that I've lost a stone since Christmas Eve. The whole of last year was an upward trend and I just could not get my mojo back. Christmas Eve was a bit of a wake -up call, I felt sluggish, lethargic, my clothes were all too tight, my double chins were back and I just felt awful.

Feeling brighter and lighter now. Thanks @BIWI and all the others who keep this topic going.

poorbuthappy Mon 29-Mar-21 08:40:46

Morning all - 4lb off this bootcamp and 15lb in total since October's bootcamp.
I credit the 2 pound loss this week with the 2 x 24 hour fasts I did last week.
Big thanks to @BIWI and the big stick and @StuntNun and the support on the fasting thread.

I hope everyone has a good day/week and I think the sun is meant to shine at some point but it's bloody raining and grey in South East Wales at the moment!

Doilooklikeatourist Mon 29-Mar-21 08:45:41

One lb off , which brings me back to my pre Christmas weight ( just need to get the lockdown weight off now !)
The challenges ... I’m stuck on about 1 minute 30 on the plank , some days not even that long , but I’ll persist
Running , completed the C25k , I did start just after Christmas though , and never thought I’d be able to run 5 k without stopping ( or collapsing sobbing at the end )
Earrings , haven't worn the 3 regulars , though I find dangly or large earrings annoying when I need to wear a mask
Grey shabby jeans , haven’t worn them for 3 weeks , but the black pair have taken over as the easy choice ( that I couldn’t do up in January )
Need some warmer weather , ( and some new clothes ! )
Thanks , as ever to @BIWI and everyone else for the chat , the tips and the laughs

cheeseisthebest Mon 29-Mar-21 08:48:53

Hi everyone, 11lb off this bootcamp. Really happy. Will keep going as so close to a healthy weight but also this WOE works for me. Thank you for all being such a great and supportive bunch.
@Nowlook have you weighed yet?!!!

ListenLinda Mon 29-Mar-21 08:53:17

0.5lb on this week but I know why.
Determined to carry on as much as possible.
Well done all those on some great losses this week and over the course of bootcamp!let’s all KOKO! flowers

nowlook Mon 29-Mar-21 08:58:35

I have @cheeseisthebest!

10 st 10. That's 3lbs overweight according to the old BMI whatsit- which I hope to shift before the next BC starts. It's also almost two stones heavier than I was five years ago, but one step at a time grin

An amazing BC for me, though- I know I've lost well over a stone star

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