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Week 8 - Low Carb Bootcamp - Only 3 weeks to go ...

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BIWI Mon 27-Nov-17 06:40:38

Morning all!

Here's the SoF once again

Hope that the scales are kind to you this morning.

So we enter the last three weeks. Still time to lose some significant weight. But only if you follow the rules!

It's a difficult time of the year, as Christmas goodies start to appear in the shops, and - I'm guessing - at work and at home as well!

You might find it easier to stay focused if you move back onto Bootcamp for the last two weeks, so you're really making sure that the carby stuff that you might have been indulging in - even if that has just been Bootcamp Light.

HarlotsWeb Mon 27-Nov-17 06:56:11

Morning all. 220lbs today! Which is sixteen stone which was the thing I was aiming for through Lowember. And only 10lbs more till I am out of obese and into overweight. I am so chuffed. Can someone do the spreadsheet for me?

HolgerDanske Mon 27-Nov-17 07:05:24

Congrats Harlots, that is a great achievement!

flowers to all. Good luck and KOKO.

I’m down to 143.7, please could someone update the spreadsheet for me?

cafeaulaitpourvous Mon 27-Nov-17 07:10:36

2lbs down so that is a grand total of


Happy dance

Rshard Mon 27-Nov-17 07:14:32

Wow congratulations to you all!

Mega busy at work so won’t get to my Boots of choice to weigh in until Thursday so I’m koko until then

Mimosa1 Mon 27-Nov-17 07:16:55

Popping in to report a 0.7kg loss, which is roughly 1.5lbs. Current weight is 74.5kg. Hoping to get to 73kg by end of BC to hit under 11st7.

BrassicaBabe Mon 27-Nov-17 07:36:12

I’ve had a little whoosh! 10.4.8 down from 10.6-10.7 ish last week. And I’ve seen 10.4.8 in the scales for 3 days so it’s real!

JumpingIntoLCHF Mon 27-Nov-17 07:40:55

243 here if anyone is able to add me. Thanks in advance.

TimbuktuTimbuktu Mon 27-Nov-17 07:45:30

2lbs up on last week but period has also put in a somewhat unexpected appearance so I'm hoping it will all vanish again in a day or two. In my head I have decided that I usually bloat 4lbs therefore it's really counts as a 2lb loss. grin

Today's meals brought to you by eggfast:

B- crustless quiche
L- crustless quiche
D- BPC, cheese omelette

ASDismynormality Mon 27-Nov-17 07:54:00

Urgh a 0.25 gain

FurryTurnip Mon 27-Nov-17 07:55:35

Morning. Well done to everyone. Harlots very well done on achieving your Lowvember target. I hang my head in shame as my target was to do 3 HIIT sessions per week and I have done the sum total of zero...

A 2lb loss for me today, delighted about that, and am now scarily 1lb off target. Have messed up the spreadsheet somehow as it's saying 4.5lb so must have done last week's wrong but not bothered as the result is still the same.

A quick question while I am thinking maintenance soon... Until now I haven't really kept a record of what I've been eating. Should I now be recording it on mfp or somewhere so I can keep an eye on my macros so when I reintroduce some carbs I can see if I am within a certain limit? Thanks wise people.

HarlotsWeb Mon 27-Nov-17 08:06:50

Oh well if it comes to that, furry, my other Lowvember goal was to do the 30 day abs challenge. My phone is still optimistically reminding me it's time to do day 10...

HarlotsWeb Mon 27-Nov-17 08:07:23

Well done everyone with whooshes (including period-adjusted ones) smile

Hippadippadation Mon 27-Nov-17 08:16:28

HI everyone! Missed last week as I was very ill with a cold and had an essay due so was avoiding Mumsnet!

Went on a weekend away last weekend, wasn't a carby twat, but much alcohol was consumed, still lost an lb though. Down another lb today. I won't make my Lowvember goal of 119lbs and we have lots of meals out and drinks between now & xmas, so I'm just aiming to avoid being a carby twat and get to 119 before xmas, then take it from there afterwards. Ultimate goal is 117, I can almost taste it.

Well done to everyone on the losses!

Food plan today:
L - courgetti & egg thing
D - leftover roast chicken, salad, mayo

SoMuchToBits Mon 27-Nov-17 08:21:54

Hmm, I lost a pound earlier in the week, but it has managed to creep back again, so I have basically STS again this week. I did have a couple of days when I had wine this week though (although did very well on not eating the carbs when I was out) and think I may not have had enough water yesterday.

I don't have any social events planned this week, so hopefully will be back on the straight and narrow...

GailLondon Mon 27-Nov-17 08:31:54

Hurray, another 1lb down to 10st 12.4

Kleptronic Mon 27-Nov-17 08:32:35

STS for the fourth week running. Back to Bootcamp strict for me!

TimbuktuTimbuktu Mon 27-Nov-17 08:46:50

I'm still stuck on day 9 harlots!

Well done on making a lowvember goal though. Seems unlikely that I will lose 5lbs by Friday to make mine- no matter how much creative period accounting I do!

I'd like to see the 11's before Christmas and then I am so up for another round in January.

Jerm123 Mon 27-Nov-17 09:15:17

Hi, thanks for all the hand-holding and advice this week. It was much appreciated and successful as my new weight (2 days in a row) is 14st 1.8lbs or <drum roll> 197.8lbs. I have broken the 200 barrier grin

Congratulations to all the loosers and KOKO to everyone else.

FurryTurnip Mon 27-Nov-17 09:22:32

Well done Jerm!

ilovecherries Mon 27-Nov-17 09:39:11

Down a pound, bringing it to half a stone so far this bootcamp. Given how far into this I am, I'm pleased if I manage to keep a lb a week coming off. With 49.5 lbs off in total, and given my age, my skin is holding up remarkably well. A bit of crinkling on my inner thighs and a tiny bit just under my bum cheeks (which have disappeared - must do more squats!), but my abdomen is remarkably ok. Having said that, I suspect that my final twenty pounds will mostly come off my abdomen, so will just need to wait and see. Hopefully the slower rate of loss now will help.

ClearEyesFullHearts Mon 27-Nov-17 10:08:21

Am updating spreadsheet for everyone. I STS this week.

blackteaplease Mon 27-Nov-17 10:16:09

Woop 2.5lbs loss this week!

ClearEyesFullHearts Mon 27-Nov-17 10:29:05

Also, posting this for blackteaplease from Week 7 thread.

Argh, the spreadsheet has gone wrong for me this week.

My weight is registering as a text and therefore the calcs don't work in the blue cells, has anyone else got this problem? Can someone post this on the new therad later today as I will be at work with no access.

Possibly something for @wombattoo or other handy spreadsheet person to look at?

Almahart Mon 27-Nov-17 10:33:24

Two pounds down on last week. Quite pleased with that as it's 11ibs in total and two pounds away from the target I set myself by the end of November

I am being very strict through the week and more relaxed (ie drinking lots of wine) at the weekend. I'm happy with that for now and will go super strict in January

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