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Week 5 - Low Carb Bootcamp chat - and we reach the half way point!

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BIWI Mon 19-Jun-17 07:41:10

Good morning flowers

So the last thread reached 1000 posts. I don't think that's ever happened on any other Bootcamp! It's a really good sign that everyone is engaged in the process, even if it's not always been from a positive place. If things aren't working for you, please keep reading and posting - even if you just lurk, hopefully the support and advice here will be helpful for you.

But it's a glorious day again, and the sun is shining brightly already and the birds are singing their hearts out. I hope that this translates into positivity and optimism for all of us this week - even if you've been struggling!

<puts Pollyanna face on>

Here's the Spreadsheet of Fabulousness

We're past the dreaded weeks 4 and 5 now, so hopefully things will start to get going in the right direction, and you should see the weight move downwards - assuming, of course, that you aren't cheating or allowing carb creep.

Good luck everyone

Duckiesprettycrazy Mon 19-Jun-17 07:43:46

0.2lbs off this week which I'm going to be positive about - it's in the right direction! smile

Kleptronic Mon 19-Jun-17 07:47:14

I've lost 3lb! I've lost 3lb! This is unheard of for me! I think it's the 16:8 gave me the kick up the fat burning! Yay!

Hope everyone's feeling positive whatever the results today. KOKO!

ASDismynormality Mon 19-Jun-17 07:49:00


I have lost 6lbs this week!
It's a great week for me
- 5 st 0.5 lbs lost since Jan
- bmi has dropped from 48 to 37
Thank you biwi , stuntnun and all others who have helped so far.

ilovecherries Mon 19-Jun-17 07:49:11

2lbs off, 10.5 in total since we started. I'm delighted. smile

ASDismynormality Mon 19-Jun-17 07:49:36

I'm also now in the 16 stones which is another fab milestone!

ilovecherries Mon 19-Jun-17 07:49:57

That's fantastic, ASD. Well done!

BIWI Mon 19-Jun-17 07:50:05

Woo hoo!

Great posts to get the thread off to a good start.

Craftypuss Mon 19-Jun-17 07:56:48

Was convinced this morning's weigh-in would be bad - but no, I have a loss! SO pleased. Hoping this is the beginning of a move downwards and not the continuing yoyo! grin
Congratulations to all who have lost, hang on in there to those whose scales won't co-operate.

AdalindSchade Mon 19-Jun-17 08:04:20

I'm sneakily adding the weight I had all last week as scales are showing 1lb up this morning after a weekend with 3 glasses of wine and too much cheese. I can feel I'm losing girth though.

ASDismynormality Mon 19-Jun-17 08:10:36

Well done to everyone else too.

I have attached my graph to show that weightloss isn't linear, I didn't have a great couple of week on the scales prior to this but the trend is downwards

JiminnyCricket Mon 19-Jun-17 08:12:07


I actually weighed yesterday because i knew this morning was going to be tight for time..

I'm 3lbs down grin

Much much more motivating though, I currently weigh 15st 11lbs grin

I was looking back through my old weight records on weight watchers and my old MFP account, and I haven't been under 16st since Jan 2014 grin

I feel bloody awesome about that and now I'm at a stage where even a half stone loss is showing up on my body. Anyone who's been 18st plus will know, sometimes you can lose the first stone and your measurements dont change at all! That was me, but I'm starting to change shape fast now.

I started BC at 18st 5lbs and i just can't believe I've cracked the 16st barrier!!

So much so... I've decided to move wedding dress shopping up to the beginning of September because actually, I'm not feeling shit about myself anymore. That's new to me.

In other news, my second training session is at half 6 tonight and it's another hell session (also known as group mixed circuit). I'm a bit worried if I'm honest because now I'm officially on the Transform program and my PT is going to be trying to suss out how far she can push me this week. Tonight there's also a meet up session with the other guys on Transform. There are 8 of us at the moment all at different stages, some of whom have nearly hit their targets and some like me who've only just started. Everyone had a body fat percentage target they want to hit, although having never been a healthy weight it's a bit different for me. I don't have a target and my PT says we're not setting a hard goal for me at all. She reckons we'll both "know" when the time is right for me to finish the program and she's comitted to just having me long term until then.

My first cardio session with her is on Wednesday at 6:30am and it's a group spin class. Anyone done spinning before? Am I going to die?

Kleptronic Mon 19-Jun-17 08:14:49

Ace ilove and asd so pleased for you.

JiminnyCricket Mon 19-Jun-17 08:21:12

Oh this morning is warming the cockles of my heart grin

ASD you've been my inspiration through the last bootcamp and this one, you're truly incredible. How do the 16's feel? grin

ilove your rate of weight loss is spot on for LCHF and you're doing brilliantly! star

Klep woohoo!! 3lbs is a mahoosive loss! Interesting that 16:8 seems to have got things moving. If you have a creamy coffee in the morning does that count as eating? Do you literally have nothing but water based drinks during your 16?

CaptainBraandPants Mon 19-Jun-17 08:25:35

Yay! Some great losses here, well done. star
I tried my "tight" trousers on again today and almost decided to wear them. I'm sure I've worn tighter. Very, very pleased to get to this stage so quickly. I might even weigh myself next Monday...

So, food today:
B: black coffee
L: mixed salad, avocado, brie and hb eggs
D: Something fishy
S: creamy coffee

ASDismynormality Mon 19-Jun-17 08:27:07

Thank you jiminny , feels pretty amazing to see the numbers go down and as you know each stone is a huge deal! It's been a few years since I've been in the 16 but I don't plan to stay here for long. Lovely to hear you are excited about getting your wedding dress, we all are too!

CaptainBraandPants Mon 19-Jun-17 08:29:47

Jiminny the loose rule for fasting is only a total of 50 kcal in the fasting window, so creamy coffee is out. Bovril, bone broth, etc is ok.
I've switched to a black coffee in the morning and only have a creamy coffee in my eating window. I'm regularly going 16-18 hours without a problem, sometimes even longer. It has been a revelation.
There is a bootcamp IF thread here if anyone is interested.

JiminnyCricket Mon 19-Jun-17 08:30:22

ASD my body decided to pretty much skip the middle of the 16's, I dropped from 16st 11lbs to 16st 5lbs in a week (just before this BC) so hopefully it will be the speedy stone for you too grin (although, all your stones seem to be super speedy!)

Crack on Mrs, you'll be in the low 15's by the end of BC!!

JiminnyCricket Mon 19-Jun-17 08:34:14

CaptainBraandPants interesting! So you'd have an eating window of say 12 noon until 8pm? Other than my morning creamy coffee I'm doing that anyway.

I'll ask my trainer about it tonight and see if she thinks it would be compatable with my training schedule, i've read about the benefits of 5:2 fasting but when i tried it I really struggled.

CaptainBraandPants Mon 19-Jun-17 08:38:22

Yes, that's right Jiminny For example, I finished dinner before 6.30pm yesterday, so will now fast until at least 10.30am. In reality, I'll probably go longer as I'll be eating dinner later tonight. So, will probably fast for 18 hours until 12.30 then have lunch and dinner at about 7.30pm and nothing after it. And repeat. Stunt has said the aim should be at least 3 times a week. I am pretty much doing it 5-6 days though, depending on what is happening with my lack of a social life.

CaptainBraandPants Mon 19-Jun-17 08:39:13

ASD sorry, just meant to say that you are awesome. flowers

boldlygoingsomewhere Mon 19-Jun-17 08:47:24

Well done to the losers! star I've lost 0.5 inches off my belly which doesn't sound much but it's going in the right direction. smile

HemanOrSheRa Mon 19-Jun-17 08:48:00

Morning losers! Well done everyone star. I just stood on the scales and they have gone upwards confused. But I'm ignoring them because a) they are ancient b) I don't feel like they have c) I've been up all night, drinking loads of water and having a few snacks (low carb) smile.

HemanOrSheRa Mon 19-Jun-17 08:51:03

Oh yes! I forgot. I measured myself last night 2 inches off both my waist and hips smile. Nothing off boobs though which is odd because they feel smaller, I have no double boobage and I have to use a smaller hook on my bras.

JiminnyCricket Mon 19-Jun-17 08:51:15

CaptainBraandPants ok, that sounds good. I've asked a couple of questions on the other thread smile

I always eat before 8pm in the evening and lunch is pretty much always at 12 so that shouldn't be too difficult. I can move my morning coffee to a late afternoon, pre-gym top up which actually might work out better for me now that the gym is a thing.

Lunch time menu for the week this week having just done the tesco shop:

I bought:
3 avocado's
1 pack of hot smoked, ready to eat salmon fillets
1 antipasti platter
3 bags of aromatic salad
1 small bottle of olive oil
5 little tins of coconut cream

I've split the antipasti platter down into 4 equal small pots so each pot is a "salad topper" and I'll have one a day with leaves dressed with olive oil and half an avocado.

I'm having the salmon for lunch today with a whole (very small) avocado and salad.

The tins of coconut cream are for coconut coffee breakfasts, although I'm going to try out 16:8 so will have these half an hour before I leave work for the gym now, so 90 mins before a workout effectively.

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