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AliceAbsolum Mon 22-Apr-19 08:09:45

New March/April IVF thread.

I'm Alice, 34, TTC1 for 3 years 4 months. Currently 4 days into a short ivf protocol with max dose of stims as my AMH ran away last year. Its my only NHS funded cycle and my last chance to have a child that's genetically mine. /fingers crossed/

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DaisyMay25 Mon 22-Apr-19 08:14:49

Thanks @AliceAbsolum

I'm Daisy, 27 (28 in three days!) TTC number one for two years and had a mc 18 months ago (suspected ectopic) we had ICSI due to male factor issues. Got my BFP three days ago, official test day on Thursday.

Hopingforbabyd Mon 22-Apr-19 11:04:43

@aliceabsolum @daisymay25 Yay! I found the thread!

I’m 29 been TTC number 1 for 3 years with endometriosis and hydrosalpinx tubes (blocked) had them removed in November to increase success and today I’ll be 5 days into stims in my first cycle 😊

AliceAbsolum Mon 22-Apr-19 12:44:39


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Twiglet2353 Mon 22-Apr-19 15:31:53

Well it might not look like much but this is our little embryo with a beautifully strong heartbeat of 137bpm and measuring 7wks2days

For those not coming from the previous thread, TTC#1, successful on our first round of IVF with a 3BC 5-day blastocyst transfer


Missmonkeypenny Mon 22-Apr-19 15:37:58

I’ll jump on!

I’m 26, TTC for 2.5 years. DH has Male factor infertility. We had our first round of ICSI in January where I produced a whopping 26 eggs, half of which I donated via egg sharing, and had a freeze all cycle due to OHSS risk.
We have Frosties in the freezer, one of which is being transferred at 11.30 tomorrow morning! grin

Hopingforbabyd Mon 22-Apr-19 15:43:59

@twiglet2353 this is so lovely!! 😍 so happy for you and so please all is well with little bab. You must feel so relieved now x

Hopingforbabyd Mon 22-Apr-19 15:44:38

@missmonkeypenny wishing you lots of luck for tomorrow!! X

Hopingforbabyd Mon 22-Apr-19 15:46:07

Ladies from the ‘IVF March/April’ board this is us here! Still wishing you all lots of luck and hope to find new ladies to join us too 😁🌷 hope you’re all having a lovely bank holiday weekend x

DaisyMay25 Mon 22-Apr-19 15:49:12

@Twiglet2353 that's great news!!

@Missmonkeypenny best of luck for tomorrow!

I'm having an absolutely awful day, had nausea since 6:30am and then whilst out shopping I got a migraine a few hours ago which just hasn't gone. Not been able to see properly since about 11 😞 clinic have said all I can take it paracetamol.
I'm obviously horrendously worried now.

AliceAbsolum Mon 22-Apr-19 16:05:24

@DaisyMay25 Nausea and vision can all be symptoms of migraine no? Do you get migraines often? They don't sound like miscarriage symptoms to me. Might be nothing to do with embryo? I hope so.

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AliceAbsolum Mon 22-Apr-19 16:05:46

@Twiglet2353 Ahhhh so lovely. Glad everything is OK xx

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DaisyMay25 Mon 22-Apr-19 16:09:16

@AliceAbsolum yea, I suffer from migraines but haven't had one in years and never this bad. I think I just panic something will go wrong now. Doesn't help that I'm not sleeping well either, the heat always plays havoc with my body

AliceAbsolum Mon 22-Apr-19 16:10:07

@2019isouryear Did your clinic say why they sign you off for 2 weeks? It's so confusing with how they all do it differently. I mean there must be a rationale so why do some not suggest time off?
My diary is a nightmare so I was looking at a week off after but if it has any bearing on success rates I'll take a month off!

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AliceAbsolum Mon 22-Apr-19 16:11:30

@DaisyMay25 Understandable to be worried. Hopefully it's the heat and the drugs and you will feel better soon flowerscake

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mouse1234567 Mon 22-Apr-19 16:14:20

@Twiglet2353 many congrats on your scan!

@DaisyMay25 sorry to hear you are feeling terrible. I’m hoping these are pregnancy symptoms and I’m imagining also a result of progesterone. Take it easy.

Hi all-33, TTC nearly 2 years, endo and PCO-just finished first nhs IVF round -freeze all.

I had a call from the clinic and we are really lucky to have 12 to freeze -they are keeping an eye on 5 more tomorrow and think there may be 2 more to freeze of those 5. I know I’m so lucky and appreciate some people often have nothing to freeze but although she said they were good quality -when I asked about grading none of them are the top top grades. How important do you think this is? I think I just hoped with a good number a few would be top AAs. They said we have an A,B- and a B+,B+ as our top ones. She seemed to think there isn’t much difference in implantation rates between all the grades but you can’t help but worry can you. Does anyone have any experience of this?

DaisyMay25 Mon 22-Apr-19 16:17:26

@mouse1234567 12!!! That's incredible, I didn't ask for the grading of mine. I'm led to believe that it doesn't matter really. I think @Twiglet2353 had a lower graded one? I'm not sure though.
How're you doing?

WorriedButterfly Mon 22-Apr-19 16:34:50

Great news @Twiglet2353 - really happy for you!

@DaisyMay25 I hope you feel better soon, have you tested again?

2019isouryear Mon 22-Apr-19 16:34:59

@AliceAbsolum they just said that they wouldn’t do it unless it wasnt necessary and that they wouldn’t do it otherwise. I was surprised as wasn’t expecting it. Told me to relax afterwards and her words were not to do anything more than ‘mooch’

2019isouryear Mon 22-Apr-19 16:36:01

I had commented on the other thread really happy that your scan went well @Twiglet2353 smile

2019isouryear Mon 22-Apr-19 16:37:25

@Missmonkeypenny wishing you lots of luck for tomorrow flowers

DaisyMay25 Mon 22-Apr-19 16:41:11

@WorriedButterfly I have, luckily they're getting darker too. I did one after my nap too just to make sure. How're you getting along? You got a scan booked in?

2019isouryear Mon 22-Apr-19 16:45:03

@Mouse1234567 they are fabulous numbers. I have read many success readings with ones not classed as top grading. One has got to be lucky for you.

I forgot about the change so posted on the old thread. All ready to trigger tonight with EC Wed. Looking like at least good 8 follicles which I’m happy with for an oldie (41). We always thought that we would leave having children to fate, so been trying for a good few years. But when it didn’t happen wasn’t happy to just leave it to fate anymore so here we are.

WorriedButterfly Mon 22-Apr-19 16:57:18

@2019isouryear good luck tonight - it's exciting and nerve wracking, 8 follies is great!

@DaisyMay25 - I would take
Your symptoms as a positive - keeping everything crossed for you, when is OTD? Scan is booked for 8th May, not sure I'll hold out til then!

@mouse1234567 - great numbers and I wouldn't worry about grading - they wouldn't be freezing if they weren't good X

Pleaseletitbeme Mon 22-Apr-19 17:08:10

I have EC Wednesday too.
38. One failed ICSI which didn’t get as far as FET.
Hoping for a better round this time.

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