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June's arrived too soon! Catch up with the Fledgling Fly thread ... .

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Scoopofchaff Wed 30-May-18 10:35:23

If you are strugging with C.H.A.O.S. (can't have anyone over syndrome) and S.T.U.F.F. (something that undermines family fun) then this is the thread where we (loosely) follow the step-by-step Flylady housekeeping system (in our own, unique, relaxed style) with lots of chat, support and wine and cake along the way.

This is where, from the first of the month (seriously, HOW is it June already?!), we follow – loosely – the rules of FlyLady [see website here ]. (Pls ignore Flylady's barftastic language, and we suggest NOT signing up to her emails as there are rather a lot of them. All the info you need will be posted here on a daily basis.)

Helpful info on getting started here.

We adopt a three-pronged approach:

-start or repeat baby steps

- repeat baby steps + do 15 mins a day decluttering in the current zone or area (yes, just 15 mins focused work a day makes a difference!)


- reinforce babysteps and do daily missions if you have finished decluttering.

[And if you are really enthusiastic and have finished decluttering - you can go on to detailed deep cleaning in each zone.]

The launch pad is the place from which you can reach most other useful areas of the site: here.

This is a very long-running thread so we may appear cliquey but we really aren't! All newcomers, long-termers, lurkers and intermittent returnees not only welcome to join in but positively encouraged to do so!

Another NB
Start where you are at!. There is no need to worry about being perfect – perfectionism = paralysis! There is no such thing as ‘falling behind’ with FlyLady, if you miss anything, just move on and continue as normal the next day.

Any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Happy Flying one and all!

Stilllivinginazoo Thu 31-May-18 10:15:08

<slides in.puts kettle on.preps up naughty corner with snacks and beverages>

TooStressyForMyOwnGood Thu 31-May-18 10:41:39

Placemarking smile. Thanks SC.

foxessocks Thu 31-May-18 10:41:50


Ivegotfamilyandidrinkcupsoftea Thu 31-May-18 14:04:01

<drinks all the brew>

Stilllivinginazoo Thu 31-May-18 15:46:08

<puts out huge canteen styly urn for I've to draingrin>

Shannaratiger Thu 31-May-18 16:47:20

Place marking. brew

carbonella Thu 31-May-18 17:08:53

HI everyone 🐱🐱🐱

Scoopofchaff Thu 31-May-18 17:20:37

Hi all! [Flaps wings]
BBL with links for tomorrow!

Cagliostro Thu 31-May-18 22:09:49

Hello! Thanks sc for the thread and stressy for future stand-ins!

Scoopofchaff Thu 31-May-18 22:19:09

Evening all!

Once again, huge thanks to Cag for steering us so sympathetically through April and May! A sterling achievement considering all the plates she is spinning! flowers cake bear

Here we go again fledglings ... links for tomorrow following ...happy Flying throughout June everybody!


The first baby-step for tomorrow, Fri June 1st, is here ! Shine your kitchen sink! The keystone of the Flylady system!

The Flylady site hasn't sorted itself out for the start of the month as usual but I can tell you we will be in Zone 1 tomorrow : Entrance, Front Porch & Dining Room here . Spend 15 mins a day decluttering this zone (and/or do a mission!).

I'll let you know tomorrow (if I can work it out) whether we only have one day in Zone 1 or not.

If you are at the stage where you have finished decluttering Zone 1, here is the detailed cleaning list for that area.

Friday's mission can be found here .

Friday's daily focus is: clear out your purses/handbags/cars etc.

The habit for June is: keeping hydrated by drinking enough water!

A summary of the above (which should update itself daily) can be found here in the flight plan

Remember everyone that no perfectionism is allowed. Take it steady in small steps! And "good enough" is good enough!


Pls let me know if anything is incorrect or I've forgotten something - haven't run a thread since November so I'm out of practice - and the stresses of the day were such that I've succumbed to an illicit glass of rosé tonight wink

G'night all!

Ivegotfamilyandidrinkcupsoftea Fri 01-Jun-18 06:34:54

Ty for thread sc and for last two cag

Stilllivinginazoo Fri 01-Jun-18 06:52:04

Morning ladies!
I sat up with dd2 watch law and order SVU til midnight.i have been awoken by rampaging kittens.i am tired before I even start but as it's my own fault I can't bleat about it,shall hook up my big girl pants and crack on

I need to take the monthly habit on board.i am a lousy "drinker".if I manage 500mls water a day it's a big event.its the only fluid I drink.i dont feel thirsty usually til nearly bedtime.i feel dizzy in summer and suffer low blood pressure and am sure its probably dehydration.any suggestions welcome
I also want to try and manage the daily missions<looks at hallway and cries.ignores front porch completely>

<Sets up tea urn,naive coffee and lovely pastries and crusty breads with real butter,conserves,cheese and marmite to set us up for the cleaning ahead maybe >

Stilllivinginazoo Fri 01-Jun-18 06:53:01

<zoo howler before page one complete>

Ivegotfamilyandidrinkcupsoftea Fri 01-Jun-18 06:53:55

zoo i have been thinking about trying to do the daily missions more. No porch here but hall is a dump

Stilllivinginazoo Fri 01-Jun-18 06:54:32

If anyone's ever had naive coffee or knows what it is please telly phone...
It's ment to say NIACE

Ivegotfamilyandidrinkcupsoftea Fri 01-Jun-18 06:54:35

brew grin

Ivegotfamilyandidrinkcupsoftea Fri 01-Jun-18 06:54:56

Telly phone grin

Stilllivinginazoo Fri 01-Jun-18 06:56:00

I class porch as outside front door and before garden gate!
We have like an awning over the front front gardens a complete dive.full litter that blows in,weeds aplenty.looks how I feel tbh

Stilllivinginazoo Fri 01-Jun-18 06:57:20

fights urge to jump up and down on said piece of technology that embarrasses and hates me in equal measures

Ivegotfamilyandidrinkcupsoftea Fri 01-Jun-18 06:57:44

We dont have a front garden. Straight on to the street and main road. My front door is minging though due to heavy traffic....suppose i could clean that

Ivegotfamilyandidrinkcupsoftea Fri 01-Jun-18 06:58:22

Telly phone has now put Lady Gaga song in my head confused

Stilllivinginazoo Fri 01-Jun-18 06:58:31

Last message before I flounce of in temper- I do check before I phone likes to autocorrect after I've pressed sendconfusedhmm

Callmecordelia Fri 01-Jun-18 06:59:12

Hello everyone! I dropped off the last thread.

foxessocks Fri 01-Jun-18 07:04:54

Oops forgot it's June! Thanks for last few months cag. Really hope you and your family are ok this morning sc flowers

Drinking more water is a good one, I'm trying to do the monthly habit more which finally worked with the move more in may as this last week I've actually done a workout every day! (Only small but it's something). I've also started doing a before bed routine (although not consistent yet, not quite enough to be a habit)

My porch is STILL in the process of being redecorated so it's full of junk, unpainted, broken drawers , no shoe rack...we might get it done one day ! I do have bags of clothes for charity shop in there that I can get rid of.

To do
Daily routine.
Declutter car bag purse
Declutter in porch
Mission hotspots living room / porch
Swish and swipe downstairs loo
Pick up few bits from shop later
Gp appointment later

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