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Fledglings fly into December to party hard.

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HillsBesideTheSea Thu 30-Nov-17 11:55:53


Tomorrow is December 1st which means roll call for the fledglings and shiny new thread. It might seem a bit clicky but it is because it is a long term thread, park your arse in the naughty corner for moral support, natter and various delicious goodies. Oh and smidge of housework too.

We follow the flylady system HOWEVER we adapt it to suit the circumstances of our lifes and sometimes we ignore the slightly more fluffy/bonkers babysteps because we can and there ain't no one the boss of us <sticks tongue out

Those who have not encountered my thread leading, buckle up and jump on the crazy train.

Launch pad here
Babystep here
Daily focus here
Zone here
Missions here
Christmas Missions here
Kids flying here

RIght going to hit post before it disappears into the ether for the 6th time... hmm

<wanders of swearing with a most diverse vocabulary>

Sludgecolours Thu 30-Nov-17 12:17:30

Ooh er - I am a bit scared grin - thanks for shiny new thread Hills

Lisette40 Thu 30-Nov-17 12:20:04

May I join please? I have the Flylady book somewhere which says it all. I'm not a clutterbug but I do need a cleaning routine.

Lisette40 Thu 30-Nov-17 12:21:41

I think I gave the book away...

Happy to follow any advice/links posted here.

Afreshstartplease Thu 30-Nov-17 12:24:24

Signing in! Ty hills

HillsBesideTheSea Thu 30-Nov-17 12:33:16

Jump aboard Lisette - this is all about routines in cleaning. Decluttering is recommended but we do find that sometimes the fly lady system doesn't cut it and the fly system needs combining with something like Kondo.

1 main piece of advice - unless you like lots of emails don't sign up for the emails from FLylady. most of us find them overwhelming and create digital clutter. there are a few who find them useful but they are in the minority. Also I believe there is a flying app but others might be able to tell you more about that as I hate so called smart technology can you tell? grin

Wh0KnowsWhereTheTimeG0es Thu 30-Nov-17 12:57:30

<parks arse in naughty corner>. Thanks Hills, I always enjoy your thread leadership wink. Thanks SC for last month, I was lurking if not posting much.

Afreshstartplease Thu 30-Nov-17 13:01:20

So cold so cold so cold

Sludgecolours Thu 30-Nov-17 13:04:20

Cold and has barely got light here today Afreshstart somdepressing

Sludgecolours Thu 30-Nov-17 13:04:55

So depressing - sorry. Snow didn't settle.

glitterbiscuits Thu 30-Nov-17 13:11:05

Ok. I’m new. I could do with a pre Christmas clear out. I’m working really long hours between now and Xmas Eve.

I need someone to hold my hand or push me as I worry about getting rid of things when I think how much they cost and how hard I flipping work! I’m also quite environmentally friendly so that doesn’t help when most people throw stuff awake so easily.

Callmecordelia Thu 30-Nov-17 13:15:13

Hello! Signing in. Thanks for the new thread.

HillsBesideTheSea Thu 30-Nov-17 13:28:31

we repurpose things here sometimes. Ds had a clear out of something that he doesn't need to collect. Because they are weighty and a reasonable size they have become my pattern weights which i have been considering buying/making. Only downside is that they are ugly and a reminder of the past but for now they are functional. ALso try to recycle or donate if possible.

It is utter chaos here and I made the mistake of braving the teen's room. shockshock<faint> truth is the layout with the stuff doesn't work that well but not sure how to best reorganise it. So need to ponder on that whilst trying very hard to ignore that room and do what is needed else where. Ds is away at the weekend so there is time to tackle his room for his he will hate and love me for it but as a teen this will be situation normal grin And hopefully if the layout can get sorted then it will be easier for him to tidy because there will be homes for things instead of abandoned wtf do i do with this piles. or at least that is the theory. Anyhows i believe I was supposed to be sorting paperwork. Tally ho...

CotswoldStrife Thu 30-Nov-17 17:02:17

<climbs aboard the crazy train clutching an advent calendar or four> party on dudes! Almost December <squeals with excitement>

Sludgecolours Thu 30-Nov-17 17:08:00

Hello to Lisette and Glitterbiscuits

Waves to everyone else!

[Parks lardier arse in naughty corner next to Whoknows.] Forgive me fledglings for I have sinned. It's cold and dark and snow has turned to squelch. The builders have gone. Did the cooking and the dd orthodontist appt and I just gave up on everything else. Felt like I was swimming in treacle all day. Had a lovely long phone call with my cousin and caught up with one of dd's godmother's instead. Tomorrow morning is going to be horrible though... .)

Btw, is it usual for orthodontist's to schedule a full appt for just me and dh to talk about "staged payments"? DD doesn't even have to be there next time. Sounds worrying in terms of £££££££££££.

Hills Ta for links and good luck with room re-arranging (the layout of our entire house does not really work tbh so you have my sympathies!

IIRC you are/were a sufferer rather light on fact but the gist is here.

Sludgecolours Thu 30-Nov-17 17:12:30

x post!

Waves to Cotswold and speculates about gin consumption


Actually ... bring it on gin !

PurpleDaisies Thu 30-Nov-17 17:33:49

HI everyone! I’ve been off the thread for a couple of months after having a role change at work with more responsibilities and less time than ever for cleaning. I need to get organised.

<flaps wings enthusiastically>

HillsBesideTheSea Thu 30-Nov-17 18:17:50

<throws spare advent calendars into the naughty corner for those who have put theirs in a safe place or fogotten them>

I am indeed a sufferer SC mostly stress, food and lack of sleep triggered although I am beginning to think too much caffiene is also a culprit. Will read later. I appear to have triggered a paperwork bomb explosion in the lounge and the dratted people are going to want to walk through there at some point hmm Otoh there is a small patch of floor empty in my room (possibly but not conclusively part of the matter for previous mentioned bomb debris)

Is it wrong to say I hate December? Tough. I hate December. I hate the unrealistic expectations on how it has to be perfect and it is the end of the world if it isn't ffs it is 1 day, or 4 sundays and a week if you are being fancy. <mumble mumble mumble>

Stilllivinginazoo Thu 30-Nov-17 19:49:19

<parks butt in naughty corner.adds tubs heroes and naice chocolates for the more disconcerning>
<Debates strapping in or just riding crazy dec train as mad woman be tossed hither and tither --wait thats me everyday- - >grin
Thanks shiny new thread gills

Stilllivinginazoo Thu 30-Nov-17 19:50:06

Not even started officially and my gremlin phone is goofing. Who the f is gills?!blush

HillsBesideTheSea Thu 30-Nov-17 19:57:09

cake zoo? grin bloody technology with a mind of its sodding own.
I have redemed some of the chaos so others can use the lounge but they are looking scared and backing off a lot so I think i might have done the army of hell impression ds says I am so good at blush

MercuryRising Thu 30-Nov-17 21:13:08

I'm in. After lurking for November I need a kick up the backside so I don't spend the Christmas holidays stressing about the chaos. Bring on the December madness.

Cagliostro Thu 30-Nov-17 21:45:44

Hello! Signing in quickly before phone dies!

Sludgecolours Thu 30-Nov-17 22:19:37

Hang in there Hills smile I agree about ever more escalating expectations for Christmas though. (And I'm not even fully prepared for St Nicolas which is fast approaching on the 6th here, yikes.)

Great to see you both Mercury and PurpleDaisies

Wish I had achieved more today. The mind was willing but the body definitely wasn't. Actually, I am not so sure the mind was totally committed either grin

Wing flaps to all!

Sludgecolours Thu 30-Nov-17 22:21:20

Sorry, missed you there Cag!

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