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Blood sugar diet and fast800 thread 19

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thenewaveragebear1983 Sun 10-May-20 22:25:13

Here’s the new thread for the BSD followers, plus those following the Fast800 plan. Everyone is welcome to join us. Here’s a quick recap!

The BSD/fast 800 is a low carb, Mediterranean style way of eating, with the primary aim of stabilising your insulin response when you eat. You achieve this by: eating fewer carbs, cutting out sugar and sweet tasting foods including most fruit, and by following a low calorie plan that reduces your visceral fat meaning that everything functions more effectively. Less insulin means less fat storage (in a nutshell, although more info can be found on this online). The diet was designed to reduce T2 diabetes symptoms (or even reverse it entirely) but can also be used for weightloss.

Meats and fish
Full fat dairy products
Nuts, seeds
Pulses/ beans
Veg that grows above ground
Limit fruit: apples, pears, berries- in moderation, with meals, with fats

Occasional alcoholic drinks allowed (spirits, red wine are preferable to beer, lager, etc)
Tea and coffee, herbal tea etc.
And water- drink lots of water!

sugar, sweets, and ‘naturally occurring sugars’ such as fructose, maltose, honey, agave, puréed dates etc....

Potatoes of any variety
Breakfast cereals (occasional steel cut oats are ok)
Breads/ flour based products

Michael Moseley recommends HIIT workouts to increase calorie burn and help to tone up, and recommends walking more (increasing your steps weekly until you hit around 10000 a day)

MM also suggests a programme of mindfulness, meditation, practised for a few minutes each day.

How to follow the plan:
Fast800: follow the plan above, sticking to 800 calories every day for 2 weeks. Ideal to give your weightloss a real kick start, plus improve your insulin function and reduce your sugar cravings.
8 weeks BSD- 8 weeks, follow the guidelines above- 800 calories a day. You don’t need to count carbs grams because the diet is naturally self limiting.
BSD 5:2- for a more leisurely weightloss journey, or as maintenance, or once you’ve done an 8 week stint or 2 weeks of Fast800, you can play around with a combination of increased calorie count, ‘free eating’ and fasting days (800 cals) until you achieve your goals. Many of our long standing members now follow this approach.

You can stop 800 calorie days at any time once you achieve your goal. It’s advised to limit yourself to 12 weeks maximum at 800 calorie days, but you should get excellent results in 8 weeks. Depending on your weightloss goals, you can do further ‘rounds’ of either the 8 week BSD or the Fast800.

Time restricted eating/TRE :
In addition to the fast800/ BSD plan you can incorporate a strategy of time restricted eating. Put simply, this means only eating between certain times each day to maximise your fasting time. TRE has shown to have positive results for weightloss, even if there is no calorie restriction, and increases insulin sensitivity/reduces insulin resistance. At first, try for a clear 12 hours without food each 24 hours, increasing to 16:8 as you get more adept at fasting.

Some useful links

Meal planning ideas thread
Blood sugar diet recipe thread and menu planner meal planning thread

TDEE calculator to calculate your daily calorie requirement

information about the ‘whoosh’ phenomenon

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thenewaveragebear1983 Sun 10-May-20 22:26:34

Blood sugar diet and fast800 support thread #18

Previous thread

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VenusInfers Sun 10-May-20 22:34:42

Just checking in. Thanks bear!

Kimlek Sun 10-May-20 22:38:16

Thanks bear!

LarryUnderwood Sun 10-May-20 22:43:00

Thanks bear!

NathanNathan Sun 10-May-20 22:52:19

Thanks bear. The pictures of your bars looks delicious!

waterproofed Mon 11-May-20 07:55:21

Good morning and thank you for the new thread @thenewaveragebear1983!

Lesson from the weekend is that I should have heeded my own (and everybody else’s) advice and not bloody baked. I made a rhubarb almond keto cake with a little bit of sweetener which I thought was safe. Wrong. Despite eating everything else mostly on plan, the cake made me finish the day at 1442 kcal and 108g of carbs, as it turns out having just one slice is impossible.

Back to trying to keep my food under 800kcal as I really don’t want to have to start having cravings again.

Good luck to everyone!

agteacht Mon 11-May-20 10:20:16

Ooh new thread

Just planning meals for the week before I brave the supermarket later...

There are so many recipes online for different variations of lasagne that I am getting confused. Anyone made one they would particularly recommend?

Cream123 Mon 11-May-20 10:48:10

Marking thanks bear
Terrible weekend but back on today. Not gonna loose this week I can feel it! It’s getting harder now....

whensmynexthol1day Mon 11-May-20 11:10:23

Thanks for the new thread
66.1kg today so 0.5kg lost this week. Was very bad on Thursday and ate lots of ice cream! But kept to under 1000 calories the rest of the weekend and hope to have a good week this week.

Now on week 9 of the diet - looks like I might need the same again to get to goal weight. Has anyone done 20 or so weeks at 800 calories or should I be moving towards a 5:2 model at the end of 12 weeks? I'd rather just get it over and done with but conscious that 800kcal is not optimal for getting all the nutrients we need.

thenewaveragebear1983 Mon 11-May-20 11:15:35

@waterproofed that is the problem with low carb baking- the almond flour sends it through the roof! My bars yesterday in total the recipe was 1700 cals! So definitely that's a valuable lesson learned. Freezer is your friend. I individually wrapped mine in foil so I have to plan ahead when I want one.

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thenewaveragebear1983 Mon 11-May-20 11:16:57

@whensmynexthol1day I think he does say 20 weeks is ok without a break, but it's whether you actually feel that's right for you. Certainly no harm in continuing a few more weeks and reassessing

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waterproofed Mon 11-May-20 12:06:56

@thenewaveragebear1983 I was so cocky, I had a tiny slice for breakfast yesterday. Cake for breakfast, like I’ve learnt nothing.

In my defence, I did have a lovely time doing early morning baking with my DD5 as we were both up at 6am. That part was sweet and she kept talking about it throughout the day smile.

RedLipsAndRosyCheeks Mon 11-May-20 13:21:03

I'm having a crack at a 24 hr fast today. Not eaten since tea last night at 7:30 ish. Going ok. I've had a bovril and some tea and plenty of water. I've not had breakfast for most of last week so it's only a few hours more than that.
I'll see how I get on.

VenusInfers Mon 11-May-20 13:54:40

Good luck with the fast Red Lips! Be interested to hear why you fancied having a crack at it and how you got on. Only time I've ever done 24hr fast was as a fundraising thing for Oxfam when I was in school. That was many, many years ago now, pretty sure its no longer a thing.

Bad luck with the cake, Waterproofed. You've been absolutely storming it so far, I'm sure you'll be back on track v quickly.

I've had a good read back up the thread now and enjoying the new recipes. Also loved bear's visualisation suggestion based on the hypnotherapy book. I can really feel that little size 10 dress swooshing down over my head and it is keeping me motivated to stay away from the bread bin.

All recovered from the fishy disaster on Saturday so was able to go for a short run and do bloody Joe Wicks with DS before starting 'school' this morning. So things, sadly, back to normal. grin

RedLipsAndRosyCheeks Mon 11-May-20 15:21:44

@VenusInfers I did the 24hr fast at school too! That was also the last time I did one.

Still hanging on, went for a walk with the DC this morning and once DH has finished work I'll go for another one (he's WFH and I'm furloughed). Should be able to push through until tea at 7ish.

I've sort of done it through curiosity and to see if I can boost my weight loss a bit. I'm just starting week 3 and I've lost 10lb so far. I've heard about the week 3 stall so I'm hoping this will help!

VenusInfers Mon 11-May-20 15:58:44

Oh how funny that you did one at school too Red Lips! You are on the home straight now, good luck!

thenewaveragebear1983 Mon 11-May-20 16:26:53

Yes we used to do a sponsored famine at school for charity too. My dm always let us cheat and eat, which even then I thought was entirely missing the point

Day 1 fast800 today- I am hungry. Belly gnawing hungry. I ate 2 boiled eggs at lunch and my dinner will be fairly early as I cannot wait much longer. No run today, just about to do yoga. Hardly any steps although I will go for a walk this evening to get up to 10k.

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whensmynexthol1day Mon 11-May-20 17:30:56

@thenewaveragebear - it thought I'd read 12 weeks but reassuring to know 20 has been mentioned.

Determined to have a good day today. Planned to finish on 803kcal and 30g carbs

Had a tuna salad for lunch and having some sea bass with cream and coriander sauce with some veg for dinner plus some itsu seaweed thins (my favourite snack!) and allowance for some milk

Cream123 Mon 11-May-20 18:10:55

Closing day on 700 and 24 carbs.
Am pleased with that given my terrible weekend!

Teaismynewfriend Mon 11-May-20 18:57:57

Thanks bear for the new thread and to everyone else for sharing your progress and tips...
I'm back and ready for a second attempt starting tomorrow. I've reset my alcohol, I needed to focus and stay off it a few consecutive nights in order to get back out of the almost daily lockdown habit. Gin and slim might be relatively low carb but alcohol makes you so hungry doesn't it! It just doesn't mix well with this way of eating at all.
My kitchen is now closed until 11am tomorrow. I'm planning to have 2 meals. Berries, Greek Yogurt and toasted seeds at 11ish then an early dinner of roasted pork loin and green veggies.
Where I live, Switzerland, the lockdown is easing and school has restarted so I'm out of the house more now. This DEFINITELY helps distract me from the goodies lurking in the kitchen.
Have a good evening all

Whattheladybirdsaidnext Mon 11-May-20 19:25:32

845cal and 22g carbs. Suppose I should go for a walk now. Feeling very unmotivated right now...

thenewaveragebear1983 Mon 11-May-20 21:01:57

Closing up the kitchen on 999 cals, 23 g carbs, so a very good day for me! 12k steps, no run, and yoga day 1 done.

Tomorrow: run in the morning, then food will be 2 eggs at lunch (although try to have it as late as possible); dinner will be ....can't remember but it's all planned. I had a piece of my breakfast bar for pudding, microwaved with alpro coconut yoghurt and 2 strawberries today and it was yummy so I've budgeted for that tomorrow too!

Feeling positive, plus I've hidden the scales til the weekend so I focus entirely on my food.

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Whattheladybirdsaidnext Mon 11-May-20 22:15:02

I just saw a photo of me from last Autumn. Probably smaller than I am right now... at least, I’m wearing jeans I recognise as a size 14. God... I look so overweight. It’s depressing, I don’t feel that big in my head, or when I look in a mirror, it’s always such a shock to see myself in a mirror. This is why I’m doing this I suppose?
I need to keep going. I can’t stop. It might be hard and it might be heartbreaking when I just want toast and I finish the day and I think I have done well, and then I weigh myself and the loss has slowed so damn much. I have to remember this is what... week 3 and day 3... I am really really close to having lost 10kgs. Already. I blew it last week, and ate the world, so of course I had limited loss last week. This is a new week. (And the week before my period) and I just need to keep going. 1 day at a time.
I need to walk more. I need to move more and I need to look at this as an opportunity and stop seeing it as lost opportunities to eat crap. Instead see this as the chance I have to drop some weight and start to feel myself again and start recognising myself in photos again. And I need that. I can’t stay on the path I am on. I need to change and I can do this. I just can’t get distracted!
Sorry for the mind dump. This thread helps... thank you everyone.

agteacht Mon 11-May-20 22:44:14

Just to say that 10kg in 3 weeks is mega. I'm at less than that in 6, nearly 7 weeks!
So don't be down on yourself, you've made an amazing start.

I've found that when I have a bit of a splurge the hunger comes back. So if you're craving toast, it's all probably linked to what you had the day before. If you can crack a couple of days again the cravings will go and you'll be at 15kg off in no time at this rate!!!

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