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Blood sugar diet thread 13

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thenewaveragebear1983 Wed 28-Nov-18 18:21:05

Here’s the new thread for the BSD followers. Everyone is welcome to join us. Here’s a quick recap!

The BSD is a low carb, Mediterranean style way of eating, with the primary aim of stabilising your insulin response when you eat. You achieve this by: eating fewer carbs, cutting out sugar and sweet tasting foods including most fruit, and by following a low calorie plan that reduces your visceral fat meaning that everything functions more effectively. Less insulin means less fat storage (in a nutshell, although more info can be found on this online). The diet was designed to reduce T2 diabetes symptoms (or even reverse it entirely) but can also be used for weightloss.

Meats and fish
Full fat dairy products
Nuts, seeds
Pulses/ beans
Veg that grows above ground
Limit fruit: apples, pears, berries- in moderation, with meals, with fats

Occasional alcoholic drinks allowed (spirits, red wine are preferable to beer, lager, etc)
Tea and coffee, herbal tea etc.
And water- drink lots of water!

sugar, sweets, and ‘naturally occurring sugars’ such as fructose, maltose, honey, agave, puréed dates etc....

Potatoes of any variety
Breakfast cereals (occasional steel cut oats are ok)
Breads/ flour based products

Michael Moseley recommends HIIT workouts to increase calorie burn and help to tone up, and recommends walking more (increasing your steps weekly until you hit around 10000 a day)

MM also suggests a programme of mindfulness, meditation, practised for a few minutes each day.

How to follow the plan:
8 weeks BSD- 8 weeks, follow the guidelines above- 800 calories a day. You don’t need to count carbs grams because the diet is naturally self limiting.
BSD 5:2- for a more leisurely weightloss journey, or as maintenance, or once you’ve done an 8 week stint, you can play around with a combination of increased calorie count, ‘free eating’ and fasting days (800 cals) until you achieve your goals. Many of our long standing members now follow this approach.

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thenewaveragebear1983 Wed 28-Nov-18 18:21:53

Some recommended links from the last thread (thanks choc) (TDEE calculator)

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thenewaveragebear1983 Wed 28-Nov-18 18:22:24

Blood sugar diet thread 12

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thenewaveragebear1983 Wed 28-Nov-18 18:23:41

Previous thread ^

Meal planning ideas thread
Blood sugar diet recipe thread and menu planner

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Westwing1 Wed 28-Nov-18 18:30:35

Thanks Bear. Well done Onanother!

fromnowhere Wed 28-Nov-18 18:44:21

Yey, does this make me an old timer now I'm on my second thread grin!

SadGuru Wed 28-Nov-18 18:55:10

Yay! Second thread for me as well!

APlaceAtTheBSDTable Wed 28-Nov-18 21:53:07

Thanks bear flowers

luckylips Wed 28-Nov-18 22:17:49

Marking place

Oblomov18 Thu 29-Nov-18 14:39:01

Thanks Bear. As usual.

Westwing1 Thu 29-Nov-18 22:04:27

Bit over today probably by 100 but not too bad, all BSD. Out to lunch tomorrow but it's a fish restaurant so should be ok. Hope you had a better day Guru re your bad news as well as BSD.

luckylips Thu 29-Nov-18 23:18:35

Hope all ok @SadGuru.

Good day for me today! Definitely skipping breakfast helps which means I am nicely hungry for lunch. Good to hear my stomach rumbling again, it hasn't rumbled for years 

SadGuru Fri 30-Nov-18 08:27:34

@luckylips @Westwing1 Thank you. Yes I'm trying to come to terms with the tragic incident. But I've also realised that over eating is not going to help me cope with any kind of stress. I've had two bad days BSDwise but I'm back in the right mind frame today. I'm recognising my overeating for what it is. I think I use stress just as an excuse to indulge without guilt. It's like feeling helpless and it's not really my fault, it's just life circumstances. I'm not that kind of a person in life so I don't know why I should use it as an excuse to stuff myself with food.
Thank you for keeping an eye out for me.

thenewaveragebear1983 Fri 30-Nov-18 09:28:08

Sadguru sorry I missed your last post where you explained your sad news, hope you are ok flowers

I’m ticking along ok, weighed in at 10.3 this morning, so a stable maintain. Going Christmas shopping with Dh today, one day to do the lot and a nice lunch out, so I’ll try to be good but can’t promise anything!

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houseRefurb Fri 30-Nov-18 09:56:40

Hi all,
Some of you old timers might recognise me.
I did BSD earlier this year and lost 8kgs, but was doing decent amount of exercise too, 45 mins on cross trainer or 60 mins brisk walk,that type of thing.. I was maintaining for 2-3 months. It was great!

Health issues from July onwards, including a slipped disc has meant I have gone off the wagon big time.. Lots of Comfort eating / emotional eating..
And I have put 6 of the 8 kgs lost back on.. Feeling super low now!!

As it is, I am not in a great place emotionally for a bunch of different reasons. But, I have to work my way out of using food as a coping strategy!!
I had never followed a diet before and I was feeling great with the weight loss, diet, exercise..
And I really want to get back to that place again!!

I am starting tomorrow, 01 December! 8 weeks strict is the plan. It will be my birthday in 2nd week of January. If I can even lose the 6kgs by then , I will be super happy.

I will post here regularly to keep me on track. I am a vegetarian and don't eat eggs. My weak point is sugar, in coffee! But, I did it with reasonable succcess earlier this year. So, no reason why I cant do it again.

Westwing1 Sat 01-Dec-18 09:09:23

Hi all, HouseRefurb I joined in July so we just missed each other. Sorry you've had a tough few months, you have very little to lose really. I rarely exercise (laziness rather than an injury) and still lose weight pretty easily when I stick to the plan.

Weighed this morning and have lost 4 lb this week, genuinely surprised, I have been strict this week but didn't expect to lose that much, back at my goal weight. Trick now is not to gain it all in wine and nibbles over the weekend like I often do. DS birthday weekend so lots to do.

Alwayscheerful Sat 01-Dec-18 09:35:18


onanothertrain Sat 01-Dec-18 12:56:58

Sorry to hear you're having a tough time sad
I've had a pretty good week apart from some dark chocolate gin truffle things, thankfully there were only 6 in the pack!

thenewaveragebear1983 Sun 02-Dec-18 21:11:48

Not great yesterday as we had a Chinese takeaway after going to see Santa. Today has been very good, virtually no carbs, ran 10km.

I’m making a promise to myself that this week I will track all my food- I can’t seem to remember to do it recently! So that’s my goal this week. I’d like to lose s few pounds before 15th Dec as we are going to a wedding, my dress is a teeny bit tight on the zip, it does up but it is a little snug!!

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luckylips Sun 02-Dec-18 21:26:50

Another weekend away which messes up the diet 🤦‍♀️

However at least I know I can jump back on it tomorrow!

APlaceAtTheBSDTable Mon 03-Dec-18 06:49:18

Sorry about your news Sad . I find that sometimes when life feels out of my control, being able to control what I eat can be a comforting counterbalance. Although at other times, a crisis makes me reach for the chocolate! Be kind to yourself. flowers
House I remember you! Commisserations on your slipped disc. My back and hip injury definitely impacted my weight this year. But you sound motivated and we're all here to help.
I was away for the weekend. DS picked up a sickness bug and tbh I ate too much and slept too little. Although I did manage to walk a bit more than usual. I'm not sure what the scales will say today.

SadGuru Mon 03-Dec-18 13:11:26

Thank you all.
It's been a difficult time and continues to be difficult. I've not been on plan for 3 days but am trying hard to stay on plan since yesterday.
At my weekly measurements yesterday, I've gained a pound back of the weight I've lost but I've continued to lose inches off my waist and hip, so that's positive.
I'll keep plodding on for the next 5 weeks to finish the 8 weeks of BSD

houseRefurb Mon 03-Dec-18 15:24:20

Hi westwing1, the 8kgs lost was just phase 1..the plan was to do another round and lose another 6-7 kgs..except that I am back at phase 0 now!!

Saturday was ok calories-wise, but not so for the carbs. Sunday was fasting pretty much as was down with a migraine. Today has been ok so far, calories-wise . 3 coffees and some lentil stew. Will see how I cope with the rest of the day.

Hi, APlace, I remember you too. Those are great words..
when life feels out of control, being able to control what you eat can be a nice counterbalance

thenewaveragebear1983 Mon 03-Dec-18 21:19:46

Gone rather overboard today as I made some banana bread with Ds and just couldn’t resist a big wedge. I managed to track my food until about 3pm and then lost focus....

So not exactly successful! I’ll try again tomorrow. I’m out finishing the Christmas shopping tomorrow, and various other things, so hopefully I can get a good day under my belt.

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luckylips Mon 03-Dec-18 21:23:46

Closing the kitchen on 927 cals. Hope the weekend gain is gone tomorrow. 🤞

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