Parkrunners Assemble - the new thread that will remind you to "do not forget barcode" and that "you can walk, jog, run or volunteers"

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standingonlego Sat 06-May-17 10:41:19

Panic moment, we were running out of room on old thread so started a new one for today's run reports smile

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standingonlego Sat 06-May-17 10:43:11

Old thread link

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standingonlego Sat 06-May-17 10:46:38

Gather here parkrunners old and new. Tell us all about your running, volunteering, juniors, tourism, cake and cows.

We are probably the best thread on MN. All are welcome here whether you are brand new to parkrun or sporting your 500 shirt.

Walkers, joggers, runners and hi-viz volunteer heroes - share your stories and parkrun glories smile

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Excited101 Sat 06-May-17 11:28:19

I didn't parkrun this morning, I'm doing Wings For Life tomorrow so saving myself and in need of a lie in!

daisydoosoph Sat 06-May-17 12:39:36

Thanks for the words of encouragement! We did it!! And we came last blush However, it's not that bad, my friends not allowed to run due to medical grounds. She broke her back and had to learn to walk again and the doctors are worried that the impact of running may set her her back. We finished in around a hour and I did feel that I could have gone quicker, I wasn't really out of breath at all. It was more like a stroll. So I think the plan for me is to maybe start the C25K and push myself a little more. I'd love to get into it and get fitter. Hope all your runs went well too x

daisydoosoph Sat 06-May-17 12:43:08

Oh and everyone was really encouraging, the back marker was lovely and didn't seem to mind us taking so long. Except one man who told us we should find an alternative route but we just smiled and waved at him 😃

AuntieStella Sat 06-May-17 12:47:22

I'm so glad it went well!

I was 3 seconds outside my PB this morning. I don't think the tree pollen season helps. Nor do the hills. I don't like the hills.


MyBlackCat Sat 06-May-17 13:53:53

Well done daisy

I was at my local run today, took it nice and steady as I'm running an off road 10km tomorrow.

Hope everyone enjoyed their runs smile

moutonfou Sat 06-May-17 15:36:49

20 seconds from my PB today and annoyingly the start was slow-going due to crowds and I stopped to tie my shoelace!

Gives me hope that I can do it at least... double-knotting for me next week! grin

Cherrypi Sat 06-May-17 16:53:32

Beat last week's first run by a minute. We had some 2CVs on the course which added an extra something.

MelanieCheeks Sun 07-May-17 18:22:30

My run time was terrible, but I really enjoyed ticking off another of the southern Irish ones at Ballincollig, about 5 miles outsied Cork.

This was event number 47 for them, so they have no home grown 50 or 100 shirt wearers. Mine was the only 100 one, and it attracted some attention!

chutneypig Sun 07-May-17 18:44:28

Wonderful daisy lovely to hear.

I had a good run yesterday, a minute off my PB and I've been nowhere near since November. I think the Vit D has finally kicked in. DS and DH both got a PB and DS didn't stop talking all day as he was buzzing so much.

2CVs Cherry? Sounds intriguing!

cinnamongreyhound Sun 07-May-17 21:55:22

Well done everyone. I didn't run in the end, decided to spend some time with dh while the kids were quiet downstairs as ds3 is being a bugger going to bed at the moment and I don't think we've spent more than 45mins an evening together this week. Always feel sad when I don't go but it was the right decision this weekend. Thanks for the thread standingonlego, how have you been?

HalleLouja Mon 08-May-17 07:42:05

Feet are you doing Gorleston on 27th May? I might be too. Already did Fritton Lake last time I was there on a Saturday morning so also want to get to 20. Think I am on 16. Soon there will be Heartwood too. Lovely to see you on Saturday. Had a great time in my kilt grin.

feetheart Mon 08-May-17 11:37:42

Halle - good to see you and all the tartened Arrows, sorry I was a bit distracted in the cricket club - we'd 'lost' a scanner and I already knew there were issues with the results. As it was the laptop was having a 'refusing to contact to any WiFi' hissy fit so I could have had a good chat as I did the results at home later!
Just been looking at touristing parkruns, and how to eek out my runs to get to 50 on my birthday (put 19th August in the diary - there will be cake grin) We should be at Gorleston on 27th and may squeeze in Lowestoft on 20th! We should also be at Kettering on 12th August which will take us to 19.

daisydoosoph - well done, great job. And you didn't come last, the Tail Runner did. Might be worth having a look at local running clubs or sports venues as a lot tend to start beginners running courses at this time of year. They are usually based on Couch25k and having people to do it with can be a lot of fun. If you are local to me (S.Beds) we started our course last week and will continue to get new people coming along for the next few weeks.

cinnamon - certainly sounds a sensible decision even if it meant no parkrun. I REALLY don't miss the not wanting to sleep/middle of the night wakings, I remember the sleepless insanity it caused!

Well done everyone else whether fast or slow smile

standingonlego Wed 10-May-17 07:25:22

Hi cinners, fallen off the training wagon but still prodding round my local parkrun smile Sounds like a good choice this weekend for you.

Did new runners briefing this week which was great to see new faces, 609 runners for us. I have also finally indoctrinated my mum - she now has 2 official Marshalling credits up in Notts smile

Welcome to new members of the parkrun family and waves to the rest!

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RadiatorWatch Thu 11-May-17 10:00:36

Not checked in in a while, I haven't been to a park run for a few weeks as I've always had something on a Saturday morning.
I've been running on my own though, and managed to knock almost 6 minutes off my first park run time!
I'm looking forward to Saturdays run to see how I do when running with others.

cinnamongreyhound Thu 11-May-17 13:37:26

Sounds like a Pb week then RadiatorWatch!

DeepfriedPizza Fri 12-May-17 10:07:23

Dh ran with me last week as DD was away overnight.

I've trained really hard to get my times down and I warned him to not overtake me (lightheardedly)
I didn't want him to come in and make me feel bad about myself as I really do try my hardest.
I secretly wanted him to struggle and be slower than me blush

Anyway, it was pacer week and I managed a pb of 27.38! he let me go in front of him so he got 27.39 grin

at the end I told him that I really struggled and he said that he could have went a bit faster. I nearly clobbered him

No Parkrun this week, Decathlon are hosting a 5k in another park so I've signed up for that as I get a free t shirt wink

MyBlackCat Fri 12-May-17 10:25:37

deep dh's can be rubbish at times. A few years back I did a half marathon and dh decided to enter too, I trained and he didn't. He said he would run with me but after a couple of miles said I was too slow and sped off angry

Imagine my delight at the 9 mile point when I spotted him walking! He started running again with me but couldn't handle my pace and I ended up finishing 8 minutes ahead of him smile

I'm going to get a PB this weekend, I'm on the tourist trail again and have run this course once before with a friend. It was a very very steady run so I'm very optimistic that I will see those two magic letters next to my name this week grin

MyBlackCat Fri 12-May-17 17:26:51

Knew I was tempting fate by predicting myself a PB - the parkrun I intended to run is cancelled tomorrow so I'll be going to a different one where my PB is a little more competitive blush

AuntieStella Sat 13-May-17 15:14:18

New PB!!!!!

cinnamongreyhound Sat 13-May-17 20:15:11

Well done AuntieStella!

I had a lovely parkrun! Ran with an old running buddy who's been injured forever and talked about our troublesome new dogs. Then at the finish I chatted to people I haven't seen much of recently and an old customer who is now dating one of our regulars. New Saturday attendance record of 149 grin

LauraMipsum Sat 13-May-17 20:23:39

I didn't go today, I did my longest run so far midweek and I've annoyed my hypermobile joints, so I'm going to have a run tomorrow morning instead. Should be ok for park run next week though!

coragreta Sat 13-May-17 20:30:10

I Just wanted to ask what difference out find between starting at the front v back and if there is etiquette to this. For context we had 800 today and two narrow bits on the first lap so I did have to walk as there was a blockage.

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