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The people who’ve Had It but been actually TESTED

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Bimbleboo Sat 11-Apr-20 20:20:30

Can we hear from those who’ve actually had it but as TESTED and confirmed cases? There’s a whole lot of ‘might have’ ‘think i have’ ‘potentially’ ‘sure I have’ and the only absolutely confirmed cases we hear are terrifying news stories and death counts which I expect is really impacting people’s fear of it. I don’t really think there’s much in the accounts of people who ‘think’ they’ve had it because so many symptoms are possibly explained by colds, tonsillitis, hay fever, migraines and.... anxiety (SO many symptoms people are having that they are completely convinced are Covid are very very similar to pure anxiety, understandably) I even think a lot of doctors and 111 calls are diagnosing based on symptoms , when it can so easily be something more mundane.

. It’s making me so fearful that maybe there is no ‘mild’ or ‘asymptotic’ to this at all. Just the horror stories. Although I am aware that’s completely irrational and incorrect.

I understand that it’s because so little testing is happening but I would so love to hear accounts from those who have actually been TESTED and know they’ve had it. Would anyone who knows they’ve had it (and by knows, I mean diagnosed with an actual test) care to share?

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DobbyTheHouseElk Sat 11-Apr-20 20:23:55

All I can offer you, is some of the passengers on the diamond princess cruise tested positive but had no symptoms. Also see David Abel he has been very vocal about the fact he and his wife sally had CV on the diamond princess and recovered well. They didn’t know they were unwell.

Ffsnosexallowed Sat 11-Apr-20 20:25:08

I know a few folk at work who've tested positive, taken a while off and are now back at work. They worked through it from home.

GemmaTellerMorrow Sat 11-Apr-20 20:27:05

I've read today that Iceland has tested one tenth of its population, and that 50% of the people testing positive actually had no symptoms.

Realitea Sat 11-Apr-20 20:29:01

Idris Elba had no symptoms, I believe. I don’t think his partner did either

ClientQ Sat 11-Apr-20 20:36:13

I know of 4 people, tested and confirmed. All at home and doing fine

StillDumDeDumming Sat 11-Apr-20 20:41:22

My dp. Tested positive. He’s very vulnerable because he spent over a month on a ventilator earlier this year. So far he’s been exhausted a tiny bit breathless and he has a bunged up nose. He was tested 5 days ago so there’s still time for this to go horribly wrong, but so far it’s ok. He’s weak from the brain haemorrhage anyway.

GimmeShiraz Sat 11-Apr-20 20:43:15

Frontline NHS worker here, currently on Day 9 since first became mildly symptomatic. Swab taken on Day 3 confirmed I'm Covid positive. I've had 3 days of low grade fever (temp peaked at 38.8C), fatigue, bit of air hunger ( feels like I'm breathing at altitude from time to time), couple of days of diarrhoea and some funny twinges in my abdomen. Thus far feeling like I've got off v lightly.

Peapod29 Sat 11-Apr-20 20:52:54

I know 4 people who have had it tested. Aged 70, two in their 20s and a 6 month old. They described it as ‘like flu but not as bad’. The baby and parent were quite poorly with it for a week but nothing major to worry about. Weirdly the over 70 had it most mildly but the 2 twenty somethings are both frontline nhs (doctor and nurse) so can assume they had a much higher viral load. The over 70 was an early case when they were still tracing and they did spend over an hour interviewing them about where they had been/who they had seen. The other two are obviously tested through nhs. It’s quite frustrating as I’ve seen a lot of social media posts from people who have had it ‘diagnosed’ by their gp, basically saying they assume anything with Covid symptoms is c-19 but really it could be anything and I feel these posts do spread fear and possibly misinformation.

beryltheperil123 Sat 11-Apr-20 20:55:45

My son (24) tested positive this week. Family of NHS Nurse, so able to get a test. He's on Day 8 and practically over it. Temperature down to normal today and only a slight cough. Worst days were Day 3-5. Temperature went up to 39.7 for a couple of days. Very weak and condition very poor, generally feeling worse than he's ever felt before ( normally fit and healthy). Fingers crossed - that's it done!

TheoriginalLEM Sat 11-Apr-20 20:58:37

Thankyou for this thread OP. I am one of the may have. I'd love to know if I've had it because im.scared

Selenaw Sat 11-Apr-20 21:01:36

Vò in Italy did mass testing and found a high percentage of asymptomatic carriers:

Bringringbring12 Sat 11-Apr-20 21:05:28

Mild flu, now completely back to normal.

Greenkit Sat 11-Apr-20 21:05:48

Partner and I are to be tested on Monday, I have symptoms

Luckystar1 Sat 11-Apr-20 21:13:33

I know 2 people who had had it (and been tested). The woman had a few symptoms, sore head, cough, no temperature but felt cold sometimes. Her husband had even fewer symptoms. Both are completely fine, and just spent a couple of days resting. They have 2 young children, neither of whom displayed any symptoms.

IamAporcupine Sat 11-Apr-20 21:22:32

I know of one couple, both tested positive. Sadly he dies after 10 days in ICU, she is totally asymptomatic

lljkk Sat 11-Apr-20 21:39:52

Idris Elba "suffered a “headache and body aches” on the day he was tested."

Elba's partner, Sabrina said that she feels the equivalent of seasonal allergies.

Mild but not no symptoms at all.

Sienna9522 Sat 11-Apr-20 21:46:41

I’m a mental health nurse. Worked on a ward on Monday and was in close/direct contact with 4 patients who tested positive on Wednesday. No PPE at this point. Tomorrow is day 7 and no symptoms (yet).

I isolated a few weeks prior to said exposure as I had a slight temperature and persistent, very dry cough. As I have already isolated, I’m being tested for antibodies on Wednesday. So will get back to you then. I’m hoping I’ve had a mild case already and have some sort of immunity. 3 new confirmed cases over 3 different wards today, so I’m predicting it’s going to spread through the hospital like wild fire now.

Bimbleboo Sat 11-Apr-20 21:49:48

Thank you all so so so much for responding. I can’t explain how much I’ve wished to hear from people who’d actually had it confirmed and were not either fighting for their lives or deceased. It is heartbreaking that this happens to anyone, but it’s also very confusing to be constantly hearing only this outcome while also being told many people are going to have mild or no symptoms. It is absolutely the testing shortage causing this strange dissonance in the facts but it must be part of what’s causing such terror and hysteria.
Although sadly I suspect if the papers were filled with accounts of a mild cold, people would be refusing even more to conform to the measures.

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Bimbleboo Sat 11-Apr-20 21:50:39

@Sienna9522 is that in the U.K.?!? I didn’t think we could even be tested for antibodies yet?! Wow.

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Bimbleboo Sat 11-Apr-20 21:53:14

@GimmeShiraz I hope you have! Particularly being frontline, it would be so good if you could have had it mild and then the anxiety for you is at least at bay when you go back? Because that’s it’s done and dusted for you. Though I expect working conditions just now must be terribly stressful regardless.

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PuffinShop Sat 11-Apr-20 21:53:42

I've read today that Iceland has tested one tenth of its population, and that 50% of the people testing positive actually had no symptoms.

That's 50% of the cases identified by deCODE genetics, a private biomedical research company. The other 50% apparently had mild cold symptoms.

What you need to understand about this statistic is that there are two parallel testing programmes. The healthcare system tests suspected cases, i.e. people with likely symptoms. DeCODE tests people who are by definition not seriously ill, volunteers from the general population. If you're actually ill with suspicious symptoms, you should be in quarantine and are not allowed to go to deCODE.

CatherineCawood Sat 11-Apr-20 21:57:07

Colleague and husband in the US were both tested positive. Felt blurgh but after 14 days she was back exercising and he was cutting the grass.

Both me and DD are sure we had it mildly (DH and DS showed no symptoms). Loss of taste, headache, chills, aches, breathlessness, stomach pains and diarrhoea. Both of us fine now but I seem to have been left with quite bad tinnitus.

Squintybumcheek Sat 11-Apr-20 21:59:33

My best friend (nurse) tested positive. She felt very tired and had a fever on and off for approx 5 days. Very mild cough so not the persistent cough usually reported. Is now back at work work after being off for just over a week. Basically felt fine after 7 days.

lljkk Sat 11-Apr-20 22:03:55

Of the famous people who have announced they had it, almost all managed at home. I can only think of 2 people who ended up in ITU (including BJ).

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