TTC post pill - Halloween Party

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Moocher90 Mon 25-Oct-21 19:36:46

Post pill party - Halloween Party

The dark mornings and nights are here and theres a full moon out! It’s that time of year when pumpkin sales go soaring, horror specials sell out at the cinema, and everyone is seemingly dressed up as a vampire or a zombie. To mark the spookiest time of year, we are sharing some of our tales of TTC post contraception.

Join us if your dare for a ghastly affair!

Welcome to the 13th post pill party thread. We are here for women who have recently come off the pill and women who have been off the pill for a longer time! Share and get support with the highs and lows of TTC.


Sorry to anyone I have missed off.

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Moocher90 Mon 25-Oct-21 19:41:48

Hello everyone. CD11 for me today… not much going on tbh. Waiting to ovulate. Last few cycles I have ovulated on CD11 but no positive OPK yet. I used a different brand this cycle so not sure if they are just rubbish OPKs….I had a massive temp drop when I woke this morning so I’m hoping ovulation is around the corner.

How is everyone doing?

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CharWils Mon 25-Oct-21 20:00:45

Thanks for setting up @Moocher90

I can't believe this is now the 13th thread!

Fingers crossed ovulation is round the corner for you.

I am doing okay, currently terrified of having a MMC (for no reason) so have just booked a private scan for tomorrow even though my 12 week one is next Monday, just seems like too much of a wait to find out where things currently are!

Hope everyone else is doing okay? Xx

Moocher90 Mon 25-Oct-21 20:04:10

@CharWils wishing you all the best of luck for your private scan tomorrow, I’m sure it will give you peace of mind that all is going as expected xx

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ChinChilly Mon 25-Oct-21 20:42:16

@Moocher90 thanks for the new party bus!

I've been abit absent recently, not alot going on. FF has me as 3dpo but I've not really been thinking about TTC, I've been so busy with work, 5:30 starts at the gym and I've made a decent dent in my Christmas shopping (never normally this organised) I've still been tracking but i haven't been letting it take over my life and I actually feel really good for it it, could be the gym endorphins but I'm in a much better place at the moment, for the first time in a while I feel genuinely happy and content. Just plodding along until my appointment at the RMC clinic at the end of November!

Hope everyone is okay!!

Moocher90 Mon 25-Oct-21 20:51:30

@ChinChilly it’s really a good outlook to have! Sounds like you are in a positive mind set xx keep up the positivity, sometimes we need to reflect and see that there is more to life then TTC. Happiness is so important through the TTC struggles

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Kay00 Mon 25-Oct-21 21:37:38

Hi ladies!

@moocher90 love the new spooky 👻 thread!!

@charwils I hope everything goes swimmingly for you tomorrow 😊

I had my scan today on CD14 and they found the following:

Left ovary: nothing
Right ovary: 1 x 27mm follicle

Obviously I'll be very happy if I ovulate from 1 x follicle, but the nurse said it was so big that it was either about to release an egg or it might be a cyst. I will find out when I get my progesterone tested next Monday if I ovulated on not 🤞

We DTD on Saturday evening, then again this afternoon (as soon as I got home from my appointment 😆) and will try again tonight or tomorrow morning.

Last month I was super excited and did everything to boost my chances: lube, pomegranate juice,pinapple core etc etc... but I think I'm going to be more relaxed this time.

@moocher90 looks like we could be cycle buddies!

@juno231 how's the new job going?

@chinchilly wow! Well done for being so organised 🌲🎅⛄


MissC07 Mon 25-Oct-21 21:59:46

@Moocher90 thank you for the new thread 👻

@Kay00 fingers crossed you ovulated!

@ChinChilly Glad you are feeling in a better place at the moment. And massive admiration on starting your xmas shopping!!

@CharWils Good luck with your scan tomorrow, keeping everything crossed for you.

CD16 for me and I've only just started temping again just as a matter of interest rather than anything! Still need to pick up my Metformin and start taking that too. Have also told myself I need to go low carb on the diet front and have booked myself into a spin class tomorrow lunchtime! I'd be happy just to lose 4kg by Xmas!

TheDaydreamBelievers Mon 25-Oct-21 22:20:16

Hey all, I'm hoping I'm finally ovulating (cd56) as 4 days worth of EWCM and temps went up today.

Have an NHS gynaecology and private gynaecology appt this week so will have lots to say.

I hope its an egg not a cyst @Kay00!

(BTW @Moocher90 it doesn't matter but I'm pretty sure threads can get to 40 pages before full? Love the Halloween theme though!)

Juno231 Mon 25-Oct-21 23:19:20

@Moocher90 haha I think we had 15% left of the old thread but I'm loving the Halloween theme! Thank you for setting this one up! I could never be that creative in the intro.

@TheDaydreamBelievers omg yes finally! Dare I ask if you've managed to DTD for it?

@Kay00 fingers crossed it's an egg and not a cyst - if the latter than I wonder if they lowered your dosage too much since last cycle? New job is going well! More money and less work so far, so I'm pleased!

@ChinChilly Christ I can't stand Christmas shopping so I'm so impressed you've been on it already. Well done for keeping busy, especially as I think the run up to Xmas can be really hard emotionally when struggling to conceive. I was a mess last year and I'm sure I'll slowly turn into one this year too.

@CharWils fingers crossed for you for tomorrow!

Got my IVF appointment tomorrow morning and I'm excited and nervous. I decided to call them today to double check the details and good thing I did as they've changed it to a face to face meeting followed by a nurse's appointment without telling me! So I'd have been waiting for a phone call at home all the while wasting tax payers money lol.

Juno231 Mon 25-Oct-21 23:19:57

@MissC07 4kg for Xmas sounds the dream!

ChinChilly Tue 26-Oct-21 07:05:27

@Moocher90 I know, it does take over your life, i know the people hate the whole relax and it will happen but I have found taking a step back as helped clear my mind.

@Juno231 I hate xmas shopping so normally try and leave it as late as possible! Christmas is definitely gonna be a tough one especially see as my cousin's girlfriend is due in January around the time i would of been. Sounds like a complete lack of communication from the hospital 🙄

@TheDaydreamBelievers yay for ovulation! Good luck with your appointments this week

@CharWils good luck for today.

@Kay00 fingers crossed that follicle is the one!

@MissC07 I was fatshamed by my nan a few xmas's ago so I'm just trying to lose as much as possible for this year 🤣🤣

TheDaydreamBelievers Tue 26-Oct-21 10:14:25

Temp is still on the up!

So, NHS Gynaecology say its PCOS without cysts. They are referring me on to fertility services now and say to lose weight and for DH to drink less. Bit disappointed that they won't offer any ovulation meds at the moment though. Tomorrow is private gynaecology so we will see what they say.

@Juno231 let us know how this morning goes!

Kay00 Tue 26-Oct-21 15:38:05

@TheDaydreamBelievers at last! A diagnosis. Hopefully they will offer you Metformin as that is offered as standard for PCOS sufferers in Devon and I think it has really helped to shorten my cycle. Also... yey for ovulation!!

@Juno231 I found Xmas really hard last year too as I fully imagined myself to be pregnant by that point... at the very least i hoped to reveal a pregnancy to my family... I never imagined I would be in the same boat again this year! I only have a couple more cycles Plus this one this year... so its already looking like my ship is sailing.

@MissC07 I have now upped my Metformin to the final dose of 2000mg per day (4 x tablets) and can report no symptoms smile

TheDaydreamBelievers Tue 26-Oct-21 15:43:02

@Kay00 unfortunately no prescription for me. Referral to fertility clinic but that will take another 8mo or so

Kay00 Tue 26-Oct-21 21:40:37

@thedaydreambelievers I wonder if it's worth asking your GP for Metformin then? Say you have PCOS and its often prescribed times treat irregular cycles and reduce insulin resistance.

I didn't get a temp increase this morning (day after scan) so I assume that means I didn't ovulate yesterday... which probably means my giant follicle got even bigger and is even more likely to be a cyst or an over-mature and rubbish egg. I think I'm likely out this cycle but will see what my progesterone results come back with next week.

Juno231 Tue 26-Oct-21 22:00:43

@TheDaydreamBelievers I second that - if you go for health reasons rather than fertility (maybe look up symptoms that you could push?) then GPs can prescribe it for you I think. It would be so worth the £50 to go private for a prescription as well 🙊

Today went well - I'm all set for a Jan start! Short protocol luckily. Had an antral follicle count today as well and had 15 - although they suspected I could have more hiding behind my big 22mm follicle about to ovulate. Next steps is a trial embryo transfer next month to make sure my "path is unobstructed" after my LLETZ procedure in 2017. Then blood tests for OH and I in December. I can order my meds from Boots in Dec as well so that I'm ready to go for Jan.

Pretty excited 🤞

MissC07 Tue 26-Oct-21 23:07:42

@Kay00 so glad you haven't got any symptoms! I'm going to pick up my prescription tomorrow. Have you found you've lost any weight on metformin at all?

@TheDaydreamBelievers fingers crossed private gynae tomorrow prescribes you metformin!

@Juno231 Congrats on your appointment today. Sounds like it all went well and is moving in the right direction!! Fingers crossed for Jan!!

Kay00 Wed 27-Oct-21 08:22:37

@Juno231 that's super exciting!! Hopefully you'll get a Sept/Oct 2022 baby <3 Are you going to try naturally before January?

@MissC07 not really no. I did loose a few pounds when I did the low carb, low sugar diet (which I need to get back on...!) but I think the way Metformin help you loose weight is by supressing appetite and making you feel sick grin, which I have very little of.

I had a temp increase today which probably means I ovulated yesterday. I hope that I ovulated in the 12-24 hours after my scan as I think i'm still in with a slim chance if my egg wasn't bigger than 30mm

Juno231 Wed 27-Oct-21 09:15:27

@Kay00 ooh fingers crossed! And yes we're trying in the mean time. Wouldn't be ideal work wise but gosh it would be nice to skip IVF! I had a positive opk last Friday but no temp shift still and the doc said yday that I hadn't ovulated yet but that it could happen any time. So I've had a long fertile week! Poor OH lol.

Juno231 Wed 27-Oct-21 09:17:50

Also isn't the Metformin supposed to help with pcos insulin resistance? So maybe as blood sugar levels even out you'd feel less in need of snacking/bingeing plus might prevent too much excess energy being transformed into fat? Not that either of you binge - this is the generic "you" 😁

Kay00 Wed 27-Oct-21 09:32:05

@Juno231 I certainly noticed I snacked less when I first started the Metformin, but I think my snacking has sneaked back up to normal levels grin.

Juno231 Wed 27-Oct-21 12:39:37

@Kay00 ha that would be me too

Btw still no temp rise and I'm CD18. Checking my data I've never ovulated this late in the two years I've tracked - CD17 was my previous record! Predicting when IVF might be in Jan is impossible at this rate 😅

IsabelHerna Wed 27-Oct-21 14:38:27

Hello ladies! May I join in?

@Moocher90 Looooved your into!! 🎃

My ttc journey is a total match for this season!

Spooky and a total horror show 😂

I was supposed to start my ivf cycle this month, but one thing lead to another and I'm still on meds, still waiting for bloods (woooo spooky) to come back normal in order to start ivf meds... like come on!

sorry for the venting

TheDaydreamBelievers Wed 27-Oct-21 17:09:21

You're welcome to be here @IsabelHerna! Most of us are now quite far down the line in our 'journeys' and in touch with fertility services etc.

Would it be helpful to have a little intro for everyone? I'm 32 yrs old, TTC since March 2020, one conception Oct 2020 but sadly lost the baby at 11 weeks (discovered MMC at 12 week scan). Since have been for private assessment and just got feedback and also some info from NHS Gynae.
Private assessment results

Private fertility gynae isn't necessarily convinced on PCOS (she said she would want to see cysts or odd hormone profile) but certainly I'm not regularly ovulating. My AMH is high, which confirms this (46). They have recommended induced ovulation with letrozole, a trigger shot and scan monitoring. If I do go for this, they want me to have hycosy first.
She also outlined the IVF protocol they would offer if that did not work.
@kay00 @MissC07 She did not think metaformin was for me and said on women with my profile its efficacy has not been shown.

General chat

FF thinks I ovulated! Plus we knocked it out the park for DTD so fingers crossed!

@Juno231 how are you feeling now IVF is imminent? Its a tough thing to get to this stage (though I'm glad for you that you are getting IVF)

Also forgot to say the NHS gynae recommended low carb to me @Kay00 so if you have any recipe recs then let me know!

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