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TTC after MC - Feb/March 2021 (Thread 18)

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bez91 Thu 11-Feb-21 06:40:03

New thread ladies as the other is almost full.

Tagging everyone I can....


Congrats to those with BFPs on the last thread there was a lot of you πŸ₯³

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beelzeboob Thu 11-Feb-21 06:41:26

Following! Got my ercp on Tuesday and need to start trying again ASAP

Pancakes7 Thu 11-Feb-21 06:44:23

Hiya! Sorry I don't seem to get notifications from Mumsnet. Thank you for tagging me. I tested again this morning and the lines are much darker. So I'm feeling like ok this is a BFP lol

ELMcg Thu 11-Feb-21 07:12:08

@bez91 thanks for the new thread!

I think I am counting myself as in the TWW now. Although pretty sure AF will arrive this month.

@pancakes7 that looks really good to me! Hope it all goes well from here for you 🀞

@NatJ24 how are you feeling today? Hopefully the next few weeks fly by for you! I'm incredibly busy with my job so counting that as a bonus at the moment as it keeps me distracted!

mrswilso Thu 11-Feb-21 07:25:42

Popping over from the old thread! Congratulations! @Pancakes7 🀩

Pancakes7 Thu 11-Feb-21 07:44:24

Aww thank you @mrswilso & @ELMcg 🀞🏻🌈

NatJ24 Thu 11-Feb-21 08:12:20

@bez91 thanks for the new thread! They fill up so quick dont they πŸ˜‚

@Pancakes7 ah definitely darker lines again!!! Exciting for you πŸ₯° congratulations

@ELMcg yeah, I definitely think you should count yourself in the TWW now πŸ˜„. You did all that you would have done if you would have caught the static face anyway so fingers crossed 🀞 I feel like its going to be a long 2 weeks! I want to try and hold out on testing if I can but I know its easier said than done. I think if you do go on to next month, which I hope you don't and fingers crossed you don't πŸ™, maybe try the cheaper easy at home strips to track either as well as or instead of. I had loads anyway because I had bought a box, and you get quite alot in them and the month after the MC before my first AF I was checking it a little but not properly as I didn't trust how accurate they were, so I used them alongside the CB and when I got the static I noticed them get darker, and then they gave me my peak the day after the static and it was a really dark test line, and now I can see its gone back down. So, it might be worth a go as they are cheaper and you get more so you feel like you can use them more πŸ€— obviously I hope me going on there is useless and you don't need it but just in case and I think ill do the same just because it kind of confirms it or helps if you miss static xx

Pancakes7 Thu 11-Feb-21 08:33:13

Thank you @NatJ24 ! 🌈🀞🏻

PumpkinEverything Thu 11-Feb-21 08:33:47

Following the new thread! 😊

Mum2Girls19 Thu 11-Feb-21 08:35:44

Morning all

I am CD7 anyone else?
I want to OPK twice a day and test temp every morning and BD every other day as I havent a clue when I will ovulate.

NatJ24 Thu 11-Feb-21 08:35:50

@PumpkinEverything how have you been feeling? Do you have an early scan booked?

PumpkinEverything Thu 11-Feb-21 08:45:59

Mostly okay @NatJ24 just a bit anxious as expected! I’ve an early scan booked for next Sunday when I should be 6+6, can’t come quick enough!

ELMcg Thu 11-Feb-21 08:57:55

@NatJ24 haha I know what you mean don't worry! But Yeh, you are right it might benefit me just to even learn what my cycle is doing! Plus as you say I can use more of them as they are cheap! Might take your suggestion and use alongside CB digital. I am planning not to test until I am a week late from AF so I'm just not buying any tests! I am just adamant not to disappoint myself by testing early as I think for me it's just unnecessary worry. If I happen to be pregnant and don't know it I can't panic πŸ˜‚. On another note I feel really off today, got weird twinges in my stomach and feeling a nauseous. Just putting it down to tiredness for now! All the DTD takes it out of you it seems πŸ˜‚

NatJ24 Thu 11-Feb-21 09:11:59

@PumpkinEverything yes definitely, that is expected. I hope it goes quick for you to the scan! Good luck and keep us posted πŸ™

@ELMcg yes exactly they are cheaper so you can do 2 a day without worry of running out. But just see what happens this cycle first 🀞 I am trying to be laid back about it, if its happened great and if not then it was only our first month trying properly after MC, but its hard to fully be like that isnt it. I want to do the same as you and hold out on testing for as long as I can, if I can! Ohh really! That could be a good sign for something though, fingers crossed! All that DTD definitely does take it out of you youn are right πŸ˜‚

chloedancer897 Thu 11-Feb-21 10:17:59

Just marking my place x

Garman Thu 11-Feb-21 10:22:52

Congratulations @PumpkinEverything!

I'm still here, just dipping in and out and trying to not think about it all! I'm 3dpo now, dreaded tww is dragging. Due to test on my birthday, that sucks πŸ˜‘ I think I'll test the day before (I don't want to test any earlier this time) just so I have time to get over the bfn.

Marvellouslymadmum Thu 11-Feb-21 11:23:42

Hi all, just coming across for the new thread 😊

@Pancakes7 they look like lovely strong lines today

dippyegg32 Thu 11-Feb-21 11:36:09

7dpo here and time is standing still

dippyegg32 Thu 11-Feb-21 11:43:18

Errr anyone???

dippyegg32 Thu 11-Feb-21 11:44:22


Pancakes7 Thu 11-Feb-21 12:05:50

@dippyegg32 I can definitely see a line there! Mine was really faint when I thought I was around eight DPO so keep testing each morning I'm sure it'll get darker

dippyegg32 Thu 11-Feb-21 12:08:20

@Pancakes7 i think it's residual HCG from last time as I'm only 7dpo so cant have even implanted yet

Pancakes7 Thu 11-Feb-21 12:09:42

@dippyegg32 Oh ok. Well you could be a day out maybe? Test in a few days.

Norainnorainbows2 Thu 11-Feb-21 12:47:46

Hi all, hoping to join this group, hoping you'll need some new members ,as some of the bfps continue! Congratulations to everyone who seen two lines!

I think I'm 12 dpo, tested this morning bfn, so gearing up for AF and starting new cycle.

My history is that I had a MMC March 2018 I fell pregnant again in Oct 2018 but mc at 6 weeks. Luckily I was preg again in December 2018 and DS arrived in Sept 2019.

AF only returned in September 2020 (I'm guessing because I BF up until last month). Fell pregnant in December, but mc at 6 weeks, so I am now at the end of the first cycle after mc.

Everyone else in my family and in laws seems to decide to have a baby and a baby arrives 10 months later, so thinking I need some support from a group this time around! I know I'm blessed with my DS, and it was so much sweeter when he arrived after the previous MCs!

Pancakes7 Thu 11-Feb-21 14:59:43

@Norainnorainbows2 Welcome. Sorry for your losses. I'm glad you got your happy ending in 2019. I also had a loss in 2018 and had my son in 2019. I've just a couple of days ago got my BFP for baby number two. Feeling strangely calm but I know deep down I'm anxious just trying to protect myself I think. I really hope this cycle is the one for you. Fingers crossed for you 🀞🏻

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