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TTC after pregnancy loss - tread 28 - Bfp will be coming

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Lilimum6 Thu 31-Jan-19 04:26:05


Here's the new thread. This is a lovely supportive thread for anyone who has suffered the loss of a much wanted baby. Affectionately known as the penguin huddle- this is the place to survive the ups and downs of this crazy journey.

Welcome to any new ladies and sorry for your loss.

Let's have a roll call ladies

Lilimum6 Thu 31-Jan-19 04:55:19

I'm lilimum6

Currently resolving my 3rd mmc via surgical management. Waiting to be referred to rmc.

I'm cd2 post surgery and hoping to meet my rainbow 🌈 baby this year.

Welcome to the new thread all the ladies from tread 27 and welcome to any new ladies joining us.

Baby dust to everyone ttc and those who are pregnant stick baby glue to you xx

strawberrye Thu 31-Jan-19 06:29:04

Thanks @Lilimum6 for the new thread.

Age 27
TTC #1 for 16 months
3 losses at around 5 weeks in January, April and November 2018
Not currently TTC as diagnosed hypothyroid and waiting for your TSH to get back into healthy range, had it checked again this week so fingers crossed.
Waiting for recurrent miscarriage appointment next week.

Newbie21 Thu 31-Jan-19 06:31:10

Hi ladies,

Checking in, although I've been very inactive of late but I do follow from time to time and always think about those in the huddle.

TTC #2
2 MMCs - April and Nov 2018
CD 15
BFP/AF due 14 Feb
Age - 38 :-(

I'm beginning to struggle quite a bit on this journey. My boss just announced she is pregnant with baby #2 due when my 2nd MC would have been due. First time baby news resulted in an initial heart sink rather than happiness - although I am happy for her. I didn't want to feel that way but guess it is inevitable after a while.

Good luck and baby dust to all x

frillyfarmer Thu 31-Jan-19 06:59:20

Morning ladies

TTC #2
Ectopic Apr 2018
MC Jan 2019 but back in for bloods today following positive PG tests, so either misdiagnosed or most likely retained material.

In limbo! I'm hoping this is the thread for you all xxx

Laney79 Thu 31-Jan-19 07:21:54

Thanks @Lilimum6 for the new thread

Here's me
Age 39 (40 in July sad)
TTC #1
Two MMC's March 18 and sept 18. First, Bean, took months to lose and multiple rounds of medical management. My second, Bow, was a natural loss after and early scan at 8+6.
Currently CD7. Also a research freak so currently trying to get a list of tests together to have done privately as my dr won't refer me to Tommy's at cov unless I have a third.

Been around on the threads for a while - hoping this year will Be our year x

disconnecteddrifter Thu 31-Jan-19 07:32:49

41. First mc at 5 weeks in October second Mmc last week very traumatic. Doctor won't refer me until 3 mc and said it's because of my age. Feeling defeated even though I get pregnant the first time obviously not able to carry.

Russkispy Thu 31-Jan-19 08:45:05

@Lilimum6 thank you for the new thread.

Me 42 (43 in April) am I the oldest on here? Totally ancient grin
DD almost 20 months, conceived with IUI
TTC #2 since May'18 - IUI and BFP
MMC June'18
2 failed IUIs last October and November
1 failed IVF last December . No frosties

Didn't track ovulation this cycle and just finished shagathon. smile if it's BFN, will start fresh round of IVF right away.
Absolutely convinced this year will be ours! Speaking on behalf of all of you! It's been a bumpy road but will get there! Eventually!

Lilimum6 Thu 31-Jan-19 09:06:03

Hi ladies I see the link worked.

I'm 37
I reach my 18 month ttc date on 3rd Feb.
Mc, cp, mmc, cp, mmc and mmc. But this year will be the one. I'm counting surgical management as cd1 and hoping my cycle hasn't changed much. On reflection I think I should have waited a full cycle before we tried again and that might have been why we lost this one. My body wasn't ready I don't think. Also it totally confused the consultant at epas because he didn't know if this was a continuation of the mmc in October or a new pregnancy. It was definitely a new pregnancy which he aggred in the end. We are waiting for results from tests on the tissues sent away. And a referral to rmc. How long does this usually take to get results back and a referral

Yukka Thu 31-Jan-19 09:58:12

Thanks for the new thread @lilimum6.
Age 39 (40 on 28th Feb)
3 x MC Sept '17, Dec '17, May '18
Referred for RMC tests started July, November diagnosed with Antiphosolipid Syndrome (clotting disorder)
Also November, discovered we were pregnant again. Currently 14w4ds. Treatment was daily heparin injects and 75mg aspirin. Finished Heparin on Monday on consultants advice that my problem is getting past 12 weeks and everything should be fine from here. Stay on Aspirin till the end. Here's hoping.

@Disonnecteddrifter - my first consultant appointment I was told it was probably my age, old eggs, and my best bet might be donor eggs. But if you are having regular cycles and can get pregnant, that theory isn't entirely true. Don't give up.

Best wishes for 2019 to everyone here.

HellsBellsK Thu 31-Jan-19 10:09:53

Hi Ladies,

Would like to join in if that's okay.

TTC #2. My little boy is 17 months.

We have been trying since October got a BFP this month but currently having a miscarriage. Think the bleeding is stopping now not sure if I should wait until my first period on just start trying straight away - think I will us the CB ovulation test this month and just see.
Currently feeling okay then will bust into tears. Found out two people are pregnant the day I stared the MC and the day after. So happy for them but did burst into tears once in the car.

Positive thoughts for the year ahead. xx

Lilimum6 Thu 31-Jan-19 10:36:31

@HellsBellsK welcome and sorry for your loss. I hope in this group you find support and a shoulder to lean on when ever you need it x

fnej01 Thu 31-Jan-19 11:37:24

Hi All

Marking my place
TTC #1
Age 38
1xMMC June 2018, 1xmc August 2018, 1x mc October 2018.
Currently on a break from TTC awaiting RMC results early April.
Having lots of acupuncture, and enjoying the break after a tough 2018.

Not commenting much as not TTC at the moment but still intermittently lurking.

Much love and support to all those on the thread new and old thankshope 2019 is the year for us all!

TinyPaws Thu 31-Jan-19 13:20:47


I'm tiny, 32 (nearly 33), TTC with my girlfriend via donor IUI/IVF.

3 losses in 2018, MMC and 2 very early losses. TTC currently paused while I undergo recurrent miscarriage testing and save some money (all our fertility treatment is self funded). Quite enjoying the break.

InDreamland Thu 31-Jan-19 14:51:21

Thanks for the new thread @Lilimum6!

Age 38 (for the next 6 weeks)
TTC #1 still (took 5 years for first ever BFP)
MC #1 (technically mmc) in July last year at 12 weeks but baby measured much earlier.
MC #2 in November last year at 4+5
Currently on cycle 3 post mc. AF just started yesterday.

Was sent for more bloods yesterday by gynae consultant to check for blood clotting condition because I moaned and because had second mc. He also told me as soon as I get positive HPT again to stay taking 75mg baby aspirin daily until I give birth. I won't get results though for another 6-8 weeks .......NHS is so slow. AF is making me miserable on top of this sodding heavy head cold. Have appointment at private clinic next week for tests and first consultation. Hopefully I can get some answers/ reasons for taking 5 years to get pregnant and then 2 x mc.

Lilimum4 Thu 31-Jan-19 16:53:51

I had erpc on Tuesday but I'm confused as I don't seem to have much bleeding. It's more of heavy spotting. Does this sound right? I've had one before but I still had products left behind so this caused bleeding for weeks after. Does the lack of bleeding mean that this time they probably got everything out?

InDreamland Thu 31-Jan-19 16:57:39

@Lilimum6 I'm no expert but have read bof others who have ERPC or after the main mc episode is over and baby/sac passed that bleeding is lighter. Certainly with both my mc's once the really heavy bleed and baby/sac was passed the bleeding almost immediately got lighter. I really hope this tine around they have got it all so you can properly start TTC again.

Lilimum6 Thu 31-Jan-19 17:00:33

@InDreamland I've got a scan booked for the 15th and I'm praying it will be clear and that ttc can resume.

frillyfarmer Thu 31-Jan-19 18:03:12

Another set of bloods taken today and no results expected until Monday lunchtime. So a very very long weekend with absolutely no clue what is happening. πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

awakeatnight Fri 01-Feb-19 07:09:05

Previous active poster, current lurker!
35, 3 miscarriages in 2018 - mmc (10 week baby d&c), 5weeks , mmc (8 week baby)
Ttc#2, have a 2 year old was easy conception and pregnancy.

I've been keeping up to date with the thread just about but not posting. Currently not TTC awaiting results from testing after my last loss. So far they found that the baby has a genetic abnormality - he had an extra X chromosome. There were also abnormal cells in my placenta so also a suspected (partial) molar pregnancy. This means absolutely no TTC as they monitor it by checking for leftover hcg. Shocked at how long this is taking - surgery on 18 Dec, consultant called 3 weeks ago on the baby's genetics and just a week ago with the molar news. I'm waiting to hear from the specialists now. I'd heard obviously about molars but always thought it would be seen on a scan so had written that off as something that could happen to me (this time at least πŸ™„)

GP been great and done my thyroid and some other bloodwork which all came back normal ranges.

Have my 'standard' RMC in april at my local
Hospital and my GP had also referred me to Dr Lesley Regan through Tommy's. Not heard from them yet either.

All I seem to do is wait ...

Laney79 Fri 01-Feb-19 09:05:38

Hey ladies...a tmi question!

How early do you get EWCM? I'm CD8, showing low fertility on Clearblue connected opk, but I'm sure I've got EWCM starting? Should I have this early?

InDreamland Fri 01-Feb-19 09:46:29

@Lilimum6 fx it's all clear!

@awakeatnight the waiting is frustrating isn't it. That's why DH and I have now booked a private consultation. We can't wait anymore for answers and help. So desperate to have a baby. Hope you can get back on the TTC soon.

@Laney79 I don't normally get EWCM in until around CD11 or 12 when I get flashing smiley on the CB OPK.

I got really angry at the news this morning about that poor newborn abandoned lastnight ok the cold in Newham.

moonpeace Fri 01-Feb-19 10:01:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lilimum6 Fri 01-Feb-19 13:18:03

To dtd or not dtd. What do i do ladies.
DH and I sat and talked. We haven't been told to not try but we are waiting for rmc.
I've got it in my head that if we wait to try I'll miss a good egg. Omg I need help. I'm convinced it's me but I can't wait I'm too old to wait?

fnej01 Fri 01-Feb-19 13:50:40

@Lilimum6 completely understand this, as have been in limbo myself, then my consultant letter came from RMC that basically said they wouldn't see me if I got pregnant whilst waiting for appointment. So have chosen to wait and for me I think it's been the right thing. Only now 3.5 months post my third miscarriage am I starting to feel healthier and saner again. Also my acupuncturist told me that a miscarriage is tougher on the body than a full term pregnancy, and so by just carrying on, I would likely just be causing myself more miscarriages. I completely understand missing a good egg though, and I definitely didn't feel this sane about it 3 months ago, it was really hard to get off the TTC train, but I think best thing for me. X

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