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(Still) Waiting to TTC... Part 2!

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cupcakesandglitter Thu 07-Jun-18 22:45:16

@randomuntrainedcuntowner @rapunzel91 @summerbab @AssumeItWasSomethingClever @dottydally @NoseringGirl @Jelliestogether

Hello again! Hopefully I've remembered everyone - apologies if I haven't, get tagging!

Hofty Thu 07-Jun-18 23:00:18


dottydally Fri 08-Jun-18 06:33:38

Hello from me too!

Summerbab Fri 08-Jun-18 08:01:25


mussie Fri 08-Jun-18 08:17:42

Hello! My three weeks of pill is nearly over, BUT I have a scheme. If I finish the pill on Sunday then I will have to wait a month (at least - who knows how long it would take) for my next period before TTC, for financial and practical reasons. BUT if I take two more weeks of the pill, then I'll be able to start trying right away!

So while it feels like a setback to wait ANOTHER two weeks after all the waiting I've done already, it'll mean a shorter wait in the long term. So much TTC maths involved 😂

NoseringGirl Fri 08-Jun-18 08:41:35

Marking my place, hope I'm allowed to stay even though I've started trying now!

cupcakesandglitter Fri 08-Jun-18 09:59:51

Hi again!

@mussie I know that feeling! Are you going to take the pill for the two weeks?!

@NoseringGirl of course!!! You may be the first to get the BFP here - so exciting!

AssumeItWasSomethingClever Fri 08-Jun-18 12:25:20

Hello from me. @Noseringgirl, of course! It’ll be a welcome distraction from the waiting!

Jelliestogether Fri 08-Jun-18 13:06:04

Well done for the new post!

@noseringgirl of course! Will be watching and hoping for you! Then hopefully there will be others not too far behind you, I know myself is hoping this summer and others are too!

mussie Fri 08-Jun-18 14:41:15

@cupcakesandglitter I am indeed! I need to make sure that I wouldn't conceive any earlier than mid July, so best way to do that is take the pill for another couple of weeks. I'm sure I wouldn't conceive on first cycle anyway, but just in case 😂

cupcakesandglitter Fri 08-Jun-18 15:36:27

@mussie sounds like a clever plan!! Best of luck to you, the countdown for two weeks is on!

Actually I could do with some TTC maths if anyone's up for it?

If I'm eligible for mat leave I need to have worked at my current place for a year - so mid Jan - and have 15 weeks until the due date ifyswim?

So I've worked out that would mean (if my pregnancy was 39 weeks, is that how it's worked out? I have no idea 😂) then I would have to be 24 weeks by mid Jan? I don't know how to work this out 😂

Pinkroseuk Fri 08-Jun-18 17:31:36

Hello again- just catching up from the last three weeks! Work has been crazy so haven't had time to come on Mumsnet! Have missed catching up with everyone's news smile

mussie Fri 08-Jun-18 19:10:59

@cupcakesandglitter I have a whole spreadsheet about when my periods might be and the corresponding due dates and then what my maternity pay would be 😂 I'm getting a pay rise around the 17-25 week qualifying period, hence timing it as closely as I can!

Pregnancy is 40 weeks from LMP, but your Mat B1 form that is given to your employer goes by your due date given from scan, which is usually a few days different.

So if you need to be 25 weeks pregnant or less on 15th Jan, the earliest your LMP could be is 24th July. You need to have a period after that to qualify.

For me, I had to have an LMP after 15th May, and I had my period 16th May, which was just cutting it too fine for me! Scan could have easily changed it by a few days and I'd have lost the money. So waiting for an end of June period, then I'm good to go.

rollerskaterdata Fri 08-Jun-18 20:24:35

Hi smile marking my place again. I think I invoked the law of sod by saying I was going to buy a pregnancy test, AF came this morning in full force, I've never been so excited to see my period!

cupcakesandglitter Fri 08-Jun-18 21:10:25

@mussie you are so organised it is brilliant, I need this spreadsheet in my life!!!! Please share your tips because I am now EAGER to make one too 😂😂

That does make a lot of sense though thankyou!! That's what I've been most confused about, I can't afford to cut it fine otherwise I physically cannot afford to get pregnant 😩 On the plus side at least you know next month is the months for you!

@rollerskaterdata ahh I'm happy for you 😂 at least it can put your mind to rest for now! X

mussie Sat 09-Jun-18 09:31:22

It's on Numbers on a Mac, but I'm sure excel could do it. numbers recognises '25w' as 25 weeks, so it's handy for playing with dates. I've also got it worked out when I'd be 12 weeks pregnant for each month of TTC, so I can more accurately imagine sharing the news 😂 like if I conceive first cycle, I'll be about ten weeks when there's a big family get together, so I could announce then ☺️

goldensunshine8 Sat 09-Jun-18 11:46:50

I'm so conflicted and wondering if anyone has an opinion on what I should do...

I'm super super broody and so is my OH.
We would like to start TTC in next few months but the only thing that is worrying me is I am bridesmaid for my sister in November and I am going to New York for Christmas. I don't want to be big for the bridesmaids dress as we already have them, and I am worried about sickness around the wedding and in New York.

Waiting seems hard!!! But also, I know you cant plan these things but I like the idea of a summer baby - lighter nights when feeding and nicer weather to get out for walks. I know this is a trivial thing.

If you were in my position, what would you do?!!!

cupcakesandglitter Sat 09-Jun-18 12:46:18

@mussie I use numbers! What formula do you use? I'd love to set one up but have zero idea how 😂😂 I use it for all of my bills, but dates is a completely different story!

@goldensunshine8 I'm not sure what the recommendations are for travelling when pregnant in the first trimester, but could it be an idea to start trying a couple of months beforehand or so? You may not show at all 😊 it is absolutely horrible having to wait, I completely agree with you, but it's up to the both of you for what you think is best. I personally don't think there's ever a right time 😂

goldensunshine8 Sun 10-Jun-18 15:07:09

@cupcakesandglitter thanks, we've had another chat and both don't really want to wait so thinking of TTC in August so I won't be too big for the wedding, and will be over 3 months gone when travelling. If it doesn't happen straight away, we can re-evaluate whether we want to wait to TTC again until after the holidays x

mussie Sun 10-Jun-18 18:54:20

@cupcakesandglitter apologies for just taking a picture with my phone - was being lazy 🙈 so I have the date at which I need 12 months service just written in, then the gestation I need to be at on that date, then the third box is just the date minus the gestation

AssumeItWasSomethingClever Sun 10-Jun-18 19:21:39

@goldensundhine8 I know what you mean about not wanting to be nauseous on holiday. We’re going to Orlando,LA and then Vegas in Feb so I’m worried about being sick whilst traipsing around theme parks. We’ve also decided that if it doesn’t happen straight away in October then we’re going to stop trying but not prevent until the holidays over.

Jxtina86 Sun 10-Jun-18 20:32:26

Hi ladies - yay for a new thread! Been a bit quiet as work has been crazy busy.

@goldensunshine8 - I'm in the same boat as you re trip away. We're going away in December for a few days to France and the thought had crossed my mind about potentially being in the first trimester and morning sickness. Not sure what the plan will be but guess will figure it out when it comes to it!

However we are now thinking of starting TTC when I finish my next pill pack (so early July) so might be okay. Original plan was Aug/Sep so now I'm really excited (but a bit nervous!)

goldensunshine8 Sun 10-Jun-18 20:33:03

@cupcakesandglitter @mussie
Thanks for the spreadsheet tip! I've just created one in the Numbers app. I've done one that calculates date at 12 weeks and 40 weeks. And being the loser that I am, I've also done another working out how many weeks pregnant I would be at my sister's wedding and my holiday if I were to get pregnant over the next few months. I love it!

cupcakesandglitter Sun 10-Jun-18 21:14:29

@goldensunshine8 @mussie same here 😂😂 I've done 25weeks as that's the date that determines what mat pay I get!

@Jxtina86 how exciting!!! Which bit are you nervous about, TTC? Xx

dottydally Sun 10-Jun-18 21:25:36

I am loving all the spreadsheet calculators here! I might have to make myself one. I am not waiting for enhanced mat pay (as I'll get that anyway) but interesting to know how it would fit in with holidays etc.

@NoseringGirl I'm rooting for you! Do let us know if you have any news.

I have a strange question, a bit premature as I'm not even ttc yet, but for those who have already done this. Did you meet other pregnant ladies when you were expecting? I don't know anyone that I think will be pregnant at the same time as me and worry it'll be a bit lonely! blush

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